Chapter 2: Games

Damon & Bonnie’s POV

“So are you telling me that I have a wizard and a vampire haunting me?” Damon and Bonnie both heard Bella say. He looked over to Bonnie with a mischievous smirk as he stood near the bookcase.

Bonnie threw her hands up in the air out of exasperation, “Harry Potter? Really, Damon?”

He shrugged nonchalantly, eying Bella as she scurried across the room. He then tilted his head to the side to get a good look at her ass while she bent over reaching for something on the floor of the closet. Bonnie pursed her lips, shaking her head in disapproval.

“Pig!” she muttered under her breath.

Damon peered over to her, tapped his ear and smiled sardonically, “I heard that, Witchy!”

Her eyes glowed with annoyance as she retorted smartly back, “You were supposed to! And for the record, the name is Bonnie!! Just how many times do I have to tell you that?”

Damon chuckled as he turned back to Bella’s figure. She had pulled an old Scrabble game from the closet and tossed it on the bed. He exchanged a quizzical glance with the witch, then they both looked to the board game and finally, both sets of eyes rested on the human girl.

Bella calmly took out the game board from it’s box and laid it out on the bed. She grabbed the baggie of letter tiles, turned it upside down and let them spill out next to the board. She then inhaled a deep breath and spoke, “Okay! This is what we are going to do! Since you have made it so perfectly clear that you can move shit around, we’re going to play a game… I ask you a question and you spell it out with the letter tiles. Got it? Spell out yes or no.”

Damon chuckled at her as she stood with her hands on her hips, her face a mask of both determination and curiosity. This could be fun, he thought. He turned towards Bonnie as she moved forward and tentatively picked up the letters to spell out the word ‘yes.’ She glanced at Damon, who nodded for her to go ahead. Bonnie then slowly set down the three tiles one by one to make the word.

Bella’s eyes flicked away from the board and nervously blew out a breath and paced the alongside the bed. After a few moments she cleared her throat to speak, “Who are you?” Bonnie proceeded to gather the appropriate letters to spell out her name on the board and once she did, Bella read it out loud inaudibly, then timidly looked around the room. Her eyebrows furrowed as she seemed to think for a minute before she spoke once again. “Wh-Who’s the other one?” she asked rather shyly.

Bonnie arched her eyebrows as she peered over to Damon and gestured to the board. “Get your ass over here and tell the poor girl your name!” she ordered.

He smirked while he sauntered over. He reached out, grabbing the letter tiles at vamp speed, then slowly placed the letters down one at a time. Bella read each letter out loud as it was laid down. “L…E…S…T…A…T…” She pursed her lips and looked up, “No, I don’t think so…try that again.” They both noted how her lips twitched, fighting back a smile.

Damon grabbed some more letters and slowly spelled out a word. Bella once again called them out as they were placed. “D…R…A…C…U…L…A…” Bella’s lips twitched for a second time and she just could not hold back a smile. She also let out a small giggle, “Just please tell me your name! Is that too much to ask for?” she asked in a somewhat chiding tone. Bonnie rolled her eyes and huffed.

His smirk had grew into a grin as he grabbed more tiles to spell out another fictional vampire. He laid out S, P, I, K and E.

“Spike,” Bella read the name aloud and snorted, “I get it…You must be the vamp, but I highly doubt you’re as bad ass like the ones you’ve mentioned.” Her voice was teasing, almost mocking; but yet, it also held a hint of irritation. She rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. “Come on now, Mr. Ghost! Give me your real name! That is unless you’re too scared…” she taunted.

Bonnie giggled, “Oh, I like her!” she said with a laugh as she pointed to Bella. Damon scowled at her, then spelled out his name on the board. There was a brief moment of silence, before Bella reacted to it.

“Damon,” she said quietly and cocked her head as if to ponder on it. She smiled slyly, “It sounds an awful like Demon…”

Bonnie sniggered and muttered under her breath, “Well if the shoe fits…” The vampire then glared at her and let out a low growl. Bonnie giggled once more as she looked from Damon to Bella. She smiled at the girl’s jovial expression.

