A Spirited Update

Hiya, my lovelies!

Chapter four of Spirits in the Mist is now published for your reading pleasure! I offer my apologies for how long it took me to get an update out. Hopefully, the chapter length makes up for it. At 7300+ words, it is the longest chapter of Spirits, yet. It is from Bella’s point-of-view and I have to admit I had a bit of a struggle with it. I find it much more difficult to write from her perspective. There were a couple of rewrites, only to have the power go out when I went back to edit the final draft. Word didn’t auto save my edits and I had to go back and redo them. Believe me, I was not a happy camper! I do think the chapter turned out okay, though. But I’ll leave that for you to decide. 😉 Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!

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Chapter 4: Stop and Smell the Roses





That’s the Spirit!

Well, well, well! What do ya know? There’s an update in the mist! 🙂 Yes, you read that right! Chapter three of Spirits In the Mist is up!

As of now, I am on a semi-hiatus (not sure that’s actually a word, but going to go with it, anyway). I have been writing here and there. Working on my chapters bit by little bit. I am taking a break from that to edit what I do have completed. There’s a one-shot coming up soon and chapter four of Spirits. How soon? I don’t know. But I will get them up for you when I can.

I hope you like the chapter! Click on the picture to take you to it!


An Update In The Mist

Could it be? Why yes, it could! Chapter two of Spirits in the Mist is up! But first things first, The Non-Canon Awards are still taking place and voting is still open. I was nominated for the Underdog Award, along with many other talented authors. I urge you to go vote for your favorites! Each vote counts, and  your favorites won’t win if you don’t vote!

Click on the  link below  to take  you to the ballot: https://thenoncanonawards.wordpress.com/vote/ 

Next to update is Devil Inside. I will be editing chapters two and three and they should be posted within the coming week. After that, I hope to have an update to Not Enough Time, or maybe I will be done with my Charmed/Twilight one-shot.

I hope all of you have had a good weekend. Mine’s been pretty good. Just being lazy and trying to recover from that nasty sinus infection…. Just look at me rambling on when I am sure you would like to read chapter two of Spirits. Clicky-click on the picture below to take you to it.


A Teasing Spirit

Yes, I am a teasing spirit…I know I forgot to drop off a teaser last night as promised if I didn’t update, so here is a short one from chapter one of Spirits in the Mist, which I plan to update either late tonight or sometime tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the wee little teaser!

She didn’t know how long it had been since Edward left her; she didn’t even know how she got home that day. All she could remember, aside from the break up was something brushing her cheek and how it had made a small spark travel through her. She felt it had to be real, rather than her imagination. She shook her head at the notion and let reality settle in. The woods were void of anything around her at the moment it happened, she reasoned. There were no people, no animals. She quickly thought that perhaps, it was a breeze that caused it. She stopped rocking her chair and stiffened as it dawned upon her that there was no wind that night. She sat there in disbelief as she realized there was something there. She had felt it and not just physically, either. Something had touched not only her cheek that night, but her very soul. As she sat there, she noted that at times, she could feel a presence about and even though it unnerved her, it felt as if it offered her a strength to live, to endure the pain and the sorrow of Edward’s departure.

Remember, this is unedited and certain things may change. Hope you all are having a great weekend!