Chapter Three


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Damon drove with a smirk gracing his face as he remembered the night they tortured and killed Edward Cullen. The years of being a science experiment had taught him a thing or two about perfecting the art torture and effective ways of causing the most severe pain that one could only just imagine. What he had lived through had been things only dreamt up in nightmares. Anyone else who survived such an ordeal would have most likely spent the rest of their lives living in fear, hiding from the rest of the world. However, Damon did not. He simply switched off afterwards and went on about his life. Stronger, better and perhaps wiser. The knowledge he learned gave him some very useful tools when faced with an opponent or when he needed to get information from someone.

He wouldn’t exactly say he enjoyed doing it, but oftentimes saw it as a means to an end. Sometimes, he found it absolutely necessary to resort to the techniques he learned to obtain information from someone. Certain individuals may not always agree with his methods, but if they wanted a problem dealt with or needed to get information, he was the one they always looked to. If somebody needed to be rid of, Damon would take care of it and at times, he’d have a little fun with it. If there was a tidbit of info that was needed, he could be quite malicious in getting it. Even years after flipping the switch back on, he found that he could still embrace that sense of violence and would do whatever necessary to reach any goal that came to mind. Everyone saw him as dangerous and irrational, but they had no idea just how sadistic he could be.

Thinking of Edward Cullen made his lip curl in disgust as he thought the Cold One had gotten off too easily. They tortured him for hours on end, breaking off bits and pieces of him, then lighting them up like little birthday candles. All the while, making sure that Edward watched himself burn. The whimpered moans and the anguished cries of pain were music to Damon’s ears and if he were truly honest, he did enjoy it.

Each whimper was like a penny added to a child’s piggy bank for the debt he owed Bella. Each cry was like a shiny new quarter. Unfortunately for Edward, that piggy bank would never be filled. What price is there on breaking someone’s heart, and then making their life hell once they piece it back together? What was the price for killing that one’s father? Even the pitiful life of the one who owed the penance was not enough, but it would just have to do.

He remembered his surprise when he ripped the Cold One’s heart out and found that didn’t end him. He remembered the revolting, slimy feel of the venom coating his hand and how bile had nearly rose up into his mouth. There was nothing more disgusting than the taste of regurgitated blood and the very thought of it made him reach over into his glove compartment to grab his flask of Bourbon and take a healthy swig.

He capped the Bourbon and tossed the flask onto the passenger seat. He then stepped on the gas just a tad more as he remembered Stefan holding Edward’s limbless torso while Enzo gouged his eyes out and tossed them into the fire like Ping-Pong balls. It had been at that moment Edward finally surrendered defeat as his head bowed down. “Please don’t kill me.” he pleaded in a hoarse whisper.

Damon had rushed forward and roughly grabbed him by the chin, “Tell me something….Were those the same words Charlie spoke to you before you decided to drain him dry? Did he beg for mercy?” He spoke venomously as his body trembled in anger. When the mutilated Cold One didn’t reply, Damon grabbed his face and roared, “Answer me!”

A very weak, “Yes.” was Edward’s reply. The vampire before him let out a low growl as his anger rose even higher. In his fury, he had grasped the Cold one’s head so tightly it cracked. Damon stooped so that he was now face to face with the vapid creature.

“And did you grant that that mercy? Hell no, you didn’t!” His anger rose to such an extent his fingers dug into Edward’s head, “SO WHY SHOULD I FOR YOU?!?” His eyes blazed with fury before he easily ripped the Cold One’s head off. He held it up in the air for a moment as the sockets oozed with venom and the last breath Edward was able to make was a whimpered cry. Damon shook his head in disgust, then simply tossed the head onto the fire as if it were a mere bowling ball.

