Ties That Bond


Summary: Edward abandoned Bella in Forks, and her father sent her to Mystic Falls to live with her aunt and uncle. While there she made new friends and found love. Then one day she went back to Forks… only to be dragged to Volterra by Alice Cullen. While there she confronts her past, and Edward and Alice realize that she is no longer the shy, sweet, and innocent Bella Swan.


About This Story

I started writing this story back in the early fall of 2013. I had some dental work done and was therefore in a hydrocodone stupor and bored out of my mind. My muse started thinking, “What if  Bella had already moved on when Edward went to the Volturri on his suicide mission? What if she had already moved on and found her soul mate?” Those are just a couple of things that went through my mind as I started writing. After I got going, I thought about how much a person could change in a few short months. As you read the story, you will see that Bella has changed, a lot. She is more confident, more determined, and more mature. Her views on love and relationships changed. She discovered who she is as a person and who she wants to be. She’s happy. Of course, she still has her shy moments and will blush. I didn’t completely erase her character. I wrote her as I imagined her to be if she were in a different environment and was able to heal from her heartbreak.

I never really intended to publish this, but after a lot of encouragement from some dear friends, I decided to go ahead publish it. I hope that you enjoy the story. It is certainly a different flavor than the other stories I have written, that’s for sure. I blame the hydrocodone! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Ties That Bond

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  2. Hey lovely I ABSOLUTELY loved you Take on Bella and the growth she experienced mentally after the Cullen’s disappearance. I left read this in one hour and I can’t get enough if it, which is unfortunate since there doesn’t seem to be any more updates. I’d love it if you could get back to me about whether or not you plan to co time this or not. Since this is my first time on this site I may have missed something.

    Love Angye

    • I often get asked about this story. I do have part of the next chapter written, but I do not know when I will finish it and post it. I am working on some one-shots as of now and after that, I plan to write more on my multi-chapter stories. So glad you enjoyed the story. 🙂

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