Chapter Three



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We reach the door to the suite and I give it a soft rap. Stefan opens it, then steps aside so we can enter. He shakes his head at us and smiles. I shrug my shoulders and look at him, with a very Damon-like smirk on my face.

“What Stef?”

He chuckles, “You smell like my brother.”

I cock my head to the side in thought and glance playfully at Damon. He eyes me with a mischievous glint and then looks to Stefan.

“I just can’t keep my hands off her! She’s hot and….”

I smack his arm lightly. “Don’t finish that sentence!” I admonish him teasingly. He has a wicked grin on his face as he grabs my hand once again. He brings it up to his mouth and kisses the back of my hand. The charming ass.

Stefan chuckles as he leads us into some sort of sitting room. Stefan’s expression takes a more serious tone and Damon’s smile drops as we stand in the threshold of the room. He stares coldly at the seven Cold Ones looking at us, his face a mask of both impassiveness and fury. A look that I’m sure only he could pull off.

I can see Edward’s eyes staring at mine and Damon’s interlocked hands. He glares for a second, but schools his features and looks upon my face.

I make myself stand a little straighter; I wanted to be the very picture of confidence and strength. I did not want to been seen as the week, fragile human that the family of Cold Ones remember me as. I eye each one of the Cullens individually, hiding my anger at them behind a mask of nonchalance.

I once thought that if I ever saw them again, I would be hit with a burst of sadness and pain. The abrupt departure of Edward and his family after my near fatal birthday party had hurt me, especially the way Edward used every one of my insecurities to tear me down when he broke up with me in the woods. It shattered my world and nearly broke me. After Charlie sent me to Mystic Falls, the sadness and the pain slowly ebbed away, and over time, a resentment and a hatred towards him and his family begin to grow. How dare they just throw me away as if I was nothing? How dare Edward tell me I wasn’t good enough for him? How dare they leave me without so much as a goodbye? Looking at them and their golden eyes, I felt nothing but anger.

There are two large couches that sit opposite of each other and a love seat at the end of them. They all face a fireplace with a very ornate mantel. Two overstuffed chairs had been placed on either side of the fireplace. Evidently, they were brought in from another room as they didn’t seem to match the rest of the furniture. The Cullen women occupy one couch, while their respective mates stand behind them. Edward is sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs. Elena is seated on the love seat and the rest of the gang are seated on the couch, or on the floor. Uncle Ric and Tyler remain standing. Everyone is silent for a few moments as they take in our arrival.

Stefan gestures to the empty place next to Elena, “Bella, please. Sit down.”

I smile lightly at him as I take my seat. Damon sits on the arm rest next to me. He takes a stray hair and places it behind my ear, his way of reassuring me. I see the look of disapproval coming from the family of Cold Ones and a small scowl mars Edward’s face. We sit in silence for a little while, the tension is so thick in the air that you could cut it with a knife. It was rather obvious no one really wanted to speak to each other, much less be in the same room.

Charlie spoke first, with a voice full of authority, “How about we introduce ourselves, since the rest you arrived a just a few minutes ago.”

Carlisle nods in agreement. He introduces himself and gestures to each member of his family as he says their name. He is calm and polite.

Damon sits rigid next to me. His face showing no emotion, but his eyes are cold and hard. When Carlisle introduces Edward, his eyes burn with fury. I take his hand and squeeze it. He looks down at me and his eyes soften somewhat before he turns back towards the group. Once Carlisle is done with the introductions, Damon makes eye contact with him and then meets eyes with every one of the Cullens. He pursues his lips slightly and lets out a breath.

“I’m Damon Salvatore, Belle’s boyfriend.” Blunt and to the point, as always. I hear both a sense of pride and an air of threat behind it.

Carlisle and Esme’s eyes widen in shock as they briefly fixate on the two us. I smile. Jeremy snickered and Caroline smiled, as well.

Elena speaks next. “Elena Gilbert,” she says, her voice full of confidence. Her face then brightens with a grin, “I’m Bella’s twin sister.” I hear several gasps of shock come from the Cold Ones. I grin back at her.

Stefan looks lovingly at Elena and then glances at everyone in the room. “Stefan Salvatore.” he says simply.

Liz is next. She stands up beside Charlie. “Liz Swan. I’m Charlie’s wife.” She points to Caroline. “That’s Caroline and she’s our daughter.”

Caroline beams at hearing that.