He snarled while the memory played on his mind as he gripped the steering wheel. The roads whizzed by and eventually, he found his way home. He sighed heavily, eyeing the Boarding House in front of him. All the lights had been turned on, casting a yellow glow on each and every window. The outside lights brightly lit the front yard. He parked his Camaro and got out to pop the trunk. Once he did, he gazed down at the sight of Isabella hog tied. She was paler than usual and her eyes were closed. The peaceful, innocent face she bore brought forth the memories of the sweet and compassionate girl he once knew. The one he fell in love with.

He bit down on his lip to remind himself it wasn’t his Iz. He had a task to do and if he were to get her emotions back on, he couldn’t allow his own to interfere. He swallowed thickly as he removed her daylight ring from her finger and carefully picked her up, tossing her over her his shoulder.

When he walked into the house, he was greeted by the faces of her friends. Yes, her friends. With the exception of Alaric and Enzo, he really had no friends and the term ‘friend’ would be loosely applied to Ric, anyway. Elena was once much more than a friend; she had once been his lover. He had truly loved her at one point in time, but once Bella entered his life… he saw nothing in Elena. The girl paled in comparison to everything that his fierce little kitten offered. After Bella came along, he felt absolutely nothing but distain for the Katherine look-alike. She had strung him along, toying with his emotions and manipulating him to get whatever she wanted from him for the longest time.

She loved Stefan, but at the same time, she claimed to love him, too. When she finally did choose him, he discovered just what she was a fickle bitch she was. As soon as it was discovered that Stefan had not left town, but had been put into a safe and tossed in the river, she begun the push and pull between him and Stefan once again. Fortunately, his eye and heart had been captured by another and he didn’t have to worry about a round two. He was actually glad to wash his hands of her, for she was far more alike her ancestor than she would be willing to admit.

He scowled upon her as he walked passed her, then quickly tossed Bonnie Isabella’s daylight ring. She caught it and cocked an eyebrow in question, “What do you want me to do with this?

“It’s your ju-ju on the ring…” he hinted.

She scoffed, “You want me to remove the spell?”

“Hmm-hmm” he replied as he headed towards the basement door. He then spun abruptly around, “Unless you want her going around and snacking on everybody in town…”

“Damon!” Elena said in reprimanding tone.

He rolled his eyes as he opened the door and stomped his way down the stairs to the basement, moving on down to the cellar, where he laid his girl on the stone floor. He then stepped out and shut the door.

“You’re going to leave her like that?” a girlish voice exclaimed.

He turned around facing the doppelganger, “What I do is none of your business anymore, Elena.”

“She’s my friend!” she protested.

“And she’s MY girlfriend! We are going do this my way! You got that? It’s not gonna be all nice and friendly. We’re not gonna play ring-around-the fucking-rosy! I am going to get her to flip that god damned switch one way or another!! You don’t have to like my methods, and you sure as hell don’t have to be a part of it! It’s not going to be pretty….I’ll tell you that! So you’re either in, or you can get the fuck out, right here and now!”

Her brown eyes widened in shock at his manner before speaking, “Damon- It’s not about you!”

His anger surged as he pushed her against the wall, “You don’t think I know that?! I know it is about her. It’s all about her! I know it isn’t about me…and another thing, it’s not about you, either. So, I don’t want you twisting shit around so it all floats back to you! For once, no one gives a rat’s ass about poor little Elena Gilbert… Oh, and don’t you fucking dare meddle or try to control the situation! I won’t have it!!”

“We just want to help!” she stated in a somewhat whiny tone.

“Oh, and you will…just remember who’s in charge!” He sneered as he walked away from her and up the stairs. Once he made his way to the living room, the group stood there staring at him in silence.

“I’m guessing you heard me and Miss Bossy Pant’s little tête-à-tête?” He then looked around the room, noting stony faces among the group. When they remained silent he spoke, “Well then, let’s get this show on the road…”

He laid out his plans, and surprisingly they all agreed to let him handle it. Stefan, Enzo and Ric all pledged to have his back, while Jeremy didn’t like his ideas, but reluctantly decided to go along with them. The girls shot him scornful looks, but resigned to the fact that there wasn’t much choice in the matter and agreed to what he had planned.

