Chapter 1: Life Goes On

I do not own Twilight or the Vampire Diaries. I just enjoy writing about the characters. This chapter is in Bella Swan’s POV.

A month later….

Bella sat in her rocking chair, staring out into space. All she could see and hear was Edward’s last words, “You’re not good enough for me, Bella…. I don’t want you to come with me….It will be as if I never existed.” The words kept playing in her head over and over again, like a broken record. The image of Edward’s cold golden eyes boring into hers and the frozen emotionless expression he wore on his face that day haunted her. She gently rocked the chair, losing herself into her reverie. It felt as if Edward had not only broken her heart, but shattered her soul. She had given him her love so completely, even offering him  her soul. Yet, it wasn’t good enough for him. He discarded her like trash and simply walked away.

She didn’t know how long it had been since Edward left her; she didn’t even know how she got home that day. All she could remember, aside from the break up was something brushing her cheek and how it had made a small spark travel through her. She felt it had to be real, rather than her imagination. She shook her head at the notion and let reality settle in. The woods were void of anything around her at the moment it happened, she reasoned. There were no people, no animals. She quickly thought that perhaps, it was a breeze that caused it. She stopped rocking her chair and stiffened as it dawned upon her that there was no wind that night. She sat there in disbelief as she realized there was something there. She had felt it and not just physically, either. Something had touched not only her cheek that night, but her very soul. As she sat there, she noted that at times, she could feel a presence about and even though it unnerved her, it felt as if it offered her a strength to live; to endure the pain and the sorrow of Edward’s departure.

Bella quickly shook her head, clearing her thoughts. She stood up and stretched as she made her way over to the desk. She smiled as she looked at the tray sitting there. Her favorite strawberry Pop-Tarts and a glass of juice were laid upon the desk. She smiled again as a warmth run through her at her father’s thoughtfulness. He was never one to hover, but the small things he did for her truly showed that he cared. She picked up the first Pop-Tart and eyed the second one for a moment, then burst into a giggle. A small smiley face had been carved into it, with the red jelly pushed through. It had been the first true smile and giggle that came out of her in over a month. All she had known was sadness. Though it felt strange to laugh, at the same time it felt good. She’d have to remember to thank Charlie later for that. Maybe now was the time for her to finally start moving on.

She felt the presence again, like someone was standing behind her. She felt the lightest touch on her shoulder, and once again the tingles she felt that night Edward left her went through her body. Startled by it, she nearly choked on the last bite of her Pop-Tart and spun around the room, furiously looking at every nook and cranny, hoping to spot something that wasn’t supposed to be there. She found nothing and leaned onto the desk for support, catching her breath. She waited a few minutes to let her heart rate and breathing return to normal before she shrugged off the incident, then headed to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

The next couple of weeks went by in a blur as a monotonous routine set in for Bella. She would wake up, eat the Pop-Tarts that she found awaiting for her each day, go to school, come home do her homework, cook dinner and go to bed. She kept to herself, she didn’t speak to anyone unless they spoke to her first. She felt alone in the world with Edward and his family gone. But yet, she could never totally shake the feeling that she wasn’t alone. She couldn’t prove her theory, nor could she exactly ask anyone else if they felt some sort of vibe in the air or an unseen entity.

One day, she sat in her rocking chair, thinking back on the last few weeks. Sleep had not come easily to her, and when it did, it was filled with nightmares of Edward’s leaving, or she would dream of his brother, Jasper and the feral look in his eyes as he lunged to attack her at her eighteenth birthday party. “Who would have ever thought a simple paper cut and a smidgen of blood could drastically change your life?” she pondered out loud with a sigh.

She recalled how her dreams changed over time. At first they were dreams of her in another place and time. The book “Emma” came to mind as she thought of it. She remembered the dreams of herself walking along a vast property in the country, with  a big white house looming in the distance. She smiled as she thought of the dream where she was walking along a river, shaded by the trees. She could hear the sounds of the waterfalls up ahead and if she was truthful, she would fully admit that she felt at peace when she had those dreams.

