Chapter Four

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Elena Gilbert was never a soul to leave well enough alone. She thought that she was being clever as she tip-toed through the Boarding House.

Damon had been expecting her to try such a move at some point, or another. He cocked his ear from where he stood in the kitchen, hearing the splashing of liquid in a bottle. Blood, he thought. He reckoned Elena never truly learned her lessons, after all…

The last time she tried that maneuver had been when Katherine was in the tomb and attempted to pry information from the evil bitch. He guessed that this time, she was trying to play good cop to his bad cop routine. Besides, little Miss Gilbert just couldn’t help herself when it came to meddling with things she had no business meddling in.

He smirked, then thought about intervening for a second or two while he took a healthy swig from a blood bag. He decided not to interfere; he’d enjoy the little princess biting off more than she could chew. Isabella was most definitely not the sweet and shy pushover Elena was used to. He didn’t think she realized that. She probably thought she could simply talk to the girl, use the puppy dog face and persuade her to turn her emotions on. After all, his Iz had been truly selfless at one time and would do almost anything to please others.

Isabella, on the other hand… was a nasty, mean spirited soul. She was very eager to let you know exactly what she thought and she couldn’t give a fuck what you thought about it. Perhaps it was the wakeup call that Elena needed. Somebody should’ve to put her in her place a long time ago and he thought there’d be nobody better.

Damon himself could probably reduce the little doppelganger to tears with a few short words, but he had had enough of her over the years and frankly, he was tired of dealing with her. He sat on the couch with a bottle of Bourbon, propped his feet up and sat back to enjoy the show with a glint in his eye.

He sat quietly in the living room as he heard Elena unlatch the door to the cellar. A smirk graced his features as he opened up his senses to listen in.

Elena made her way downstairs to the cellar. She was thankful she had not been caught by either Salvatore brother. She felt rather smug at outsmarting them while she unlatched the door. When she opened the door, what she saw took her by surprise and she staggered back with a gasp.

“Bella?” she whispered as a hand flew to her mouth. The girl had been chained to the wall by the wrists and her ankles were bound with rope. Her skin was red and blotchy from being sprayed with vervain water. She moved not a muscle, or acknowledged that there was another presence in the room.

Elena quickly dropped to her knees and fished for the bottle of blood from her back pack. She hurriedly unscrewed the top, then brought the mouth of the bottle to weakened vampire’s lips. She carefully lifted Bella’s face up and titled the bottle at a slight angle so the blood would flow into her mouth and down her throat.

Once a trace of blood hit Bella’s tongue, her black eyes snapped wide open and she eyed Elena as she took quite a few healthy gulps. Once her wounds healed, Elena snatched the bottle away from her.

“Say something.” she whispered tearfully.

“Geez, Elena! What would you like me to say? Hmm?” Her tone had a certain bite to it and it wasn’t something that had ever been in Bella’s voice before, even when she was angry.

Elena took in her cold, black eyes and shook her head in disbelief, “This isn’t you!!”

“Oh, I beg to differ! This is me! Get used to it! The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows! Not everybody is a member of the damn Lollipop Guild! I thought you of all people would fucking know that by now.”

She shrugged nonchalantly before she continued on, “I mean… your parents are dead, your brother died and came back. The same thing happened with Bonnie. You died and became a member of the undead club… I died.”

She then laughed cruelly, “Your life is pretty pathetic…It’s truly a wonder you don’t live in a crypt and wait for death, because it sure follows you….”

“Bella!!” Elena exclaimed in admonishment, choking back a sob.

The emotionless vampire said not a word as she looked blankly back at her.

“How- How can you say that to me after Charlie…”

“You!” Bella spat out. “Don’t you dare mention my father! Do you really think bringing him up will trigger something in my heart? Hmm? Guess what? It won’t! Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you why… because I don’t fucking care – not anymore!”

Her eyes shimmered like two pools of oil in the dim light of the cellar, and it chilled the apathetic girl to the bone. It was as if they were a black abyss of emptiness. She opened her mouth to speak, but found she had no words. Bella simply scoffed at her.