Once everyone seemed to be in agreement, Damon went at the liquor cart, poured himself a drink, turned around and declared, “This is not gonna be for the weak…If you’ve got doubts,” he then pointed to the front entryway, “the door is over there.” He gulped his drink down and slammed the glass down before he headed to the basement to grab some blood bags.

He was digging through the freezer when he heard the shuffling of feet and turned his head towards the sound to see Ric standing in the doorway with his arms crossed.

“You’re pushing everyone away. You don’t have to do this alone.”

Damon turned back to the freezer, “And do you really think everyone begging and pleading with her will make her feel something? Because, that’s what they will do…”

“Is what you’re planning any better?”

He sighed as he turned around, facing Ric. He ran his hands through his hair, “I don’t know! It’s the only game plan I have! You know she wouldn’t turn it on before she left…I just need to find a trigger…”

“A trigger?”

“Something so profound, it’ll make her switch it on. I’m going to tell her we got Eddie and the little pixie bitch… I’m gonna tell her Charlie had a beautiful service, thanks to Blondie and that she was too selfish to show up! Too damned selfish because she flipped the fucking switch!” His voice rose with each word as he angrily tossed the blood bags against the wall.

Ric arched his eyebrow, “Feel better?”

Damon growled, “NO! I don’t feel better! I am not the hero, but yet I got to be the one to save the girl. I want MY girl back! That damn thing in the cellar is NOT my Iz…” He shook his head, “I just want her back…” He then blew out a breath as he forced himself to calm down.

“She won’t be the same, you know that. You’ve flipped the switch and you know how all those emotions come flooding back. Bella always has felt with the heart… What do you think it is going to do to her when she switches her humanity back on and realizes she killed 315 people? What do you think it will do to her to experience all that grief over Charlie that she put on hold because she shut it off? What do you think she’ll do when she comprehends the fact that you actually proposed? Have you given it any thought?”

He licked his bottom lip and cocked his head to the side, “Honestly- I haven’t thought that far ahead. All I can think of right now is getting her to turn it on. To feel something…anything.”

“She’ll crash, Damon. She’s not as old as you and Stefan. She’s still technically a baby compared to the two of you and when she does turn it on, it’s going to hit her hard. Be prepared for that.”

Damon sighed, “I know.” He nodded and grabbed more blood bags out of the freezer and started up the stairs. He glanced over his shoulder, “Thanks.”

Ric widened his eyes in surprise but waved him off.

Damon was sitting on one of the couches drinking a glass of Bourbon and looking out the windows when he heard Bella stir around in the basement. He sighed, setting the glass down while he listened to her open the door. He heard her soft footfalls as she walked up the stairs and tiptoed into the living room. He inhaled sharply as she passed by the window, letting out a high pitched scream as the sunlight met her skin and burned her.

He swallowed thickly as she blurred into the shadows to heal. He remained quiet when she ran out the door. He got up and stood in the doorway, listening to her scream in pain as the sun burned her skin. He winced as the smoking red spots spread across her body, but he did absolutely nothing about it. He wanted her to feel the pain; to get mad about it. He steeled himself as her cries got louder. He fought the urge to go to her and leaned casually against the door frame, “Something wrong with your daylight ring, sweetheart?”

She turned to make her way back to the house, her black eyes coldly looking upon him. “I’m sure you know something about that. Let me guess…You got Bonnie to remove the spell.” She brushed past him walked on inside. Once she started to heal, she spoke in a tone that reeked of sarcasm, “How ingenious of you. Bet you thought I’d get pissed off enough to turn it on?”

She went to the liquor cart and poured herself a drink, “So what’s the plan, Superman? Is this where you tell me you love me and what was it?” She tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips, “Oh that’s it!” she scoffed. “You can’t live without your light…” She then glanced upon him as she took a sip of her drink.

