The Tale of the Willy Warmer

It was a chilly November afternoon when Bella and Caroline had decided to go Christmas shopping. Giggling, Caroline pointed at the store down the street, “Let’s go there.”

“Really! Are you serious, Care? What in the hell do you think we’re gonna find for Christmas gifts in there?” Bella spoke, her voice a higher octave than normal.

“I dunno about you, but I might find myself a present in there!!” She tossed her hair back as she shrugged and then practically skipped down the sidewalk.

Bella sighed and begrudgingly followed her to the store…It was a sex shop and she just knew that if Damon ever heard of this; she’d never live it down.

She blushed a deep apple red as she walked in behind Caroline and into the shop. Caroline noticed this and grinned, “Don’t be getting all blushy on me now..I know you and Damon have been getting rather uh..cozy, lately.”

Bella’s eyes widened in surprise as she was dragged to a display of dildos. Her blush deepened even more as she replied to the girl’s earlier comment, “We only kissed!” She very nearly hissed as she spoke and her embarrassment was obvious.

“Yes, you kissed, but how much longer do you think it’ll be before you’re doing a horizontal mambo in that big ass bed of his?? Hmm? This is Damon we’re talking about!” She shrugged nonchalantly as she perused the items on the shelves.

Bella herself wandered off and had found a shelf full of edible underwear, flavored condoms and whatnot. She nearly burst out laughing when she saw a “Willy Warmer.”

Willy Warmer

She covered her mouth to stifle her laughter. She then picked up the package and biting her lip, she made her way to the register and bought it. She smirked as she stuck it in her purse so her friend wouldn’t see it. She could only imagine Damon’s reaction to the gag gift. She smothered a giggle at the thought.


Later that night, Bella found herself curled up on the couch in front of the fire with her, she supposed, her boyfriend. She had trouble computing the word in associating it with Damon, but yet here they were, all snuggly on the couch. His hand gently trailed her arm as she relaxed against his chest, sighing contently.

The sharp sound of her cell phone ringing broke the romantic moment. Damon had snatched her purse from the table behind him and went to hand to her when the bag was accidently flipped upside down, its contents spilling onto the floor.

He caught the word ‘willy’ in its bright blue letters and quickly snatched the package off the floor, “A heater for your peter.” he read aloud.

Bella had been scrambling to pick up her things and get them back in her bag when she heard him. She muttered to herself, “oh shit!” and snapped her head his way. Her brown eyes met his blue ones and she then saw the smirk on his face and the playfulness in his eyes. She uttered, “Shit.” once more before she reached out her hand to him and demanded he give it to her.

Damon had chuckled lowly, “You want to tell me what you are doing with a cock sock?”

She blushed and scowled as she moved to sit on the couch. “It was a gag gift. F-for Christmas.”

Damon chuckled lowly as stood in front of her. “A gag gift? He questioned. “Well the gag is on you, sweetheart.” He bent over and whispered in her ear seductively, “There’s no way in hell that’s gonna fit. I’m going to show you why.

He stood up straight, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly, letting them drop to the floor. Bella yelped out in surprise as she quickly realized that Damon wore no underwear and not-so-little-Damon was there, in all his glory, right in front of her face.

She promptly covered her eyes as she ordered him to put his pants back on. When she didn’t hear the rustling of fabric, she peeked between her fingers and got yet another eyeful.

“That’s it, sweetheart, keep looking…You know it’s glorious…”

She hurriedly covered her eyes back up, but the sight of him stayed behind her eyelids as she briefly wondered, How is that ever gonna fit in me? Great! The first time she sees her boyfriend’s dick, her mind goes straight to sex. Maybe she had been around Damon much too long, but  she couldn’t deny that was in fact, a glorious dick. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. He was rubbing off on her much too much. “Oh but wouldn’t you like him to rub on you?” her conscience replied back.

 She heard a rustling of fabric and removed her hands from her eyes. She saw Damon standing before her with his trademark smirk. “You are such an ass!” she hissed.

 “Hey! I could just as easily show you what a fine ass it is, Bella!” He wiggled his eye brows suggestively and she sighed. She lent forward and rested her head in her hand as he went to the liquor cart to make them some drinks.

She sat up, taking a glass of Bourbon from him.

Damon  sat down next to her and smiled mischievously. He then  picked up the package and held it up, “What do you think about giving this to Stefan for Christmas?”



14 thoughts on “The Tale of the Willy Warmer

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  2. It’s been a year, is the sequel written yet? :D:D:D
    Me thinks you’ve been spending far too much time with Meridian! lmao
    She inspired my story as well, lmao.
    I actually laughed out loud at that last line.

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