“I feel nothing! You switched off before, so you know how just how liberating it is not to have that sense of guilt and that feeling of grief…You know what it is like to say exactly whatever you think, and do whatever you want to without giving a damn what everyone else feels about it. I like it this way, Elena! As I told Damon, I’m not flipping it back on!”

The young girl locked eyes with her, “And what about him? Are you going to just forget that you love him and pretend what you two have means nothing?!”

Bella cocked her head to the side, “You’re good, ya know? First, you bring up my dead dad, then the guy who proposed marriage to me, just so I’d turn it all back on…”

She chuckled as she saw Elena’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Oh, you didn’t know?” Poor, poor Elena….I guess it is finally sinking in that you’ll never have both brothers in your pocket – ever again. I would’ve figured you got the message after you tried to seduce MY boyfriend when you had your own switch off and played at being a Katherine 2.0. He didn’t want you then, and he sure as hell doesn’t want you now!”

She tugged at the cuffs and broke free as a sadistic grin spread across her face. She grimaced when her fingers singed while making contact with the vervain-laced ropes that bound her ankles. With a slight hiss, she tore them apart. Her grin then returned as she stood up and stepped closer to Elena, waving her forefinger about in a scolding motion, “Never, never play at something you’re not. Katherine was a nothing more than a little slut and a vicious bitch. Granted, you just may have the little slut bit down pat, but you will never be a complete bitch.”

Bella shook her head, “Even with your switch off, your little do-good heart beat to the melody of a sickly sweet jingle of kindness. You’ve been spoiled and protected your whole life. Your whole ‘woe is me’ routine worked on Damon and Stefan in the past; because they were both in love with you at one point. You knew that and you used it against them to get what you want. You may have thought you were smart about it, but I caught on to your games long ago. I just never said anything because I thought you a friend and overlooked it. However… I will tell you something, now. You are nothing more than a whore, just like Katherine.”

She shrugged and pursed her lips, “At least she was honest enough to admit it. So… save your crocodile tears for the next schmuck you toy with. Got it?”

Elena stood before her in a stunned stupor while tears freely flowed down her face. The words had stung her to the very core and she felt as if the truth had slapped her in the face. Was that what Bella had really thought of her all along? Was it what her friends saw, but never voiced it? She knew she was nothing like Katherine and the more the harsh words sunk in, the more she couldn’t believe that Bella even had the audacity to compare her to the bitch. On the other hand, she knew there was a bit of truth to what had been said. Despite that, the words hurt and they made her angry. She stood there and silently fumed before screeching out in denial, “I am nothing like her!”

Bella leaned against the stone wall and propped her foot against it.

“Bullshit.” she hissed, meeting Elena with a withering stare.

Elena’s anger rose to a fury as she unthinkingly marched over and slapped the girl. Hard enough that it left a mark. Once she realized what she had done, she stumbled back and muttered, “Oh, my god! I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…”

In an instant, Elena was slammed against the wall and was met with the vampire visage of Bella. She could’ve sworn that a fire burned within the vampire’s eyes. She gasped in utter shock as the girl she once considered her best friend clamped a hand tightly around her neck. Bella growled lowly as her mouth parted, revealing her fangs.

“You really are a bitch, aren’t you?” she spat out with a deadly glint in her eye. Her voice then took an edge of sarcasm as she spoke, “Can’t handle the truth, huh?!”

“Bella…” the other girl whimpered in fright. The friend she knew was no longer there and she never thought she’d ever have to fear for her life in the girl’s company. She didn’t want to hurt her… so once again, she tried to appeal to nonexistent emotions of the vampire before her. She inhaled a nervous breath and spoke in an insistent voice, “You don’t want to hurt me! I know you don’t!”

“It’s not a matter of want, Elena. I wouldn’t care if I hurt you or not. But – you don’t get to go around on your high horse and manipulate people because YOU think it’s the right thing to do! You don’t get to smack them when they don’t fall for your little games! If I had any emotions… I would probably pity you. You no longer hold any significance in the supernatural world! The only thing you really have is Stefan…”

Bella’s grip tightened as she met her eyes, “He’s so in love with you and would be willing to do anything for you – simply because you asked. However, that was never enough for you, was it? Oh no! You had to string Damon along, too! Not to mention the fact you’ve always kept Matt wrapped around your little finger…”

She sighed as though she was bored, “I would pity you because you have no one that truly gives a shit about you, except Stefan…I hate to break it to you, but love can only go so far in a relationship, Elena! And one day, he will eventually wise up and see just what kind of person you really are! Then, he’ll be all ‘ta-ta for now.’ Believe me, I know.”