Damon’s gaze followed Bonnie’s, and he too noticed the look of amusement she wore on her face. A twinge of contentment filled him as he realized that he had played a part in bringing her a moment of joy. The feeling settled in his chest, leaving him slightly uncomfortable. He was developing an attachment to the girl, and seeing her smile and giggle as she just did made his fondness for her grow. He shook himself of the feeling; it just wouldn’t do to get very attached to her. He had a girl waiting back home in Mystic Falls, after all. He and Bonnie just had to figure out how to get out of this world they were in and join the land of the living. Then, he could see his brother and the love of his life. He inhaled deeply as her name echoed through his mind, Elena, Elena, Elena.

While the thought of Elena flashed through his mind, he still could not tear his eyes away from the beautiful brunette in front of him. The sorrow and heart break that she had gone through in these last few weeks brought him back to a time when he suffered his own at the loss of his first love, Katherine. He understood the pain she was in, he understood as he watched her slowly creep into a cationic state, detaching herself from everyone and everything around her. Even her father’s half-hearted attempts at bringing her out of the shape she was in were met with a blank gaze. The only time she would actually speak was when she had nightmares and then she would only scream out the name of the bastard that cruelly left her in the woods.

After a few nights of that nonsense, Damon would enter her dreams, manipulating them so that they were peaceful and at some point, he couldn’t resist not placing himself within her dream world. He was so desperate for conversation and he unexplainably felt drawn to the girl… he wanted to know her. Even though she was broken, he saw a strength in those dark chocolate eyes of hers that went completely unnoticed by others. He could not deny that the glaring contrast of her fragility and inner strength is what intrigued him.

He never revealed himself, of course and he knew that she thought the dreams were a figment of her subconscious. He had unintentionally given her an outlet to talk about the things she couldn’t face in reality. She had told him about her childhood, her mother’s harebrained ideas and how often they moved from place to place. She told him how she had given up up her own happiness in place of her mother’s when she moved to Forks, a place she hated. It was here that she found herself  a caretaker to her father; cleaning his house, cooking his meals and being the dutiful daughter. Damon thought her to be the most selfless person he had ever encountered in his life, both as a human and of the undead.

When she spoke of meeting Edward and his family, he could feel a fury start to simmer in his veins as she told him how the family of Cold Ones befriended her. They had took her in as one of their own, even. By the time he had all the information regarding her relationship with the family of vultures, the fury was rolling boil. It made them abandoning her the way they did all the more heartless and cruel.

The words Edward spoke to her that night played in his head as he spouted off that the twat should be ripped apart. He hid his anger behind a half-hearted smirk, a signature move of his that had become a second nature to him and he often hid behind it to mask whatever emotion he was hiding. He simply did not believe in showing emotion unless it was absolutely necessary. Anger and betrayal were the only emotions he had really ever allowed himself to feel during most of his existence. He blamed Katherine for that… for the way she had toyed with him, then merely discarded him when she was done with him. Like Bella with Edward, he had loved fully and unconditionally, offering himself body, mind and soul on a silver platter; only to be slapped with the cold, hard sting of betrayal and abandonment in the end. He allowed the dark feelings to overtake him as he began his life as a vampire.

If it had not been for Elena, he would still be drowning in that anger and betrayal, seeking answers from a Bourbon bottle or taking his anger out in violent ways, often ending with blood splattered on his hands. Elena had been his light in the dark world he had made for himself. She had given him the gift of seeing that he was a man that deserved love. He knew that she loved him and he loved her, but he could never set aside the feeling that her love came with conditions.

As his thoughts tumbled around inside his head, he wondered briefly if she felt the true, unwavering love that he felt for her. Sometimes, it seemed to him that she always had one foot out the door, ready to run in case he totally messed things up. He didn’t doubt her love for him… he doubted the strength of it. Adding to the doubts was the fact that he knew a part of her would always love his brother; who was her first love.

He was broken from his thoughts as he heard Bella speak in a curious tone. “So Bonnie, what exactly are you? I can’t picture you in glasses and a striped tie, all set for your first day at Hogwarts…” she teased good-naturedly as she smiled warmly.

