Chapter Two

Devil Inside chapter 2

Author’s Note: Just putting a friendly reminder that this is alternate universe and at times, this story will be quite dark. Even so, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. Thank you!

It was the middle of the night when Damon pulled into a gas station. He opened up his senses, sitting in the car for few minutes after turning off the ignition. Satisfied that his girl was rendered unconscious, he got out of the car and made his way towards the small convenience store to compel himself a full tank of gas, plus some dinner. God only knew when he’d get a chance to drink from the vein again and he would need the fresh blood to keep his strength. What he had planned for Isabella was not for the weak, nor the weary.

He wiped away the blood that was smeared across his face and chin while he gave a quick once-over to the dead store clerk he just dumped on the floor. He stilled his movements as he heard a rustling in the woods nearby. He moved with unhuman speed to slash the clerk’s neck with a box cutter, making sure his fang marks were undistinguishable, then quickly broke into the cash register and pocketed the cash. He staged the scene to look like a robbery gone wrong. He smirked maliciously as he grabbed a crowbar hiding on a shelf underneath the register. He heard the rustling again and this time it was closer.

He propped the crowbar upon his shoulder and jauntily whistled a tune as he walked outside. He stopped abruptly in the middle if the parking lot, tossing the crowbar between his hands.

“Come out, come out whoever you are, Damon wants to play…” he sing-songed. His keen eyesight caught a pair golden eyes reflecting dimly in the moon’s light, barely hidden by the trees. He inhaled a breath, catching the sweet stench of Alice Cullen, “Oh my dear little fairy, you don’t think I can smell you? Come on out, or I will hunt your little ass down. I’ll be the cat and you’ll be the poor little mouse…” He pouted in fake sympathy, shrugging his shoulders.

“We already killed your brother!” he taunted, hoping for some kind of reaction. When he heard a small huff of anger, he snorted before he continued, “He cried like a little baby when I threw his head into the fire. He was-”

Damon was cut off as he found himself knocked to the ground. He growled lowly, his fangs making an appearance, while his eyes became rimmed in red and veins became prominent across his face. His eyes burned with fury as he peered over to the petite Cold One, “Are you really that stupid?” he hissed.

They both scrambled to get up. Damon easily towered over the diminutive being in front of him and he enjoyed seeing her shudder as she caught a glimpse of him. They eyed each other for a moment before he reached out, easily wrapping his hands around her throat, then lifted her into the air as she struggled, clawing at his hand. He had laughed darkly at her futile attempts. “Would you like to join your brother?” he said with a vicious sneer.

“I w-want t-to help Bella” she said between gasps.

“Oh Alice,” he spoke scornfully, “haven’t you and your family helped enough?” He tightened his hold on her, smirking while cracks formed along her neck. Her eyes widened in fear as she struggled some more. His eyes glinted ominously, “The more you fight, the more fun this makes it for me…”

She stopped struggling as soon as the words were said. He scoffed and shook his head before throwing her down on the concrete floor beneath his feet. He smiled when her body crashed against the pavement, taking a chunk out of it, with chips of rock and other debris flying about. His grin grew even wider as he saw her ear and one of her fingers among the destruction. His eyes glittered, pleased at the sight before him.

“You are a monster!” she whispered, in shock.

Really? I’m the monster? Let me tell you something….I am not the one who abandoned the love of my life, only to return and stalk her; to stake a fucking claim! When she refused and stood her ground, was I the one to murder her father and leave a little love note? No, I was not! That was the handy work of your precious brother!!”

Alice sighed in defeat as she looked up at him from the ground. “I’m sorry…”

Damon shook his head in disbelief, “You’re sorry?! You are apologizing for something he did? How fucking pathetic!! He paid for what he did, trust me. You have nothing to be sorry about, princess!”

She glowered in anger, “He paid with his life!”

“He deserved to die!” he roared back.

She had healed enough and got up standing before him. “It doesn’t make it right!” she said furiously.

“Maybe not… but I sure as hell feel a lot better knowing he’s dead!”

“Do you think that is what Bella would have wanted? How do you think she would feel?” she shouted.

He pursed his lips as his face twisted into a scowl, “I hate to break it to ya, but Bella isn’t feeling anything right now, Pixie! Nothing! Even if her switch was still on, I don’t think she would have minded Edward’s death! In fact, I bet she would have been the one to inflict it and you know what? It would have been a glorious sight to see!”

Alice stared blankly at him before she timidly uttered, “Bella is not a killer!”

“Bella is a vampire, sweetheart! Of course she kills, or did that little eight ball you have for a head miss the body trails she’s been leaving!?” He then met her eyes, smiling smugly.