Charlie peeks over at Caroline, his eyes filled with pride and love for her. He looks over at me and finally, to Elena. All three of us return the look. Elena grabs my other hand and squeezes it. I squeeze back. The others never notice our silent communication.

Ric is next. He steps forward, arms crossed. ‘Vampire Hunter’ mode activated, I thought. He makes eye contact with each Cullen and when he gets to Alice, then Edward, his face flashes with a menacing look for each of them. Edward slightly flinches.

“I am Alaric Saltzman, History teacher at Mystic Falls High, family to Bella, Elena and Jeremy.”

He nods at Damon and remains standing by Charlie. He waves his hand over to the rest of the group, “Tyler, Jeremy, and Bonnie.” Neither says anything. Introductions are over and the room falls into an uncomfortable silence once again.

Carlisle breaks the silence by clearing his throat. He looks at me earnestly, “Hello Bella, it is wonderful to see you. I wish it were under more pleasant circumstances.”

I don’t know what to say, so I just shrug and give him a blank stare.

Damon scoffs, “Circumstances are pleasant enough. Eddie-boy didn’t kill himself, Bella is still alive, and no one here has ripped off anyone’s head and lit them on fire.”

He gives Carlisle an icy glare that I am very thankful to have never been directed at me. Damon can be very scary when he needs to be.

Carlisle doesn’t seem to be affected, but I see Edward scowl in annoyance. Carlisle speaks again…

“I must apologize for Alice getting Bella involved with this situation. I would never condone putting her in harm’s way.” With that, he meets my father’s eyes.

Charlie offers a curt nod in acknowledgement, “You mean that you apologize for Alice kidnapping my daughter and dragging her to the rulers of your species, risking her life in the process?” Charlie raises his eyebrows and scowls, with anger lacing his tone.

“Are you going to apologize for your pathetic excuse for a ‘son’ as well? He left her in the woods alone, only after telling her she wasn’t good enough for him, among other things. Are you going to keep apologizing for your ‘children’ or will they take responsibility for their own actions? I know for a fact that they are not teenagers, Carlisle. Don’t waltz in here expecting that all is going to be forgotten and forgiven because you said I’m sorry.”

Charlie’s face start to redden in anger as he now stands directly in front of Carlisle, hands on his hips. Edward starts to speak, but Charlie looks at him and shakes his head, cutting him off. I feel a wave of calm hit me. Jasper is trying to calm things down. I turn to him and let all my annoyance fester with in me. He is an empath, which means he can feel and manipulate emotions. The fact that he dare and control what we feel infuriates me and I want him to know it. I smirk as he actually flinches and staggers back.

“Quit it.” I say. “Don’t try to manipulate us into feeling what you want. It won’t work on everyone, anyway.”

Jasper looks puzzled, but shrugs it off.

Alice scowls at me, “Why don’t you tell us exactly why it won’t work on everyone, Bella? I think we have a right to know who we are dealing with.” She sounds like a whiny five year old.

I sigh and roll my eyes, ”It must be driving you crazy not to know everything, huh? Poor little Alice…” I cock my head and pout in fake sympathy.

“There’s no need to be such a bitch!!” She spouts out forcibly.

 I glare at her, “I’m the bitch?? I don’t think so! I don’t go around kidnapping people!”

 “He thought you were dead!” she shrieks.

“All because you had a stupid vision that you misinterpreted!” I yell back at her.

“Actually, it was Rosalie who told Edward.” she says in such a way that the old expression, ‘tattletale, tattletale, hang your britches on a nail’ comes to mind and I just laughed humorously. Then, the irritation from earlier rises back up and all I can do is let out a huff and clench my fists at my side. It was all that was preventing me from seeking out one of Uncle Ric’s crossbows and aiming it at the little pixie-bitch. I grit my teeth and shake my head out of frustration.

Damon sees my reaction and stands up, walks over to Charlie and stands next to him. “Okay, Tinkerbelle! You want to know why the walking mood ring’s powers won’t work on some of us?”

“Yes.” she says petulantly.

“Pay attention!” He is addressing all the Cullens. He points to Bonnie, “Witch.”

He points to Tyler, “Wolf hybrid.”

He looks over to Caroline and then Stefan. “Blondie, Stefan, and I are vampires.”

He jerks his thumb to Charlie. “He and Ric are vampire hunters. Little Gilbert sees dead people. As you can see, we have a supernatural convention here. What else do you want to know, Tink?”

There is an eerie silence in the room as no one speaks, no one moves. It’s as if everything is frozen in time.

