The Devil Inside

TheDevilInsideBannerFINALSummary: Bella Swan is now living in Mystic Falls, happy and madly in love. The return of Edward Cullen ruins the life she had made for herself. A certain event occurs and causes her to flip the switch on her emotions. She is dangerous, smart and cunning, wrecking havoc. The love of her life will do anything to get her back. Just how far will he go to get the girl he once knew back?

This story was originally planned to be a one-shot and as I wrote it, I realized that it would make more sense to turn it into a short story. I got the idea during a very interesting chat with a friend one night about a switched off Bella.

The title is inspired by an INXS song, Devil Inside. It is used without permission. I hope you enjoy the story.

Click on the pictures below to take you to the chapters:


Chapter One

Devil Inside chapter 2

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Three

-Chapter Four

Chapter Four


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