“I-can’t see your kind! You know that!” she stated in annoyance.

“Hmm, so how’d you find me?”

“I saw Sheriff Forbes make a call to your friend Matt…” she answered reluctantly.

He looked down on her as she responded his question, his grip tightening on the crowbar in his hand. His fury reached its peak and he had had enough of her self-righteousness and whining, “So, guess you won’t see this coming!”

He then whacked her head off, kicking it to the side. He then bent down to the bodiless head on the ground, “Any last words?”

He knew she couldn’t talk, of course, making his words even more cruel. But he had no time for pleas to help Bella, he had no time for lame apologies, he had no time for mercy. Besides, if anyone was going to help Bella, it would be him. No one else. He would get her emotions back on. He would get her back.

He made a silent vow as he kicked a gas tank over, watching the gas spout and spill onto the ground. Alice’s eyes widened in fear as a silent “no” came from her lips. He ignored her, climbed into his car and drove off a short distance before parking the car and blurring back to the station. Once there, he dug into the pocket of his leather jacket, pulling out a book of matches. He smirked as he struck one. “What’s that line? Hmm…”

He thought for a minute as a small smirk appeared on his face. “Hasta la vista, baby!” he uttered in a darkly sarcastic manner, then dropped the match on the ground. The instant that was done, he run back to his car, and sped off into the night. He turned up the radio just in time to drown out the boom that came from the explosion. He smiled as Another One Bites The Dust came on. “How appropriate.” he mused.

He thought back to a couple months prior when Stefan, Enzo and himself came across Edward Cullen while tracking down Bella…

In a turn of events that surprised just about everyone, Enzo and Damon resumed the friendship they once had. Once again, in one of his darkest times, the elder vampire was there in ways others weren’t. Enzo was unwavering in his loyalty and understood Damon better than most. Perhaps because they had both lost women they loved, or perhaps it was because they embraced who they were and accepted the darkness that resided within themselves. Or maybe, it was because they both knew how to set a goal and reach it; with no regard towards the consequences of their actions.

Everyone was leery at first when Enzo first showed up, causing havoc. Everyone but Bella, that is. Even though he caused her death and was the reason she had been reborn into the darkness, she forgave him. She understood his anger. Just as she had accepted Damon, along with his maniacal ways; she had accepted Enzo, even encouraging the two to restart their friendship. In many aspects, her acceptance of him and her forgiveness changed his perspective on things. Regardless, he still sought justice for losing the woman he loved. He still felt hatred for being treated like a lab rat for decades on end and he hated the feeling of abandonment caused by his supposed best friend. All those resentful feelings never gave away completely, but he embraced the friendship offered to him by Bella and eventually, Damon. He had found it filled a void in his life that he didn’t know existed.

As time passed, he had taken a shine the newborn vampire. He had admired the way she accepted her new life and never once judged his actions. She was special; even in the dark world of the supernatural, she had shone like a light, a beacon of hope and love. His heart ached as they searched for her. He wanted the head of Edward Cullen on a pike for what he did to the girl he considered a sister. It was him that caused her light to flicker out. He admitted such things to Damon as he joined him, and sometimes, Stefan on their hunt for Bella.

Damon smirked as he remembered the night they came across Edward in Charlottesville. The three vampires from Mystic Falls weren’t the only ones out there that were trying to locate Bella. In fact, the whole Cullen coven had been trying to find her as well. They wanted to capture her and attempt to reform her.

Carlisle admitted as such when he and his family had the gall to show up at the Boarding House one night. He and Jasper had laid out a plan, suggesting they all join forces to look for Bella. Each and every one of them professed to care for his girl. Well, everyone but the blond bitch, Rosalie. But Bella’s true friends all knew the Cullens did not really care about her well-being. They simply wanted to capture her for their precious mind reader.

Damon had stood and sneered at them as they appointed themselves as leaders, eventually laying out plans to ‘rescue’ Bella and detoxify her off human blood, thinking it would control her Ripper urges. Oh, he knew it wouldn’t work and the thought the lot of them were idiots. They seemed to ignore the more important issue at hand and that was the fucking switch. He had growled lowly as he stepped forward, “So, tell me doc… Do have a plan for her to flip the switch on before you train her like a kitten to hunt mice?”

Damon chuckled at the memory of them all wide-eyed with astonishment as they backed off in fear. It was at that moment Enzo had entered the room, tossing the blond coven leader out the door. He had grinned while looking at Damon, “Who’s next?”

Once they had rid of them all and told the Cullens that they would never cooperate with them, they had devised a plan of their own.

