Summary: Bella takes a walk reflecting on the past year of her life. She looks back on moments of both sorrow and joy. She feels gratitude for her new friends in Mystic Falls, especially a certain dark haired Salvatore.

This story is kind of special to me. It was my very first completed story. I entered it in a writing challenge given by Kittyinaz. I was absolutely floored when I found out that it placed third!


Summary: One night in Sin City. What happens when brokenhearted Bella Swan meets bad boy Damon Salvatore?

This is my second completed story and it was entered in another challenge given by Kittyinaz. I placed second and I was so tickled about that!


Summary: Bella Swan is in a field watching the Cullen family play baseball when three nomads show up. What happens when the one she truly loves makes an appearance?

My third one-shot, and it was inspired by the idea of Damon walking onto the field, tossing one of his snarky quips.


Summary: Bella is now living in Mystic Falls and finds herself trapped in a horrifying situation. She has been buried alive. Will she die or will she get an eternal life?

This is a one-shot I wrote for Halloween writing contest. It was written on a whim and at the last minute. It was inspired by a prompt that was provided. Proud to say my story came in third!

Summary: A one-shot based on the song “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. Bella witnesses a kiss between Damon and Elena and an argument ensues where she tells him he has to make a choice. What will his choice be? Is it against the odds that he would choose Bella?

Against All Odds is one of my all-time favorite songs and when I listened to it one day, I pictured the opening scene and could not get they idea out of my head, so I sat down and started writing it. From there, the story grew and this was the result.


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