Chapter One: Blessed Be


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Bella Swan sadly looked out the window, watching the snow fall from the gloomy, grey sky. She supposed that the weather matched her mood and the bitter cold on the other side of the window pane is what she felt in her heart.

It had been three months since the one she loved dearly left her, not only left her, but threw every insecurity in her face as he ended their relationship. Then, he cruelly turned and abandoned her in the dark, damp forest.

She had often heard that you never get over your first love, and had often scoffed at the notion. Now she truly knew the weight of the words, and wondered if she would ever get over the loss of Edward Cullen. She fought against the romance at first, while Edward himself had often been friendly and flirty one minute, then cold and unfeeling the next. Bella hadn’t known what to make of his hot and cold attitude and it frequently gave her whiplash. Yet, she couldn’t help but being enchanted by his ethereal beauty and his charming ways. She had fell deeply in love and lived to regret it.

It had been a whirlwind romance, complete with lines of poetry, whispers of love, mentions of being soul mates, and Edward behaved as a perfect gentleman. He was a teenage girl’s dream of the ideal boyfriend. The beginning of the end to that perfect romance was shortly after they become officially coupled.

Edward and his family were vampires, only they are nothing like the myths. They are all perfectly beautiful, almost as if they were sculpted by the finest artists in the world. Their skin was pale and hard, like marble and sparkled in the sunlight; their eyes were golden because they drank animal blood. He often alluded to them as being monsters and hated what he was, but Bella was never afraid. How could anyone ever be afraid of a family that was so kind, so loving and….sparkled?

Bella would find the thought funny if she had not had been spotted and hunted down like an animal by a vampire tracker named James. Edward’s brother and sister had even tried fleeing her to the safety of the bright Phoenix sun. They failed when James located her and lured her to a ballet studio, where he viciously attacked her and bit her hand, feeding from her like the parasite he was.

At the time, she had thought she’d been fortunate when Edward showed up at the studio and destroyed James and then saved her life by sucking the vampire’s venom from her body. At that moment, she had been grateful for it because at that stage in her relationship with Edward, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to live forever in order to be with him.

After that brush with danger, even if it all ended well, Edward always seemed to be pessimistic about their relationship. He seemed to think his world was too dangerous for her and had become obsessively overprotective. He treated her as if she was the most fragile flower, something you held delicately, or admired from a far. Bella compared herself to the rarest flower in the world being held in a crystal vase, lovingly cared for; never allowed to wilt. While it was romantic and sweet, she also felt that she was never allowed to fully blossom, either. Like that flower, she felt trapped in that vase, her life controlled by others, even if she was loved and well cared for.

As she looked back on the relationship, she realized she gave her love far too easily and freely. She also blindly gave  herself and her life to Edward. She had given him her whole heart and soul and he never gave himself completely to her, emotionally or physically. She had let him take the lead in the relationship, which never went past the poetic whispers of love, chaste kisses and hand holding. He had never put them on equal footing, as well. He had steadfastly refused to turn her because he felt it would take away her soul, which she thought was a rather lame excuse. It baffled her that he could believe vampires to be soulless, though somehow capable of love.

If the truth were to be told, she thought he refused to change her because he found her unworthy of an eternity at her side. In her opinion, if he had indeed loved her, he would never want to see her wither away and die of old age. No, if he had truly loved her, he would never allow that to happen. Perhaps he did think all she wanted was the gift of immortality, and the benefits that went along with it; but it was not so. She had simply wanted to be on equal footing with him and be by his side forever. An eternal love was what she had desired. Each time she asked and he refused, the more it stung at her heart until she couldn’t bear to ask on the subject anymore.

A lone tear spilled down her cheek and she now thanked the powers that be that she was never turned. What good would an eternity be spent alone? Another tear falls as she realizes that she will never love anyone the way she had loved Edward. No, she was now bitter to the very idea of ever giving herself so completely to someone else ever again. What would be the point if they are only going to break your heart? A lump formed in her throat as she doubted that true love actually existed.

She was pulled out of her thoughts by the bells jingling on the door. She had been so lost in her thoughts that she’d totally forgotten she was at work. She brushed her tears away and swallowed thickly, thinking how sad it was that she had to work at a hardware store on Christmas Eve. Since she was the only one in the shop, she got up from her seat by the window and went to greet the customer.

She found him browsing at things on one of the aisles and greeted him with a quiet, “Hello, May I help you?”

The short, dark haired man eyed her, slightly cocking his head as if in thought before he responded with a curt, “No.”

Bella raised her eyebrows in a bit of surprise at his demeanor and softly spoke, “Okay, I’ll be at the counter if you need anything.”