Elena shook her head in denial, “You’re wrong, Bells!”

She then ripped Bella’s hand from her neck and reversed their hold, wrapping her own hands around the girl’s throat, “Remember, I’m stronger than you. I won’t hurt you because I know you don’t mean anything you say…We have all said things when our switches were off that we didn’t mean.” She sadly took in the blank stare of her friend.

“Come, on Bella!” she pleaded. “This isn’t you! We all want our friend back…not some mon-”

The switched-off vampire manically laughed. “Go ahead, say it!” she goaded. “Tell me what a monster I am! That’s a fucking fantastic way to convince me to turn it all back on! You really do suck at this whole vampire thing! Don’t you?”

She then shoved the slightly older vampire to the floor and bent down to her level, “You might be a little older, you might be a little stronger, but remember… I am a hell of a lot smarter than you and I’d like to think that I’m pretty damn amazing as a vamp. I am what I am and I’ve always accepted it. Regardless if my switch is on or off, the desire to kill will always be there! It’s what we are! With the switch off, I just don’t care how many body trails I leave behind; and if that makes me a monster, then so be it.”

She stood up and started to walk out of the room when she saw Damon in the doorway. She stood frozen on the spot as she met his gaze. He simply smirked and clapped his hands.

Damon had sat on his couch, sipping his Bourbon straight from the bottle. He had the errant thought that he should have at least popped some popcorn…he enjoyed what he heard coming from the cellar far too much.

He wasn’t overly surprised by Isabella’s attitude. His Iz had always been a remarkably honest person, but she was also much too considerate of other people’s feelings, so she would often sugar-coat her opinions. She hated the very idea of offending anyone.

It was one of her personality traits that annoyed him to no end. He himself never hesitated to say exactly what he thought, no matter how brusque his words came out. He truly didn’t give a damn what others thought. If he had something to say, he said it. End of story.

Bella on the other hand, even though she was kind-hearted, if push came to shove and she got angry, or highly emotional; she would blurt out what she felt or whatever she was thinking at the time. When she did so, she poured every bit of what she was feeling behind her words and they had a way of seeping into your very core. For him, it didn’t matter if it was a passionate confession of her love, or if it was her fury whenever he fucked up a situation with one of his schemes. He reckoned that as a human, Iz felt more with her heart than anyone he had ever met. She was always an open book with her eyes, and sometimes words weren’t even necessary. One look was all it would take to get her message across. As a vampire, her emotions were even more magnified and the strength of them increased tenfold.

A switched off Isabella was at the opposite end of the spectrum. She truly didn’t feel anything and had no regard for the doppelganger’s feelings. Sure, her vampire nature saw Elena as a potential threat, and possibly something to toy with. Vampires were manipulative by nature, after all…a byproduct of being the predatory species that they were. Some rather enjoyed taunting their opponent in a fight or playing with their food before sinking their fangs into the victim’s neck.

He was guilty of that from time to time. He found it gratifying to smell the fear in the blood of his prey and he had often relished in hearing their screams while he sucked them dry. Then there was the fact that living for an eternity was incredibly boring and oftentimes, a vampire had to make their own fun. What better way than to mess with the insignificant little humans and their boring, monotonous lives?

He remembered the days when he had the switch off. Even with no humanity and no emotions, there are two things a vampire always gets off on. One is the thrill of the chase and the thirst for blood. The only thing more satisfying than sucking a victim dry was sex. Sex with the switch off was damn near euphoric. While it didn’t stir up anything on the humanity side of things, the vampire side would almost find ecstasy in pure, unadulterated fucking. Especially if there was a drained body in the end. He closed his eyes, recalling the many times he experienced that high and hoped that his girl hadn’t been with someone else. A fit of jealousy hit him at the thought and he let out a low growl.

It was then he heard the distinct sound of someone being slapped, followed by Elena’s pathetic apology. He instantly blurred down to the cellar and stood at the threshold, catching the sight of Isabella slamming the doppelganger against the wall.

