Prologue: Into the Light

I do not own Twilight, nor The Vampire Diaries. This story is alternate universe, please bear that in mind as you read.

The world as they knew it was crumbling around them, coming to an end. Two people stood holding hands. One was a witch and one was a vampire. They hated each other, but yet all they had was each other as a white light slowly crept towards them. They sky was black and the wind whipped their hair. It was an ominous sight. It was something neither of them had ever witnessed before. Knowing that this could be the end; that there would never be any going back, the witch turned to the vampire, “Will this hurt?”

“I don’t kn—“was the answer as the white light suddenly flashed, blinding them and then they were put forth into the darkness.

When the wind died down, the light was gone, and they found themselves in another place. Neither of them were exactly sure where they were, but as they looked around the darkness, they could make out the sinister shape of trees and they could smell the dampness of the air. The vampire inhaled a breath and his brows furrowed. He pursed his lips and with a perplexed expression, his turned around, his eyes darting in different directions. The witch cocked her head to the side at his actions as she questioned him, “Damon, what is it?”

“Now’s not the time for questions, Witchy.” the vampire responded with a bluntness that would startle most people, yet she was unfazed by it. He yanked her hand, dragging her behind him as he followed the unmistakable over-sweet stench of a Cold One. She dug her heels into the muddy ground beneath them, causing him to come to an abrupt stop. He released her hand and spun around, shooting a glare her way.

“Look, if we are going to be stuck together, can you at least call me by my name? It’s Bonnie, in case you’ve forgotten.” She was annoyed and it showed in the tenor of her voice.

Damon just ignored her, turned back around then continued walking through the forest. Bonnie had no choice but to follow. After a while, he stopped abruptly, brought his index finger to his mouth and told her to “shush.” She looked at him quizzically, then the sound of voices filled the quietness of the night.

“You… don’t… want… me?” they heard in the darkness. They moved closer to the voices and stood hidden among the trees and shrubbery.

The girl’s voice seemed to have a strength behind it, but Damon himself recognized the front she was putting forth. To him, the pain was clearly evident in her eyes, which he happened to notice only because his eyes held the same pain and torment for over a 100 years as he searched for a way to free the woman he had thought to love.

“No” the male voice said, cold and detached, as if the girl before him meant nothing to him.

It was the Cold One whose scent Damon had detected earlier. He had no idea how old this Cold One was; he appeared to be an eternal teenager, much like his own brother did. Unlike Stefan though, this guy was dressed more like an old man and carried himself much the same way.

“You’re not good enough for me.” He heard the child say.

It was then that the girl’s eyes filled with tears. Damon snapped his head toward the Cold One’s direction as the cruel words fell from his stony lips. The girl begged and pleaded with him. She professed her love and even offered up her soul. Yet, the child ignored her broken pleas, tossed everything she offered and walked away without a backward glance.

Damon’s mouth formed into a snarl as he watched the boy run away at an inhuman speed. He would never deny that he himself had been malicious, cruel and indifferent to those around him throughout his long life; but he would never be the one to deny love when it was offered up on a silver platter…right there for the taking.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts, shrugged his shoulders and decided on the spot that the guy had some serious issues. The young girl was simply beautiful and so full of life. She had an undeniable passion that resonated in her voice when she spoke. These were traits he admired, and he could not fathom anyone just walking away from a priceless gift like her. Especially when it was wrapped in such a pretty little package. He turned his head to Bonnie, to see tears flowing down her face.

“How could someone be so cruel?”

She had voiced aloud the very thing that was running through his mind. He thought it to be ironic she’d ask that with him around. But then again… who else did she have to talk to? They both glanced to one another when an earth-shattering scream filled the air.

“Edward!!!!!!” echoed in the forest. The girl had fell to the floor in sobs, screaming repeatedly, begging for Edward’s return.

“Come back!!” she wailed desperately.

Damon growled lowly knowing damn well the fucker wasn’t too far off and could hear her. Did he get off on her screams and cries, or what?

Bonnie run off towards the girl, kneeling down next to her. She wished with all her heart that she could comfort the girl, somehow. It was infuriating to know she couldn’t; she and Damon were both dead, after all. Her sobs increased out of frustration as the sorrow she felt for the girl grew even stronger.

Damon came upon the two and nodded at Bonnie with sympathy in his eyes. He then looked down at the girl curled up into a ball on the forest floor. He kneeled beside her, taking note of how small she looked; her pale face stained with tears, her eyes shut tightly closed. It was obvious that she was completely traumatized by the loss of the one she loved. He had been there before, he knew this pain. He knew all it too well and at that moment he felt connected to her. He couldn’t explain it as his chest tightened… there were just no words to express it. He licked his lip and sighed before he gently brushed her cheek with his forefinger.

Her eyes shot wide open when he touched her, staring straight ahead as if she was looking directly at him. Her chocolate brown eyes widened and he could hear her heart flutter. How the hell did she feel that? he thought. Bonnie and him were both dead. Ghosts. There was just no way she should have felt that.

“We have to help her, Damon!” Bonnie said desperately. Empathy and compassion were written across her features, reminiscent in the tenor of her voice. It wasn’t like they had anything better to do with their time, so he just nodded in reply as his eyes flickered over the girl’s face.



16 thoughts on “Prologue: Into the Light

  1. you need to make it a two shot or a three shot.. You left off at a cliffie that makes us beg for more! Please add to it I want to know if Bella can help them and If they can help her!

  2. Oke, love, love, love…. did i mention that I absolutely love this Story idea. Because I do.
    Damon and Bonnie, stuck together, having to work together, getting to know and finally understand each other (I mean Damon’s story of abandonment is being played out right in front of them in Bella; kinda means you have to understand his motives Bonnie) just the idea makes me giddy.

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