The silence is broken as I hear Edward shout, “Bella! Get away from them! They are dangerous!”

Before I know it, Edward is out of his chair moving at an inhuman speed, but his movements are no match for the speed in which a true vampire moves. Within seconds, my vision is blocked as both Stefan and Damon stand protectively in front of the love seat that Elena and I sit on. She holds my hand tightly and quickly looks at me, her eyes wide with fear. I minutely shake my head and squeeze her hand, silently telling her, “It will be okay.”

“You do NOT get to tell anyone what to do, Cullen. Let’s get that perfectly clear, right here and now.” Damon tells him. His tone less than friendly.

Edward then tries to walk around Damon, his arm reaching out towards me. I purse my lips and shake my head no, just as Damon grabs him by the back of his neck and yanks him roughly to him so that they are eye to eye. The rest of the Cullens stand, ready to attack, but suddenly they all crumble to the floor. I look over at Bonnie and see that her face is a stony mask, her eyes focused on the scene before her.

“Yes, I am dangerous…You have no fucking idea just how dangerous I am,” Damon spits out at Edward. A snarl on his face and his eyes ablaze with anger.

“How dare you try and tell Bella what to do? You abandoned her! You left her in the middle of a forest, defenseless, with a deranged bitch after her. That bullshit negates any right or any claim you may have had on her.”

Damon then growls lowly. “Do you have any idea what you put her through? Do you have any idea how close she came to death because of you!?”

Edward’s eyebrows furrow in confusion as Damon continues, ‘Oh yes, Eddie…Vicky almost got her!” he shrugs and grabs Edward by the color of his shirt, their noses touching.

“And that is on you! You and your pathetic little family! If it were not for little ole dangerous me, Bella would be dead. I killed that red-headed bitch! You do NOT get any say in what goes on in her life. Another thing, you even try to touch her again… you even look at her wrong… and I will. Rip. You. Apart! No ands, ifs or buts about it. Bella is MINE. Now, sit your ass down, little boy. We have some questions and you and your so called family are going to answer them.” He then roughly tosses Edward back into his seat.

Edward takes a look around the room, seeing the rest of his family laying on the ground. His eyes widen as he gasps in shock. Nervously glancing around the room he asks, “Wh-What did you do to them?”

Damon of course, is the one to answer, “Don’t worry so much, pretty boy… it’s just a little bit of Witchy’s ju-ju. They will be back to being walking, talking statues in no time.”

With that, Damon walks over to me, tilting his head in concern, “You okay?”

I silently nod in reply. He plops down next to me and wraps his arm around my shoulder as he kisses my temple.

I rub my hand along his thigh and snuggle into his side. I can feel Edwards’s eyes follow the movement, then I hear a low growl of infuriation.

“Bella,” he addresses me, and I know he’s about to spew some kind of lecture, so I hold up one finger, looking him in the eye.

“Don’t start on your sanctimonious bullshit, Edward. I already have a fairly good idea of what is about to come out of your mouth, so save it. I don’t want to hear it.”

His eyes widen in disbelief as he gawks at me, speechless.

“Well, that shut him up….”

I giggle as I glance across the room at my ever-perky sister, “Shush, I don’t want to jinx it.” I give her a grin and a wink while she giggles. Bonnie quickly joins in, as well as Elena.

“You find rudeness funny, Bella? I find it rather appalling.”

“Of course you would.” I reply dryly, “You have a stick shoved so far up your ass, I’m surprised you don’t choke on it.”

“Bella!” he bellows.

I sigh heavily as I look to Damon, “Can we just please hurry this up?”

He smirked, “We have to wait for the statues to come to life…but…I have an idea…” He then stands up quickly, “Ric, Tyler.” he jerks his head toward the other room, indicating that they should follow. “Brother, keep an eye on stick-up-his-ass over there.” It was not a request, but an order.

Stefan nods solemnly, “You got it.”

Edward seems to come to life once Damon leaves the room and turns slightly to face my father. “Chief Swan… clearly, you must know how dangerous the supernatural world is for humans. Why do you allow Bella to be a part of it?”

“Oh shit.” I heard someone utter.

I glance around the room and see Jeremy shrug unrepentantly. “You little ass.” I mouth with a smile. He grins giving me a thumbs up.

Charlie faces Edward, hands on his hips as he glowers, “You have a habit of asking questions that are none of your fucking business, Cullen.”

Edward shrinks into his chair slightly. What a little pussy, I think.