Tracking Bella had proven difficult. She was cunning and smart and always seemed to be two steps ahead of them. They studied maps of the locations she had been, not finding any rhyme or reason to the places she chose. She was also indiscriminate in who she chose to kill. She knew they were following her and oftentimes, Damon thought she was just leaving the body trail to mock them.

Stefan had been through the whole ordeal with them. He helped gather clues, consulted witches, and gave advice. He told stories of his days as a Ripper, at least the parts he could remember. It was because of him, everyone understood that as a Ripper you have an unquenchable thirst for blood. It was a never ending hunger and with the switch off, it is even worse. That void where emotions lie had to be met with something. For a Ripper, that void meant blood, blood and more blood. That meant that hundreds upon hundreds of bodies would be found all because Bella needed to fill that black abyss of emptiness she felt.

That night the three of them found Edward in Charlottesville, they had come across a burning dumpster full of charred remains. They saw minute traces of blood on the walls that wouldn’t be noticeable to the human eye, but stood out like brightly painted graffiti to a vampire. Somebody had beat them to the scene and cleaned up Bella’s mess. Damon remembered inhaling the air, smelling the sickly sweet stench of a Cold One. He had mentioned it to the other two, but didn’t indicate that it was Edward.

He knew it would pique their curiosity if he suggested they follow the scent, which of course they did. They walked a few blocks into the city, finding the unpleasant smell overpowering in one particular area. Damon knew he had to be close by and stilled his movements. The other two vampires followed suit as they stopped in their tracks and opened up their own senses. When the scent of human blood hit their noses, they collectively knew exactly what direction to go.

The three of them found themselves behind a fast food restaurant. They quietly crept up behind a haggard looking Edward Cullen. His clothes were torn, there was dried blood on his shirt and his hair was wilder than ever. Damon remembered having to bite back a snicker as he noticed a patch of stone-like skin that glittered, ever so faintly, in the moon’s light.

The Cold One had his back turned to them, unaware of their presence as he feasted on a young, brown haired girl. They allowed him the opportunity to have his final meal before meeting his second death. After all, it would be the most courteous thing to do…

The three stood with their arms crossed about, their faces wearing matching somber expressions as their eyes burned with anger. It was this that Edward saw after he dropped the body and spun around. His eyes bulged out of his sockets while backing up slowly and cowering against the stone wall of the building. “Please, I beg of you, don’t hurt me.” he whispered in fright.

“Oh don’t worry mate, we won’t hurt you.” was Enzo’s response.

“We’re going to kill you.” Damon sneered as he inched closer to the eternal teenager.

Stefan scoffed at Edward’s pleas. For once in his vampire life, he was going to actually enjoy taking part in killing something. Bella deserved justice and so did Charlie. Of that, he was certain.

When Edward tried to make a run for it, Stefan was the one who captured him and held him in a head lock. “You’re the good one! You should not be a part of this.” Edward pathetically reasoned.

“Shut up!” was the simple response, “Whatever we do end up doing to you is far less than what you deserve.”

You murdered Charlie!” Damon roared. “You made Bella flip the switch! Now, you dare follow her and clean up her mess?!” He stomped over and grabbed the cold one by the hair, yanking his head up so they met eye to eye. The red eyes almost startled him… almost.

“I-I love her! Of course I would do whatever I could to help her! She’s being careless and this time, you were much to slow in tracking her.”

“You do realize that this is all your fault, don’t you?” Enzo taunted.

“At least I am not the one that killed her!” Edward protested against the accusation, glaring at the elder vampire. He then looked up to the one that held his hair, “Nor was I the one to turn her into a monster.” He scoffed, then let out a gasp of pain as Damon yanked on his hair, ripping him out of his brother’s hold.

He somehow broke free and tried to run once more, to flee from the danger that he knew was coming. His efforts were futile; for Stefan, Damon and Enzo moved much faster and were far stronger than any Cold One.

Enzo had caught him that time, his eyes a dark storm of fury as he grasped Edward’s arm. When Edward tried to move, he found he couldn’t. It was as if he was running in place. He fought to surge forward as his feet made repeated skid marks on the ground. Enzo had chuckled, “How cute you are my boy, thinking you could run from us. Monsters? Believe me, you know of no such thing, but between Damon and me, I am sure we could teach you the very definition of the word!” He spat out the words venomously, completely disgusted by the being he held within in his grasp.