As the weeks progressed, her dreams took place in present day, and she often found herself walking amongst a small town that could be your typical ‘Main Street, USA.’ She loved the nostalgic feeling of it and often wondered if such a place truly existed. She had also started dreaming of a dark haired man. He was quite handsome and had light blue eyes that contrasted sharply with the darkness of his hair. He always wore black, and when she had her first dream of the man, she didn’t quite know what to make of him. He was friendly enough, but there was also a darkness about him that intimidated her. She had the distinct impression that he could be dangerous. Even so, something about him felt familiar to her.

The man in her dreams was nameless, but it seemed as if she knew him better than anyone she had encountered in her real life. And at times, she felt that he knew her better than anyone else ever did. His snarky quips made her laugh and she loved the way he would smirk if he found something amusing, but then again… he wore the same smirk on his face as he described in detail how Edward Cullen should be tortured and torn apart piece by piece once she shared her story with him. She remembered waking up from that dream somewhat disturbed by what her subconscious mind at conjured up. Two things then became glaringly aware to her; the first thing was that she felt some small amount of glee at the idea of Edward being brutally tortured and ripped apart. The second thing that came to mind scared her. She was falling for a man who was a figment of her subconscious.

She sighed, putting aside the memories of her dreams as she grabbed her purse. It was too late to start on dinner for herself and Charlie, so she made her way downstairs and out to her truck, headed towards the local diner to get some take out. One again, she felt the presence in the truck as tingles travelled down the right side of her body. The radio was on a classical station, but it suddenly tuned to a rock station and “Enter Sandman” started blaring out, the volume turned up. She was so startled and could barely keep control of the truck, but the steering wheel tightened under her hands as an unseen force took control of it, keeping it on the road and preventing any accidents.

Bella’s heart accelerated as she screamed. “What the fuck?”  then flew out of her mouth and she gasped at her own swearing. She felt a squeeze alongside her leg, as if it was offering reassurance but it surprised her and she yelped. She inhaled a deep breath as the tingling sensation increased, and the somehow, it calmed her. She slowly exhaled as she calmed down, closing her eyes and reveling in the touch. It was then that she knew for certain that she was undeniably not alone. The thought rattled her, but her rational side quickly reasoned that if whoever or whatever it was had wanted to hurt her, it would have already done so.

She firmly gripped the wheel and concentrated on the road ahead of her. Once she reached the diner, she sat in her truck running what just happened through her mind. It was an unreal experience; but as a girl that once run with vampires, she could certainly handle an unnamed entity. She finally got out of the truck, walked into the diner, placed her order and waited on it.

Once she was outside, she was approached by two men. One of them walked behind her and the other stood in front of her. She was quickly boxed in, and as the man in front of her stepped closer, she could feel her heart pounding out of fright. Her eyes widened when she felt something warm clasping her hand, offering silent, unseen support. She took a deep breath and bravely asked the menacing looking man in front of her, “What do you want?”

He smiled, showcasing his decayed crooked teeth and waved a knife in front of her, its blade shining in the moonlight. “Hmm…” he said, “You’re a pretty young thing, sugar. I’m pretty sure you’d know what I’d want…” His voice was gruff and low. Her blood then ran cold as he leaned closer to her, the smell of alcohol washing over her breath.

The voice behind her spoke up in a warning tone, “Oh come on, Jerry! She’s not part of the deal! We just wanted money and food!”

Jerry chuckled dryly as he replied “But wouldn’t she be a sweet bonus?” His smile grew wider as his eyes glinted in the moonlight, making him look more sinister. Bella stood there frozen out of fear as her eyes darted around the parking lot. There was no one nearby, she couldn’t scream for help. The man stepped closer to her and that frightened her even more, so she screamed and dropped the bag of food.

Two things happened next; she heard a snap and Jerry fell to her feet, dead. Before she knew it, she was being tugged towards her truck. When she glanced back on the scene, she saw that the other man who had half-heartedly defended her lay on the ground. She assumed he was dead, too.