“You really are a bitch, aren’t you?”

Damon smirked, crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway. Understatement if the year, he thought. His eyes danced with merriment as Isabella spouted the words she and the others in their little group felt towards Elena, but had never once voiced them. Yes, Witchy and Blondie had a certain devotion to her because they had been friends since childhood. Stefan loved her, and once upon a time, he had given the girl his heart. He supposed that was the reason he hadn’t killed the bitch, yet.

Even though the close-knit group cared for Elena, there was no denying she played at being ‘little miss innocent’. He snorted silently, thinking that every single one of them knew she wasn’t anything of the sort. She craved attention, and she just loved playing the damsel in distress role. She perfected the art at pretending to be selfless, when in fact, she was anything but. It had been something Damon picked up on right away, whilst the others took were blinded by the sweet and kind façade that Elena portrayed.

It wasn’t until Iz came to town that everyone bore witness to a person that was indeed, truly selfless. Even in the face of Cold Ones like Victoria, Bella never wanted anyone to fight her battles for her. She never even surrendered to the red-head’s relentless game of cat and mouse. No, she met her head on and faced the challenge. That in itself had won not only Damon’s respect, but the respect of others.

At the time, they were friends and on the path to something more when he offered to help her with her precarious situation. She had refused at first, wanting to fight her battle alone. His solution had been to tell her new found friends about her little predicament. Iz had nearly broke down and cried in gratitude towards them when they all stood united and offered their help. She later confessed that had been the first time in a long while that she felt she wasn’t alone. Nonetheless, her main worry was about them. Her friends’ lives were more important to her than her own.

In fact, she damn near sacrificed herself when a plan to capture the bitch had gone awry. The plan had been to set a trap for Victoria by making it seem Bella was home alone one night. Sure enough, she took the bait and had snatched the girl out of her bed, then leaped out of the window. She yelled hate-filled insults at the human girl and violently hurt her. Just when Cold One thought she was victorious in her revenge, the group slowly made themselves known and cornered her.

The red-head had been standing over the nearly passed out human and shrunk back in fear at the traditional breed of vampires, a hybrid and one very pissed off Original. There had been a blur of movement and Victoria suddenly had  Damon within her grasp and was about to bite into him, “Oh Isabella, open your eyes. See that I am about to end the existence of the one you love. Fair play isn’t it?! It was you who took my James from me!”

Iz had weakly opened her eyes and met the burgundy eyes of the Cold One and then shifted her gaze to the icy blue ones of the one she loved. “No…” she whispered as she shook her head. She had then stood up, but not without a struggle.

She staggered where she stood and sent a defiant glare Victoria’s way, “I don’t think so.”

At the time, Damon’s blood had run cold and for the first time in over a century, he felt true fear. His eyes widened at the brunette human he had fallen for, silently asking her, “What the fuck are you doing?!”

Iz had smirked and nodded his direction, a mien she had taken from him. Her eyes said it all… “Trust me.”

After that, she had produced the pink Swiss-army knife that her father had given her for Christmas and slowly sliced into her arm, opening her vein wide open. She flinched slightly from the pain, but never tore her eyes from Victoria.

“It’s me you want, Vicky! You know it and I know it! So, are you going to miss your chance to kill me before I bleed out, or are you going to waste your time? You see…I do love Damon and I am willing to give my life for him, unlike you did with James. I don’t exactly recall you being at the ballet studio to rescue him when you knew damn well the Cullens would come to my defense. No, you worried about yourself first. You ran and left him there to die!!”

The Cold One growled viciously just as Iz coked an eyebrow, “Tick-Tock, Vicky. What’s it gonna be?”

Victoria tossed Damon aside and marched to the human. “I’ll kill you!!” she screamed before yanking Bella to her and biting down on her neck.

Everyone stood frozen for a nanosecond while the young girl let out an agonizing scream of pain. Then there had been a flurry of movement as everyone descended upon the red-head.

“This bitch is mine.” Damon had snarled out, then ripped the Cold One apart and took a match to her remains.