I clear my throat to get his attention, “Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, Edward. Right here, right now! Like Damon said earlier, what you did that day in the woods negates any right to ask questions about me or my life. You should consider yourself lucky that no one has killed you, yet. You and Alice both risked my life bringing me here to Italy. If I were already a vampire, I would have the pleasure of ripping you apart myself. I’ll just have to be content with lighting a Zippo on your ass after someone else does. Now, if I were you, I would shut up and only speak when someone else speaks to you. You and your family don’t call the shots here. We do! Got it?”

He looks at me warily, ‘Bella-”

“Not a word, Edward!” I shake my head and stare him down. It is not something I would have done in the past because Edward and Alice fed on my insecurities and took away any self-confidence I had. My life has changed a lot since then. My friends, my family and my boyfriend helped me see myself for what I truly am. The sweet, shy and naïve girl the Cullens once knew was long gone. After all, when you run with the supernatural, you need an inner strength and courage. I found that I had both and the revelation of it changed me completely. Never again would I allow someone to control me, or my life. I am the one who is in charge of it and the sooner Edward understands this, the better.

Damon, Tyler and Ric all walk back into the room with several small coolers of blood and place them on the coffee table. Damon opens one up and pulls out a blood bag. Edward eyes it hungrily just as Damon rips open the bag. Edward’s eyes went black as he quickly stands up, grabbing for the bag. Tyler holds him back, while he growls lowly.

“Oh! Did you want some?” Damon taunts.

Edward closes his eyes, obviously fighting against his bloodlust.

“No.” he hisses out.

Damon pouts in mock sympathy, “It’s a shame, really. Considering all the trouble my dear brother went through to drain Bambi and Thumper for you…”

“Bambi and Thumper?”

“What? You never watched any Disney movies? Bambi is a-”

He was cut off as Edward snarled at him, “I know what Bambi is! How can you make light of our diet like that!? It isn’t something to joke about!”

“Oh, but it is!” He smirked, “I thought Saint Stefan over there was the only vamp on the bunny diet until I heard about you guys. You see, he used to think like you guys do….that drinking from animals keeps your humanity.” He shakes his head and chuckles, “Believe me, it doesn’t make you any closer to humanity feeding on animals. All it does is put you in further denial of what you really are! My brother could tell you all about that…all of you need to get over the fact that you’re dead and it will be a frigid, cold day in hell before you will ever be human again!”

“You feed from humans?”

Damon outright laughs, “Oh, I like my variety!” He shrugs, “American, Chinese, good old American comfort food…..straight from the vein.”

“You kill people!”

“Only when they piss me off, and unlike you, I don’t have venom, I can tap a vein anywhere, anytime without killing them. Then I compel them and send them on their way….simple as that!”

“You’re a killer!”

“Yep!” Damon replies with a hint of snark as the rest of the Cullens start to come to. Carlisle is first as his golden eyes pop open and he blinks several times before sitting up.

“What just happened?” he asked

Jeremy replied, “Just a little magic, doc. Nothing to worry about.”

“I gave you all an aneurism.” Bonnie explains in a guarded tone, then hastily adds, “And I won’t hesitate to do it again.”

The patriarchal figure nods, while standing up to assist his wife who had just woke up. He checks her over thoroughly while I find myself rolling my eyes. What’s a little headache to a vampire?

Edward sneered, “You’re rather proud of your little gift, aren’t you?”

Bonnie arches her eyebrow, “I’m a witch. It’s what we do.”

He scoffs at her words, “So hurting people means nothing to you?”

“You aren’t people!” she spit out. “You’re Cold Ones. Abominations of nature…just like vampires! It’s my job to protect humans.”

“Oh gee thanks, Bon-Bon! I always wanted to be an abomination!” Caroline remarked sarcastically.

Bonnie rolled her eyes, “Well, you guys are different. You’ve proven yourselves…”

She was cut off from saying anything further when Damon piped up, ‘Admit it…you are an abomination! I mean that blond….it comes straight from a bottle! I’ve seen the proof!” he smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.

I send him a glare and punch him in the arm, “Really Damon?! Don’t be a dick!”

He gives me a smarmy smile, “I have one-”

“Which we are all aware of since we can smell you all over her!” Alice pipes up.

