Update, Update! Take A Chance & Read All About It!!

Hello There!

I am going to keep this short and sweet. There is an update to Second Chances! Yay me! I actually got it edited and published!!

But first…..

Now that is out of the way, I will tell you that the aforementioned update is almost 14,791 words. So get comfy, grab a snack and a beverage. ūüôā¬† As usual, click on the banner below to take you to it.

Welcome To Wherever You AreHave a great weekend, y’all!



A Spirited Update

Hiya, my lovelies!

Chapter four of Spirits in the Mist is now published for your reading pleasure! I offer my apologies for how long it took me to get an update out. Hopefully, the chapter length makes up for it. At 7300+ words, it is the longest chapter of Spirits, yet. It is from Bella’s point-of-view and I have to admit I had a bit of a struggle with it. I find it much more difficult to write from her perspective. There were a couple of rewrites, only to have the power go out when I went back to edit the final draft. Word didn’t auto save my edits and I had to go back and redo them. Believe me, I was not a happy camper! I do think the chapter turned out okay, though.¬†But I’ll leave that for you to decide. ūüėČ Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!

Click the link or the picture below to take you to it!

Chapter 4: Stop and Smell the Roses




Take A Chance…

Bet you are wondering¬†what I’m going on about.¬†Well…. I have you know that part two of Second Chances is now published. It’s titled All That She Wants. Yes, it was named after the Ace of Base song. I truly hope you enjoy it! Just clicky-click-click on the picture below to take you to it!

All That She Wants-2Have a great weekend!


First Part Of Second Chances Is Up!


Can you believe I am actually posting something already? I actually had a chance to sit down and go back and read through the first section of the story I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I had done some editing before I submitted it to Fandom4Autism, but I still felt¬†a little tweaking was needed I’ve read through it twice and I think it is about as good as will ever be. I hate editing my own work. I can do other people’s with no problem, but find myself overly critical when I do my own. Okay, I admit it – I am a little insecure when it comes to my writing and have a massive fear that I suck at it. But hey, I am not perfect! I just do the best I can and have to accept it. I know there are probably mistakes in my work, even after I edited it and worked on it more than once. I love my story, Reflections – but cringed at some parts of it and at some of the lengthy paragraphs when I recently re-read it. However, that was my first published story and I just don’t have the heart to go back and fix it. So¬†that one¬†will stay as it is. All I can do is hope I get better at both writing and editing. I just have to realize that I am not perfect, and I am by no means a pro at this. Writing is just something I do that I enjoy.

That said, I truly do hope you enjoy the new story. Second Chances is the name of the story and it’s first part is titled Bat Out of Hell. Click on the picture below to take you to it and please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Happy reading!



Second Chances Final Banner

A New One-Shot, Against All Odds

I Think I may¬†have mentioned it a while back that I wrote a story based on a song and as you can guess, the song is “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. It is now published for you to read.

I have been inspired by music quite often when I write, but I’ve never based a story solely on a song itself. I’ve seen it done before and thought I’d attempt it. I considered it a writing challenge and I wanted to see if I could accomplish it. I would say that I succeeded, but the opinion of¬† whether¬†it’s any good, I will leave up to you. I¬†happen to like it, though…

Now you may question why I chose this song in particular. Well, it is my all time favorite song. I remember being a little girl waiting at a bus station to pick up someone with my mother when this song came on the radio. I may have been too young to understand the meaning of the lyrics, but the melody of the piano touched my very soul.  It is haunting and beautiful. As I grew up and experienced more about life and relationships, I begun to understand the meaning behind the words. I think Phil Collins really wrote something from the heart and you can hear it in his voice as he sings the song. It is just one of those songs that has always stayed with me.

The idea for the story itself came to me one day when I listened to the song and the opening scene and dialogue just came to my mind. From there the story grew and became what it is.

I truly do hope you enjoy it. Click on the banner below to take you to it.

Against All OddsFinal

Chapter Update: Ties That Bond

I sat here staring at the screen for quite awhile,¬†trying to think of a clever little pun for my post title and my mind drew a blank. And I adore a good pun…

It’s a shame, really. But the important thing is that I have finally published chapter three of Ties That Bond. It will be almost a year since I updated that story, and I’ve gotten so many requests to update it. I’m sorry it took me so long to get to it. But real life, writer’s block and a muse that wouldn’t cooperate kept me from returning to it.

I hope you enjoy the chapter. Click on the picture below to take you to it.