Just when the purple smoke and the sickly sweet stench of Victoria’s body permeated the air, his fury cooled and landed on the group that had surrounded Iz. Her screams rang into the night while Caroline and Bonnie did their best to comfort her. He blurred over to her and cradled her in his arms, preparing to suck the venom out. At the time, he figured if pussy-boy Cullen could do it, so could he.

“Don’t!” Rebekah shouted in a warning tone. Cold One venom is usually poisonous to our kind, just like humans. It will kill you!”

He had raised an eyebrow in question, “Usually?”

Rebekah had gently taken the girl from him, “If you remember correctly, Damon…nothing can kill an Original except a White Oak stake.” She smirked, “Which means I can save her and you can’t.”

“Well, no need to brag Barbie-Klaus… just get to it.”

Damon was brought out of his memories as he saw Isabella push Elena to the floor. Well, the floor does need a good mopping, he thought sarcastically. With that, he had smirked and clapped his hands.

She had looked at him and for a brief moment, he could have sworn that her eyes went from the emotionless black to the warm, chocolatey brown of his girl. There was a flicker of amusement on her face as she looked upon him. Her eyes then softened somewhat as she met his gaze. Those few seconds had given him a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe – she would flip the switch back on for him.

He reached out to touch her and she visibly tensed, her eyes becoming cold and black once more. He sighed and shook his head.

“I’m going to shower.” she announced in a soft monotone voice, then jerked her thumb in Elena’s direction, “You take out the trash.”

After Isabella blurred her way upstairs and he heard the shower running, he crossed his arms to keep himself from going after the little doppelganger and ripping her heart out. She still lay on the floor with a dispirited expression. Isabella had been right when she told Elena that she sucked at the whole vampire thing.

“Damon, help me up…” she muttered and reached out her hand to him.

He let out a humorless chuckle, “Didn’t I tell you to stay the fuck out of this?”

She glared at him, not liking his tone of voice. In fact, to her it seemed he reeked of anger and was doing everything he could to control it. She stood up and stubbornly crossed her arms, “I-I’m just trying to help…”

He snarled. He wasn’t going to buy the meek little act she was putting on display. He stomped forward and got in her face. “That’s the problem, Elena! You always want to help. Somehow, you keep forgetting that when you do help…it only makes matters worse!!”

Her eyes misted over, “I’m sorry! I really did want to help!”

He grabbed her throat, shoving her against the wall and mockingly echoed what she had told Isabella earlier, “Remember, I’m stronger than you.”

He gripped her throat tighter and hissed, “Remember, I am also older and I will hurt you. The next time you intervene, I promise you…I will rip your fucking heart out, Elena! It’d be rather poetic, considering how many times you’ve done it to me, huh?”

He then took a step back, gripped her head and with quick flick of his hands, he snapped her neck. He shrugged indifferently, then marched out of the room. He made his way back to the parlor and was sipping bourbon straight from the bottle when Stefan walked in.

Damon turned to face him as he swallowed his drink down, “Tell your girlfriend to keep her pretty, little nose out of things it doesn’t belong.”

His brother’s face washed over with alarm, “What did she do?”

He sighed, “Well, for now…she’s uh…resting.” He chuckled before bringing the bottle to his lips and taking another healthy swig.

Stefan frowned, “Please elaborate, brother.”

Damon dramatically blew out a breath, “Let’s see….She brought Isabella blood, tried to manipulate her into switching it on, then there was a cat fight of sorts. You know… typical Petrova hijinks.”

“Is Bella alright?” the younger Salvatore asked with a furrowed brow.

The elder brother scoffed, “Your concern is for Isabella and not your girl? Hmm…interesting.”

“Elena is a bit stronger…”

“And your point, little brother?” We all know that Iz could handle Elena. Why don’t you ask where your girl is resting?

Stefan snapped his head up and glowered in his direction, “What exactly did you do, Damon?”

“I snapped her neck! And let me tell you…next time she messes with my girl and my plans, her heart is gonna be across the room. You got it? So I suggest you keep her on a leash…a short one.”

There was no mistaking the anger and possessiveness in his tone as his eyes reddened and veins faintly spread across his face. He gained control of himself, sending a pointed glare his brother’s way before tossing the bottle on the floor and walking out the room.