“Oh wow! I’m impressed, Tinkerbelle! You know how to add two and two together!” Damon brings his hand up to his chest in a gesture of truly being impressed. I can’t help but laugh. He glances in my direction and smirks. The thoughts of him and Caroline ever being together quickly recede from my mind and I can’t help but think that even though he’s a dick, he’s my dick. And I wouldn’t want anyone else.

“When did little-miss-innocent-human become such a slut?” Rosalie asks in a patronizing tone.

“Well, when you date the biggest man-whore known to man, its bound to happen.” Caroline answers for me.

“Oh, thanks Carrie! Just tell us all what you really think!” I teasingly tell her.

“I always do!” she replies with a smile. “You know I love you!” she then winked.

“Okay! Enough of this crap! We’re here for information; not to discuss Damon and Bella’s sex life.” Ric states.

“That’s a discussion I rather not be present for.” Liz interjects.

“Well the mood ring isn’t up yet…” Damon declares, glancing at the Cold One that lay in a heap on the floor.

“His name is Jasper!” Alice snipes at him.

“Oh, who cares?”

“What is it you’d like to know?” Carlisle intones.

Charlie, who had been silent as he observed us finally spoke, “What I would like to know first… is why the hell you lot abandoned my daughter and allowed Victoria to go free? That there has me itching to kill you on principal alone.”

The Cold One tensed, “Edward thought it would be best if we left and removed ourselves from her world. We didn’t know about Victoria wanting revenge. If we had-

“That’s a croc of shit, doc! You know it, too! Try again!”

Carlisle snaps his head to my boyfriend. “Has anyone not ever taught you decorum and manners, young man?”

“Oh, dear daddy tried. It just didn’t sink in. Now, has anyone ever told you that your children shouldn’t be going to high school, pretending to be human? Has anyone ever told you that just because you drink from animals doesn’t make you human? Has anyone ever told you that the lot of you are nothing but a farce? Has anyone ever told you that you’re a poor excuse for a coven leader, allowing a relationship that you know is forbidden by your laws to take place?”

Carlisle simply stares at him in astonishment.

“Truth hurts, huh?”

“We truly believed she was Edward’s mate, otherwise…”

It was then I decided to ask a question of my own, “And what exactly led you to believe that? Was it because he fought the urge to bite me and drain me dry or was because of Alice’s visions? A future someone decided for me. You’re over four hundred years old! You should have known better and you should have known that he was not my mate. I have met my soul mate, and even being human, I can tell the differences in between what I felt for Edward and what I feel for Damon. You have a mate, you understand that bond and should have known that Edward never felt the same about me in the same way you do for Esme.”

“Bella, I am sorry. I believed in Alice’s visions and she saw you as one of us. Perhaps if she had not had that vision, I would not have encouraged Edward to pursue you.”

I scoff, “Pursue me like a little boy chasing a stray cat so he can have a pet…He never loved me, Carlisle. You may not have known it then, but you do now and yet, you still allowed Alice to come to Forks to kidnap me and save your precious son.”

“He’s my son, Bella! I couldn’t lose him. It was the only plan that would work to save him. A parent would do anything to save their child. That is something you don’t understand and perhaps, never will.”

“No, she may never be a parent, but I am!” Liz spoke. “I would never allow my children to use someone else the way you have. Maybe it’s the cop in me, but I would never allow another person to be put in danger to save another. The idea of a human being led to the slaughter to save a Cold One’s life is ridiculous! Especially considering it would have been his own doing to begin with! Just admit that Bella never meant nothing to either one of you! If she had, you wouldn’t have used her as you did. She was nothing more than a pawn to you.”

“So, if you knew someone that could save Bella or Caroline’s life, you wouldn’t ask them for help?”

Liz huffed and shook her head, “For one thing, neither of our girls are selfish enough to want others to risk their lives to save them. Another thing, just in case you missed it…Caroline is a vampire and very well capable of taking care of herself. Bella has Damon and you can bet your ass he’d never allow anything to happen to her. If it does, measures are taken each day to ensure she lives. Last but not least, neither of our girls are insecure enough to kill themselves. That is the most selfish act there is….and your so-called son is the most selfish person I’ve ever met!”

“I’m not selfish!” Edward roars. “I gave up the only girl I ever loved to keep her safe! I wanted to die because a world without her is not worth existing in!”

“Bullshit!” my father growls out. “You don’t know what love is! If you even loved her one iota, your ass would have never walked away from her. You would have never told her she wasn’t good enough for you, either. If you truly believed she was dead, your dying wish would have been to see her one final time; to hold her to you, but no…you went straight to your kings and begged them to kill you… That’s not love, boy!”