She frantically climbed into the truck and started it. She let the engine rev for a minute, but was suddenly tugged once again on her right side, being pulled towards the middle of the seat. She felt a warmth wrap around her shoulders as if to comfort her. On her left side, she felt a familiar tingle go up her leg as she watched the door slam shut on its own. She closed her eyes in consternation as she heard the sound of the truck’s tires peel out of the parking lot. Since when do ghosts drive? She thought.

Bella’s heart was pounding, her breathing labored and her ears were ringing. She felt as if her world happened to be spinning. She was pretty sure she was about to have an anxiety attack. She shook her head to calm down and clear her thoughts.

By the time the truck was parked in front of the house, she had calmed down enough and marched straight to her room. She could still feel the presence of another entity with her.

“Ok!” she shouted as she slammed her purse down on the desk. “I know you’ve been here watching me for the last few weeks and believe me, I appreciate the fact you just saved my ass back there… but what in the hell are you!?” she yelled. She waited a beat for an answer, or some kind of sign and when she got nothing, she slowly slid onto the floor and sat down, her back against the foot of the bed. She cradled her face within her hands and sighed. “Who are you?” she asked in barely a whisper.

She heard two thuds hit the floor and jerked her head to the sound. On the floor were two books of hers that had fallen from the bookshelf. She eyed them warily, chewing on her bottom lip nervously as she glanced around the room. She then run a hand through her hair and stood up. She slowly walked to the two books and stooped down to get a better look. She read the titles, “Interview with a Vampire.” she read out loud then looked to the other one, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” She smiled slightly and looked around the room, “So are you telling me that I have a wizard and a vampire haunting me?” she asked with a tad of amusement to her voice.


19 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Life Goes On

  1. I love the idea of this story.
    The fact that Bella has someone[s] there for her has to be some comfort, even though she can’t see those people.
    I’m excited to see what happens. Like if they get sent back to Mystic Falls but then go search for Bella?
    Can’t wait for more!

  2. So happy you updated. Can’t wait to read more, to see what Damon and Bonnie do next to help Bella through everything. Waiting for her reaction when they finally do meet and or figure out how to get Bella to Mystic falls or them leaving everyone behind for a road trip to get to Bella in Forks. Either way Damon and Bonnie need to figure out their way back… Mmmm wonder if old Quil could help them. that would be interesting. Waiting to read the next chapter hopefully very soon!

  3. Amazing story so far, i can’t wait for more! Loved the last part with the books!👌 it was perfect, as well as the rest of the story. Update soon 😊

  4. Awesome chapter!!!! Her deduction at the end was really amusing and hilarious 😉

    I’d like to request a story, if you don’t mind. The plot would be one in which Bella, after being abandoned by Fuckward and his coven, run away, meets a person and star receiving special training in a independent organization. I imagined Bella as a brunette version of the Black Widow, just without the schemes, manipulation and government attachments, but with all the kick ass moves and weapons specialized in hurting cold Ones. I wish she would be paired with Kol, Elijah or Damon Salvatore.
    I keep imagining how interesting it would be for the Mystic Gang and The Originals to meet such a mysterious woman, who can’t be compelled nor affected by witches mojo.
    What do you think?

  5. I totally thought that Bella was going the only person to be able to see Damon and Bonnie, but I like it this way…it’ll be interesting to see how she’ll communicate with them now that she’s aware of them 😀 The last scene with the two books was very clever!

  6. You. Are. Amazing! I haven’t watched/read either of these (Okay, that’s a partial like. I watched the first two Twilight movies just for the giggles) and have never had the urge to do so but for some reason you keep pulling me in!
    Keep it up!

  7. Awesome!! I loved that finally you do a story like this, I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to create something like this and I’m glad it was you, I really like how you react Bella has to be a ghost with her and she does not mind, hopefully soon officially known in reality, I beg you please update soon … Kisses 😉

  8. Oke Bella might be super Good with weird, but man I would have freaked and screamed. But bravo Damon and Bonnie, good job being there for Bella while not really being there. Also love the books at the end, got to commentate someway and as Hermione Granger does: when in doubt go to the library (of a book at least 😉 right?)

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