Damon walked into his bedroom, noting Isabella had left the bathroom door open. The steam wafted into the room, carrying the scent of her body wash along with it. Not only that, but the scent of her. The smell of freesias and strawberries engulfed him and he inhaled them deeply as if they were a drug. He had always felt that he was intoxicated by the girl whenever he was around her. Her being Ripper with no humanity hadn’t changed that.

He would be in denial if he didn’t acknowledge that it was a turn on, watching her knock Elena off her self-imposed pedestal. As much as he loved the sweet, compassionate, innocent side of Iz, he had to admit that when she was wrought with anger, she was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. Even before she ever flipped the switch.

When he first met her, she was just as timid and shy as a newborn kitten. He smirked, remembering how he could easily make her blush. He felt proud that he got to witness her grow from that quiet, shy girl to a fierce woman. Someone no longer afraid to voice her opinion, no longer afraid to be herself. Her confidence increased once she turned into a vampire, and with it came an appetite for sex that matched his own. My little wildcat, he thought.

He felt a stiffening in his pants at the very thought of their past sexual escapades. It had been much too long since he had been with her. He inhaled the fragrant scent of her once again and clenched his fists. The memories flashed through his mind and he shifted uncomfortably where he stood. He glanced at the bed in the room and recalled the hours they had spent in it, with him buried inside of her. He could hear the echoes of the past as she screamed his name, begging him for more, or to go faster.

“Well, look at you. Aren’t you just locked, cocked and ready to rock?”

Her voice startled him and he abruptly turned to face her. She stood completely nude against the wall. He scanned her form, taking in her creamy skin, and her perky breasts with their pink nipples beckoning to him. His eyes travelled down to her shapely legs and he wanted nothing more than to have them wrapped around his waist.

His eyes moved upwards and met her smirking face. She licked her lips and softly asked, “See something you like?”

His mind flashed to a time when he had uttered the same line to her. He too had been nude at the time and spread about his bed, urging her to come to him. He remembered her blush as she had shyly walked over to the bed, never taking her eyes off him. He could vividly picture her brown eyes scanning his form as her cheeks turned crimson.

He said nothing when he was brought back from the memory by hearing her soft footfalls on the hardwood floor. She prowled over to him like the predator she was; her eyes flicking over his body before zeroing in on the bulge in his pants. She stood before him as her cold, black eyes glittered with a desperate need for what he had to offer.

She rubbed her hands along his chest and then walked around him, her hands rubbing against his shoulders. She stood on her tip toes and whispered in his ear, “You know you want me. Don’t fight it. Give in to your instinct, Damon.”

He wanted her so badly and it had been so long since he had her. But what little moral compass he had made him feel that it would be wrong to take her while the switch was off. It wouldn’t be the same, his conscience told him.

She unbuckled his pants and unzipped his fly, letting his pants drop to the floor and wrapped her petite hand around his cock, gently stroking him exactly the way he liked it. He bit on his lip as he unconsciously rocked back and forth within her grasp. It felt oh, so good and his mind became a blank as he gave into the pleasure she offered.

To hell with it, he thought. Fuck her… make her feel something, dammit.

Her lips brushed his ever so lightly and as if reading his mind she uttered the words, “Fuck me.”

That had been his undoing as he wrapped his hands around her face and kissed her, he licked her bottom lip, and when her lips parted he plunged his tongue into her mouth. He then moved his hands too her ass and pulled her roughly to him as she shredded his shirt and let it fall to the floor.

He stepped out of his pants and carried her over to the bed, where he tossed her in it and then slithered on top of her. He promptly buried his cock within her and a blissful moan escaped him. She was so tight that it was glaringly obvious she had not engaged in anything sexual since she left. It boosted his ego as he pulled out and plowed even deeper into her. She was his.

He stilled his movements and propped himself up on his elbows, then looked down on her, “You haven’t…”

There was no need to finish the rest of the sentence, for she answered his unspoken question, “Why waste my time with boring, mindless sex when I know that I’ve already had the best?”

Isabella’s black eyes met his blue ones and she arched an eyebrow, “So, you gonna talk, or keep going?”

He smirked, “Be careful what you ask for, sweetheart.”