“And you think that,” Edward’s nose wrinkles in disgust, “vampire loves her?”

“I know he does.” Charlie states firmly. “But this ain’t about Damon. It’s about you and your family! Don’t try turning the tables. It won’t work.”

I let out a breath and bow my head. I knew long time ago Edward didn’t love me, but to hear my father voice aloud what I always knew, what everyone knew, still sent a sharp jab at my heart. I couldn’t understand how Edward was so childish in his denial about it. He stands there professing his love after literally tossing me away, leaving me in danger. Only months later to have his sister show up and drag me here to save him. If Alice has visions, why is it she never saw Victoria? Why is it that they never came back until now? My anger erupts from within and I can feel my hands automatically ball up at my sides. The very question plays in my mind as I eye the diminutive Cold One down.

“Did you know about Victoria, Alice? Did you know she was going to come after me?”

There was a silence in the room and her golden eyes watered up with tears and her mouth opens and closes several times before she stutters out a “Yes.”

I stomp forward, but Damon holds me back and places me behind him. I look over his shoulder, “If you knew, then Edward knew. Why the fuck did you guys not do anything?”

“Language, Bella” Esme chastises me.

I snap my head towards her, “How dare you? You are not my mother! My mother is dead because you all left me behind. So, don’t stand there and tell me what to do! I have parents over there who know more about what is right and what is wrong than what you do. They don’t allow us to get away with the kind of games your fucking children have played, Esme! And somehow they are going to pay. Even if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do! You want a language lesson?? Well, about a ‘fuck’ and a ‘you’?”

Her eyes well up with unshed tears and I don’t have time for a pity party. My wrath is reaching a breaking point and I turn towards Alice. “When did you know and why was it you never came back? Did you really think I could fight her on my own? Did you not think there were more lives at risk than just mine?”

“I-I I did come back and I saw you with Jacob. My visions of you were getting unclear, and there times when I couldn’t see you at all. I thought the dog would protect you. Then, I didn’t see you at all until I had that vision of what I thought was you jumping. You can’t blame us for Renee’s death! Edward didn’t hear anything in anyone’s mind about revenge!”

“Edward reads surface thoughts, Alice. You know that and yet, you still relied on what a spoiled little boy told you?” I shake my head. “I’m glad the Volturri took your gifts.” I spitefully tell her. “Truly I am….it made you think as if you were invicable, all knowing and you used them to toy with people’s lives. You deserve far worse…even a true death isn’t suitable enough.”

Tears fall down my cheeks and I feel Damon wrap his arms around me from behind. I bury my face in his shoulder and hold him as close as I can. He’s always been my strength in my weakest moments. I felt as though I was standing where two worlds collided. My past and my future; but being wrapped in his arms made me feel secure and safe, as though nothing else mattered. I inhaled his scent and everything in my world was right again. It is then the gratitude hit me; that I should actually be thanking the Cullens for leaving, for I would never have what I have now, the gift of an eternal love.

Damon kissses the top of my head and runs his fingers through my hair.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you, more.” he murmurs in my ear.

All hell breaks loose as Jasper awakens and takes in my scent. His movements are like a wild animal as he haphazardly staggers around the room to get his bearings. His eyes are black as he eyes me and a guttural growl comes from him as he starts to lunge forward. There’s a loud popping sound heard and an arrow zips through the air and straight into his chest.

All eyes glance to Alaric, who stands with the crossbow. Gasps of shock can be heard throughout the room.

“Nice shot, Buffy!” Damon exclaims as he slowly maneuvers himself so that he is standing in front of me. “Hit the bull’s-eye, too! Way to go!”

I knew what he was doing. Damon was a master at the art of distraction and he was positioning himself to protect me from any act of retaliation.

Several low growls sounded as Alice made a beeline for me, but she didn’t get the chance as there was a blur. In seconds. Alice was slammed against the wall, by none other than Katherine.

Alice tried to wiggle free from Katherine’s grasp, which only made the brunette vampire laugh. “You’re so cute! Maybe I should keep you as a doll and dress you up!”

She smiled as she tossed her curls behind her back and scanned the room. She glanced to Edward, who stood there staring at me, then she tossed another look my way, “Well, it’s good to see your taste in men has improved, Bella. Guess you won’t be such a disgrace to the bloodline, after all.”

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A couple of Damon’s lines were taken from the show. I consider them to be somewhat of an Easter egg. 😉




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