Twilight / Vampire Diaries Stories

A note about my Bella:

I have read the Twilight Saga and never pictured Kristen Stewart as Bella. I am not saying she didn’t do well in her portrayal of Bella, she just is not who I pictured.  When I read the books, her heart shaped face, innocence and natural beauty stood out in my mind and I immediately thought of Natalie Portman.


Here is a list of stories I have up:

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 Not Enough Time

Summary: What would happen if Damon Salvatore was the one to rescue Bella at the Ballet studio and not the Cullen family?  What lays ahead for our young heroine as she discovers the meaning of love and life?

TiesThatBondnanner3 Ties That Bond

Summary:  Edward abandoned Bella in Forks, and her father sent her to Mystic Falls to live with her aunt and uncle. While there she made new friends and found love.  Then one day she went back to Forks… only to be dragged to Volterra by Alice Cullen. While there she confronts her past, and Edward and Alice realize that she is no longer the shy, sweet, and innocent Bella Swan.


The Devil Inside

Summary: Bella Swan is now living in Mystic Falls, happy and madly in love. The return of Edward Cullen ruins the life she had made for herself. A certain event occurs and causes her to flip the switch on her emotions. She is dangerous, smart and cunning, wrecking havoc. The love of her life will do anything to get her back. Just how far will he go to get the girl he once knew back?


Spirits In the Mist

Summary: What happens when a judgy little witch and a snarky vampire get trapped on the “other side” and find themselves in Forks, Washington? What happens after they witness the cruel break-up between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen? A story of friendship, love and finding your way home.

Second Chances

Second Chances

Summary: Bella Swan has been on the run for two years, avoiding the wrath of a Cold One named Victoria. One night, her past catches up to her in Savannah, Georgia. Will she be given a second chance at life and love? Takes place after season six of TVD and after the events of New Moon. It will not follow the canon timelines and it is alternate universe.

Here are the one-shots:



Summary: Bella takes a walk, reflecting on the past year of her life. She recalls moments of both joy and sorrow. She feels gratitude towards her group of friends that she has met in Mystic Falls, especially a raven-haired vampire. What are her feelings for Damon?


Straight From the Heart

Summary: Bella Swan is in a field watching the Cullen family play baseball when three nomads show up. What happens when the one she truly loves makes an appearance?


Against All Odds

Summary: A one-shot based on the song “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. Bella witnesses a kiss between Damon and Elena and an argument ensues where she tells him he has to make a choice. What will his choice be? Is it against the odds that he would choose Bella?


5 thoughts on “Twilight / Vampire Diaries Stories

  1. Awesome crossovers.. I love the way u describe Bella and Damon love. So strong yet to be made more strong. Love your work.

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