He then brought her hands above her head while she spread her legs apart, allowing him easier access. He pulled out and dived right back in, enjoying the feel of her pussy tightening around him. He was in euphoric state as he gave into his senses. She was like a drug and he was like a junkie getting his fix. His thrusts were relentless and when he heard her cry out in pleasure, he picked up the pace even more.

Her fingers clawed at his back, and the sensation only heightened his craving for her even more. He let out a low, guttural moan as he brought his lips to hers and kissed her, then thoroughly explored her mouth, before biting her lip and sucking on it, taking in the blood that spurt forth.

She soon hit her peak for the first time and brought her legs up around his ass, squeezing him like a vise, while she screamed out his name.

He found her hands and interlaced her fingers with his own, fighting the urge to cum as he bent to her ear and murmured, “You feel that, Iz? Do you? That’s pleasure…embrace it.”

She looked up at him and murmured, “Shh…no talking.”

He thrust even deeper into her and twisted his hips a certain way, hitting her sweet spot as she moaned loudly, meeting him thrust for thrust.

He watched as she closed her eyes. “You’re feeling bliss…” he whispered.

Veins spread across her face and her fangs popped out as her vampire side made itself known. When she opened her eyes, they were rimmed in red. She said not a word as she wriggled one of her hands free from his grasp and grabbed his head, then bit into his neck.

He stilled himself for moment as he basked in the feeling of her lips on his neck, drinking from him. He could no longer contain himself and rode his own orgasm with hers. When he done, his fangs had found his way to her neck and he drank heavily from her. Her blood oozed down his throat and he became damn near high.

“Switch off, Damon. Imagine how much fun we could have…”

He tore his mouth away from her neck, looked into her black eyes and thought on it for a split second before she had maneuvered herself on top of him.

Her vampire visage had faded, but the sight of his blood on her lips and her pert nipples had him throbbing inside her, once again. He watched her breasts bounce slightly as she rode him and he couldn’t think of anything more erotic.

She leaned forward and nipped at his ear before turning her head and met his lips with her own. She gave him the same treatment he had given her earlier, even biting his lower lip and sucking on it. The only difference was that she had held his gaze while she sensually licked the remaining traces of his blood from her mouth as she moved about him.

She put her hands on the headboard for leverage as she pushed down on him. In the process, she had thrust her breasts directly into his face. He immediately popped a nipple into his mouth and suckled on it. Her pussy tightened around him in response and she let out a low growl. He moved his mouth towards the other nipple and gently nibbled on it before rolling his tongue around it. His hand caressed the other breast, squeezing it gently and brushing his thumb over the sensitive nub.

She reacted by moving about him at a faster pace. When he felt her reaching her climax, he unlatched his mouth from her nipple and popped his fangs, biting into the silky smooth skin of her breast.

His hands moved to her hips, where he gripped them tightly as he shoved himself deeper into her. Damon found himself in a state of euphoria he didn’t know existed as they came together.

They were both gasping for air as she scooted down to meet his face afterwards. He took in her rosy cheeks and the glimmer in her eyes as they flashed brown, then became black once more.

“Switch it off.” she commanded huskily.

He smirked wanly as he ran his fingers through her hair before planting a kiss on her lips. He was tempted to. Oh, so very tempted.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter Four

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  2. Elena got what she deserved- that whole scene was very entertaining and long overdue in my opinion. Fab sex scene- the whole chapter was very well written
    I can’t wait to see what happens next
    Best Wishes

  3. Elena is just so….ugh
    I wish Bella could keep her honest, sassy, opinionated self and still switch her humanity on. A blend of the 2 would be great! 🙂 Loved the sexy times 😉

  4. Wow Elena really is clueless isn’t she? How do you not know that your supposed “friends” barely tolerate you and nobody is going to come to your defense except maybe Stefan. Just wondering when Stefan will get his feel and realize he doesn’t actually love her anymore if he ever did. Damon, Damon you are just so Damon. Loved Bella’s locked, cocked and ready to rock. Great chapter by the way and it was citrus filled.

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  6. It was great seeing Bella go off on Elena with how she really felt ;D
    That is so Damon trying to get Bella to turn her emotions back through pleasure. Love it!

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