He was so clouded by his anger, he did not realize just how tight he had been holding the Cold One’s arm until he heard a snap and felt the vibration of the said arm cracking beneath his hand. That made him grin maliciously. “You are indeed a feeble little lad…”

With that, he squeezed tighter and pulverized the place where his hand rested on the weaker creature’s arm, separating it from his body. The screeching sound was drowned out by Edward’s piercing cry of agony.

Damon approached them, grabbing Edward’s head and meeting his eyes, “Don’t run, and don’t fucking scream.” he compelled him. He then jerked his chin to his brother, “Stefan, go compel the locals, make sure they won’t remember what they just heard.” He nodded towards the group of onlookers that had gathered in the parking lot not too far from where they were.

For the first time in his life, Stefan did as his brother asked of him, without question. Once Damon was sure his brother was going to follow his order, he snatched Edward and blurred into the forest nearby. Enzo followed eagerly.

They came upon a small clearing, teaming with vines of moss and ferns. Pine needles littered the floor and crunched under their feet. It was damp and there was a puddle that had not quite dried up from the rain storm of the day before. Damon smirked as he dropped the Cold One into it. He stood above Edward, his blue eyes glinting viciously as he placed his foot at the pale figure’s throat.

Enzo smiled as he tossed Edward’s arm over as if it were nothing more than a football. Damon caught it easily and examined it, his nose turning up at the sight of venom leaking from it. He then eyed it studiously, “I wonder…” he pondered out loud, “If you would still feel this?” He then snapped the pinky finger off the appendage, tossing aside.

Edward’s anguished moan answered the question. Damon shrugged and snapped off the ring finger. “This could be fun.” he said jovially. He smirked once again as the Cold One beneath his boot whimpered in fear. He then plucked another finger and the muffled yelps of pain in the night air were music to his ears.

Enzo spied a miniscule twitch on the one hand that Edward had left, and promptly stomped on it. “Don’t even think about it, mate.” Then there was a screech and a crunch as the hand crumbled beneath his foot. “You are a fool to think you even have a chance! I must say… I do admire your little attempt to grab at Damon. However,” he scoffed then, “you are no match for him. I know my friend well enough to know that if he wants you dead, you’re dead.”

Damon eyed his old comrade, thinking to the time they were captured and tortured. It had been Enzo who gave up his daily rations of blood as they planned their escape, so he could gain strength and execute those plans. Had not Damon left him to burn and switched off his own emotions, who knew what may have happened? He glanced at his friend, feeling a flicker of guilt for what he had done, but it was quickly gone as anger arose in his heart at the fact Enzo had killed Bella out of revenge against him. How ironic it was now that the very same vampire was here to avenge justice for the girl he killed. A girl he now considered a sister. After everything they had been through, he still considered Enzo more of a brother than Stefan.

They had shared many stories during their incarceration, and Damon had told him of the horrific things he had done during his time as a vampire. He had told him of his love for Katherine, how he had protected his brother, even cleaning up his messes during his Ripper phase. Other than Bella, Enzo was the only other soul that truly knew him.

Damon cleared his thoughts and looked down at Edward. “Enzo would be right about that.”

Edward pretentiously jeered, “You really think you can kill me?”

“Hmm… I think you are about to find out….”

** Another One Bites the Dust was written and recorded by the band, Queen. It’s reference is used without permission and no copyright infringement is intended.

***This chapter is dedicated to Karen, whose enthusiasm for this story warmed my heart and made me smile. She also lit the muse on fire and gave also me some ideas that I’ll be using later on in the story! Love to you, too!!




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  1. Excellent chapter and you’re right can’t wait for update. You are a little devil today aren’t you LOL? So glad they got Edward and Alice out of the way and now somebody needs to take care of that pacifist ass Carlisle. I hope Damon knows that he will not let Edward’s death go.

  2. Dang do I love this. Such deviousness, yet perfectly in tune with Damon, and how far he will go, for the woman he loves. That insight is what makes me squeal for having this.

  3. I’m really enjoying this, it’s darker than most fics i read but i’m really enjoying it.
    I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next
    The writing is excellent too 🙂
    Best Wishes

  4. Loved it!! So very glad that we’re getting to see Edward PAY for killing Charlie! I mean, dude, if you love someone, don’t be all killin’ their daddy, ya know? The camaraderie between Damon and Enzo, and even Stefan, is a beautiful thing to see, too. Great chapter!! (Also, you’re incredibly welcome!!) 😀 ♥

  5. What an exciting chapter!
    Glad to see that Edward and Alice were the first ones taken out…it would’ve been really annoying to keep hearing their pathetic excuses! I wished Bella was the one who took out Edward though.
    Love the teamwork between Damon, Enzo, and Stefan as they’re looking for Bella 😀

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