Her smile touched something in Damon’s heart and he hoped that maybe that night would be the beginning of the end to her sorrow. He would never want someone to end up as he did. He knew the sorrow would lead to anger and he was an expert on where that road travelled…he did not want that for the innocent girl before him. He caught Bonnie looking at him oddly, then he shrugged and snapped at her, “What?”

She shook her head and mumbled, “Nothing.” as she grabbed some letter tiles to spell out ‘witch’ for Bella. The truth of the matter was that she had seen how Damon looked at the girl and was completely perplexed by it. For once, she had seen the mask slip off his face and saw in his eyes the concern, worry and affection he felt for the girl in front of them. She could sense his inner conflict about it, as well. She simply decided not to prod him any further on it, at least not then. She didn’t need Damon spouting off any snarky remarks. She wasn’t in the mood to bear with them and if they were to be stuck together for an infinite amount of time, she would have to learn to pick and choose her battles. She sighed as she slowly placed the tiles down.

“Witch.” Bella read out loud and cocked her head to the side in thought. “Are you more like Charmed or more like Harry Potter?” she asked. Bonnie rolled her eyes as Damon’s gaze remained on the human girl, watching her intently. Bonnie grabbed some letter tiles and spelled out the words needed to answer the question.

The rest of the night went like this; Bella asking questions and them answering with the letter tiles. They were both astounded by the girl’s fascination with the two of them and by the fact that she never once showed any ounce of fear or nervousness. Most humans would have made a beeline for the door by now, he thought. Why isn’t she? Was it because she couldn’t see them to get the full visual or was it because she just accepted the supernatural world as easily as a socialite maxes out her credit card at Niemen’s? Damon decided that it was probably a bit of both.

It was the early hours of the morning before they were done swapping stories. They had given her a brief history of their lives in Mystic Falls, telling her stories of vampires, doppelgangers, werewolves, hybrids and travelers. They told her the story of two brothers who fell in love with the same woman, and for the first time since she knew him, Bonnie heard his side of the story about the whole affair.

Damon also spoke about the night he was changed in detail, spelling out the words at vampire speed with the letter tiles. He held their rapt attention and when he was done, the room fell silent. Bella sat on the bed hugging her legs to her as she rested her head upon her knees. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks. “Oh, Damon…” she whispered sympathetically.

He glanced to Bonnie, whose own eyes glistened with tears. “I never knew it was Stefan who made you change.” she said in a voice full with empathy. “I understand why you were so angry…”

He shook his head, “Knock it off, Witchy. I’m not worth any tears. You and I both know that.”

Her eyes trailed over to Bella, who was putting the tiles in a bag, silently sobbing as tears rolled down her cheeks, “She thinks otherwise.”

Damon shrugged, brushing off the comment. They watched her put away the board and grab some clothes from the closet. “I am going to shower and get ready for school.” she announced.

The vampire and the witch sat down next to each other on the floor in a comfortable silence before Bonnie spoke, “She’s taking all this a little too well…”

He chuckled, “She’s already taken Supernatural 101 with the Cold Ones. We just covered the first semester of 102. There’s a lot more to tell.”

They had followed her to school that day in the truck, making sure she got there alright after being up all night. Damon fought the urge to rip apart a blond girl named Lauren, who kept bugging Bella about Edward leaving and telling her how plain and ugly she was. Oh, she is far prettier than you will ever be sweetheart, he thought. The bitchy little blond had made her snide comments and walked off haughtily, her nose in the air. He couldn’t help himself as he blurred to her and stuck his foot in front of her, causing her to land face down on the floor. He smirked maliciously when she stood up with a bloody nose.

Bonnie shot him a glare as he simply grinned. “I could have done much worse, as you know.”

They saw Bella glancing around, as if looking for someone. “Thank you.” She whispered before she ducked her head to hide her smile.


21 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Games

  1. This was a fantastic chapter! Damon and his snarky comments. Love it! Can’t wait for more. I always felt that Elena’s relationship with Damon was a one foot, one foot out kind as well, along with these conditions.

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