When he simply watched her and remained silent, she snorted. “Oh, you don’t have a plan, do you?” She arched her eyebrows, “What, no I love you Iz, turn it back on and we’ll get married?” She smiled chillingly, “No I can’t live without you speeches?”

He eyed her just as coldly, “Nope, already did that and it didn’t work, so we move to plan B.” He spoke with an air of nonchalance but the truth of the matter was; she was pissing him off.

“Sounds like fun,” she said acerbically, “do tell me what you have planned. I’d lo–” Bella abruptly stopped talking as she dramatically placed a hand above her heart. “Oh! Wait a minute… if I said that…It would actually mean I cared, wouldn’t it?” she said mockingly.

She swirled her drink and took another sip, then returned her gaze back on him. No emotion whatsoever could be found in her eyes. “Truly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what you do to me. I am not turning it on!” she said slowly and evenly, like she was speaking to a child. It made her words all the more profound as they echoed repeatedly in his head.

“Want to bet on it, Isabella?” he said with a hint of menace behind it.

“You sound much too desperate, Damon. Why is that, hmm?” she bluntly asked as peered at him from under her lashes, “Feeling guilty about something?” She shrugged her shoulders indifferently, “Maybe you should’ve killed Edward to begin with and he wouldn’t have killed my father…” She then sat down on the couch.

He growled, stomped over and snatched her drink from her. He then tossed it aside and leaned over her, “No, I don’t feel guilty about a damn thing!” he hissed. “It was YOU who flipped the switch and took the easy way out! If anyone is going to feel guilty… it’s you, Isabella!” He scowled as he added, “You make not think so now, but you wait! You will feel more than guilt when you flip the switch back on…and trust me, you will turn it back on! One way or another, you will turn that humanity of yours back on!” He leaned even closer to her then, “One way or another…Got it?”

She tried shoving him away, but she was younger and weaker than him and he wouldn’t budge. Her eyes remained vacant of any feeling as she stated, “If I want to stay this way, it’s my decision and not yours! Just who in the hell do you think you are to make me do something I don’t have to do!? You see, this way…I don’t have to feel anything. Nothing!! You don’t understand! It wasn’t your father that was murdered by your ex! I’m not turning it on! Deal with it!”

He chuckled wryly as he gripped her chin, “Oh we are gonna deal with it!! Starting right now!” He then grabbed her by the hand and pulled her towards the front door. He opened it and shoved her out onto the front stoop, slamming the door. He ignored her screams of pain as leaned against the door, his anger getting the better of him, “Are you extra crispy, yet?” he asked sarcastically, speaking a bit louder so she could hear him.

She yelped in pain, “Oh come on Damon! I know you won’t let me die! You tried this with Elena and it took you all of what? Two seconds to grab the fire extinguisher!?”

He chuckled humorously, “Maybe I’ve learned how to up the ante….”

“Or just maybe you don’t love me, after all!”

Her words had got to him finally and he was beginning to feel that enough was enough. He growled as he flung open the door, “Get your ass back in here!” He then stepped out of the way as she waltzed past. It pained him to see her skin burned red and smoking, but he knew it was part of the game. A game he intended on winning. Like he had told Ric, he would do anything to get her back and he had meant what he said.

Her eyes flicked over to him, “I knew you wouldn’t let me die…” She then marched towards the door that led the basement. He shook his head, knowing where she was headed and quickly blurred, beating her to the freezer. She stopped short as she saw him before her, her black eyes meeting his blue ones.

He smirked, holding up his index finger, “Rule number one, Rippers don’t get blood bags, especially when they have no humanity!” He smiled smartly at her and grabbed her wrist, pulling her towards the cellar. He shoved her back in her cell and shut the door. He then turned on the sprinkler system they had recently installed. He heard her shrieks, but tuned her out as he called out, “That oughta help…some. See ya, sweetheart!”

