About Me

Well, I guess if someone is reading this I should say “Hello and nice to meet ya.” I am a stay at home wife and mother. My husband has retired from the United States Air Force after sixteen years of service. To say that I am proud would be an understatement! He is one of the best men I have ever known and I am so lucky that he is my husband!  I have a twelve year old son that is the seventh grade. I will probably be mentioning him in my posts quite often! His name is Thomas, so be prepared to hear it! He has Autism and it has been a privilege and joy to watch him grow, to overcome obstacles every day of his life.  He makes me smile. He makes me proud to be his mom.

Now about me, I have always loved to read and one of my brothers has said that I was born with a book in my hand. It wouldn’t surprise me. I can not remember ever NOT reading. I will read anything! Books, magazines, and yes, fan fiction. I love a good story, that has a good plot, and well rounded characters. What I truly appreciate more, is a good storyteller. Not just a writer, not a person that puts words to paper, but a true storyteller. The difference to me is that a storyteller crafts the story so well that you get pulled into whatever world they have created, and the characters will make you laugh and cry.  A good storyteller should make you feel like reading that last page at a snail’s pace, just to make the story last a little bit longer. I have my favorite authors, some write books,  and some write fan fiction. My favorite novelists are not part of any one genre. I love Jackie Collins (her character, Lucky Santangelo is my hero!), I love Richard Paul Evans, John Grisham, Sydney Sheldon, Stephan King, Thomas Harris, Mario Puzo And L.M. Montgomery. They are just a few that I love! In the fan fiction world, there are quite a few stories and authors that I truly enjoy. In the future, I plan to have a page with story recommendations and a list of favorite fanfiction writers.

Now all this talk about stories and writing has brought me to one of the main reasons I (with help from the lovely, ingenious Robin) created this page. I have recently been bitten by the writing bug, and I wanted a place to put my stories to share with my friends and the rest of the world. I am currently working on several of them. “Not Enough Time” is the main story I am working on and it will be posted on a regular basis. “Time” and my other stories will also be found on fanfiction.net. Those will be edited, of course, because my muse likes to add the sexy bits into the stories. Not exactly appropriate for younger readers.  Two of the one-shots I have featured were each entered into writing contests given by Kittyinaz. “Reflections” was my first completed story, and I was so proud when I placed third! That story will always be special to me. “Taking A Gamble” was written at the last minute, and I barely made the deadline when I entered it. It took me by surprise when I placed second! I do plan to do some more one-shots in the future, in addition to my multi-chapter stories. I find them fun to write.

Now, to another passion of mine, which is music. I love music and always thought of it as food for the soul. I can listen to classical, rock, metal, pop, dance, and alternative. My music collection has everything from Beethoven to Metallica.

I am not really a big fan of television. A lot of it bores me to tears, to be honest. The only shows that I actually sit down to watch are The Vampire Diaries, Blue Bloods, and the Big Bang Theory. Sometimes, I will watch Dancing With the Stars.

That pretty much tells you all about me. I’m sure you don’t want to read how positively giddy I get when I find a new household cleaner I like, or that I have been told that I am an awesome cook (hubby’s words), or that I make a kick-ass German chocolate cake. I’m sure  you to don’t want to hear that I sound like a sick cat when I sing (my dad’s words), or how much I’d love to have me some crawfish and gumbo right about now…. I could go on, but I won’t! 🙂

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