The sprinkler system had its own water supply separate from that of the house and he had already infused it with vervain. He heard her growl and shout his name while he locked the door. He whistled a little tune to distract himself as he spun around and made his way out of the cellar.

When he reached the top of the staircase, he found Enzo plopped on the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table, drinking his best bottle of Bourbon. “So pissing her off didn’t work?” he asked.

Damon shook his head and brought his finger to his lips, indicating for him to be quiet. He then tapped his ear and mouthed, “Remember, she can hear you.”

His brother walked in, “How did it go?” Damon quickly and brought his finger to his mouth in a shushing motion. He pulled out his cell phone and jiggled it, indicating to the other two to do the same.

The two of them nodded as they pulled out their phones. He found himself pacing the room as he continued the conversation with them via text. Once Damon had phase two of the plan outlined, Stefan met his eyes, “You’re sure that will work, brother?”

“We don’t have much choice; now do we?” he replied.

Enzo commented dryly, “Well, I guess when you deal with a bitch, you bring in a bigger bitch. Right, mate?” He nodded to the other two with a bit of a smirk, “Could be fun…”

The younger Salvatore glared at him as he blew out a breath. He then glanced down at his phone and then to his brother, “I’ll go ahead and give her a call…” He then blurred out the door with his phone to his ear.

The house fell silent for a moment before a piercing scream could be heard coming from the cellar.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter Three

  1. Bai Eddie-boo!

    Oh yes, Damon, because Bella will automatically adore the guy who burned, starved, and tortured her! Great job, there, bud…

    Wonder if Damon realizes that Bella’s going to remember everything he did to her, all the tortures, the starving, all the nastiness, if she ever does unflip the switch? What makes him think she’s going to choose to be with him afterwards? People just don’t fall (back in) in love with their abusers no matter what the abuser’s excuse for the abuse is.

    I can’t figure out who I feel worse for right now (which is a credit to your *awesome* writing) – Bella with her grief and her upcoming realizations of just how nasty and abusive Damon can choose to be, or Damon for thinking he’s doing the right thing, which he is, it’s just the “how” that’s going to come back and bite him badly in the ballsack – ohhhh, alliteration! 😀 Awesome job! You had me riveted from the first word – as always!!

  2. I do hope bella doesnt become a whimpering fool when her switched is flipped. That also pisses me off..why the fuck do they get to avoid the pain while we have to fuckin deal with it. I swear we get the short end of the stick. Anxiously awaiting ur update.

  3. I’m loving this- it’s darker than i usually read but i’m finding it really gripping.
    I can’t wait for Bella to be back to normal, just because i’m curious as to how she and Damon interact- but i know she’ll be different after being a Ripper.
    Keep up the good writing!

  4. Wow!, truly amazing. Though I agree with Meridian. This is going to be hard one way or the other. But he did try the nice way, and she rejected it and him. But the back side of all of this is going to be just as hard as well.

  5. This is just a bad situation for both Damon and Bella. Damon because he has to take extreme measures to save his girlfriend and Bella uses his love for her against him. Hate to see the repercussions from all of this when Bella turn back her emotions.

  6. Wow Bella and Damon are in for a really rough ride, esp when she does flip it on. Her fot the guilt and all the kills, him for having to be nasty enough to get her to switch it on. LOVED seeing him put Elena in her place. I’m gonna have to pull out the S2-5 I have and start watching them. No idea what happened in the real VD world.

  7. Please, please, please continue this already LOL I want more!! Who is the person they’re going to bring in?? The guest person I thought of is Rosalie, but they days they wanted nothing to do with her out the Cullen coven so…. Katherine, maybe? Rebekah?? I can’t exit until next time!!

  8. As the saying goes Damon is between the rock and a hard spot.having to be cruel to to her to try to help her which can cause a riff between them when she does flip her does make you do crazy things.she is being weak by flipping the switch which I think is another reason why she doesn’t want to go switch it on again.

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