She sat on the stool behind the counter, chewing the nail on her pinky finger as she silently watched the man amble his way around the store. It seemed odd to her as he didn’t seem to be looking for anything in particular, but every now and then he would pick up an object and look at it questionably before awkwardly before putting it back in its place.

This went on for thirty minutes and it was almost time to close up the store and go home, so she approached the man once more and asked, “Are you sure I can’t help you find anything, sir?”

“Yes,” he replied somewhat earnestly. “But sometimes, instead always offering to help others, perhaps you should seek out some help for yourself, or lest not reject it if it is offered.” With that, he had touched her shoulder in a friendly manner and somehow she had felt better. The pain in her heart was still there, but it was much lighter. She didn’t know what to make of it and it perplexed her. Before she even had a chance to question him, he was briskly walking out of the shop.

“Weird.” She muttered aloud.

She set about taking the money out of the register and putting it in the safe. She had just swept the floor when the phone rang. She was surprised at the sound of her father’s voice on the other end. He had called to let her know that he would be late getting home that night. There had been a bad automobile accident on the other side of town, he explained and with him being the Chief of Police, the responsibility of coordinating things fell upon his shoulders. Of course, she understood that, but couldn’t help feeling disappointed that he wouldn’t be home that night. Being all alone on Christmas Eve wasn’t all too appealing to her. She had dejectedly hung up the phone, locked up the shop and headed home.

She got into her truck and glared at the gaping hole where her radio had once been. Edward’s brother had taken it upon himself to gift her with a more modern radio for her vintage truck. A gift, while thoughtful felt as if it was a snub towards her. It made her feel that if her own radio wasn’t good enough, then why would she ever be good enough?

She remembered ripping the radio out, breaking her nails down into the quick during the process. She eyed the angry scratch marks left behind by the screw driver she used to pry it out and scowled at the gaping hole. Edward promised that it would be as if they never existed. The hole in her dashboard and her heart proved his words to be untrue.

She drove slowly home as the roads were covered with a thin sheet of ice and the snow continued to fall in big fluffy puffs. She really didn’t want to get into an accident. She just wanted to head home, get on some comfortable sweats and eat something for dinner.

Once she got home, she pulled out the oldest pair of sweat pants she owned and a sweatshirt. It was a silent “F” you to Edward’s sister, Alice, who always had her nose upturned when it came to her clothes. The tiny vampire even replaced some of her clothes without ever asking her permission. It was something that Bella took as another sign at simply not being good enough. The other thought that tossed about her head was the fact that both Alice and Edward had an incessant need to control absolutely everything in regards to her life.

At the time, she didn’t mind because it was she who always took care of others and it was nice to be taken care of, for a change. Plus, she wanted to be accepted and loved by them so badly, she let them have that control. Now the very thought of her ever allowing it to happen angered her and she wished she had put her foot down and voiced her opinions on some things. Even if she had, she reasoned, Edward or Allice would still have railroaded her into their way of thinking, or doing things. The thought of it made her more and more angry as she thought about it.

She sighed heavily and made her way to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich, thinking she was more “Bah Humbug” than Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Of course, it did not help matters that she was alone in the house, eating a turkey sandwich and cranberry sauce. She washed it all down with can of Coke and briefly smiled. She knew Edward would have a hissy fit if he were there to see that. God forbid should she have anything with sugar in it!

It was later in the night when she found herself settled comfortably on the couch reading Wuthering Heights that she heard the doorbell ring. She glanced at the clock and saw  it was a little past ten o’ clock. She thought it  such an odd hour for someone to drop by, but she set her book down, nonetheless and got up and made her way to the door.

She peered through the peep hole and saw two men. One was tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes. The other was rather peculiar looking with his bleach blonde hair and black trench coat. “Who does he think he is? Billy Idol?” she wondered out loud. The blond smirked and gave a little wave.

She jumped suddenly as the doorbell chimed again. She took a deep breath and cautiously opened the door. The dark haired man gave a friendly nod in her direction, while the blonde cocked his head and eyed her for a moment. He was the first to speak, “Why pet, I must tell you that Billy Idol stole his look from me.” His voice was smooth and thick with a British accent. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his coat and lit one up, arching his eye brow as he did so. “You Bella?” he questioned.

Bella coughed as a puff of smoke was blown in her face and answered, “Depends on who’s asking. You may want to tell me who you are, considering you’re at my house and all…”

The dark haired one answered while the blonde simply stuck his cigarette back in his mouth and drew another drag off of it. “I am Angel, and this is-“

He was cut off rather rudely by the blonde as he simply said “Spike.” His tone was cocky and Bella could tell he was quite full of himself.

Bella eyed them both warily, “So you are telling me your names are Angel and Spike?” Did you make those up or did your mothers really hate you?” Angel sighed and cut a look over to Spike who shrugged and remarked, “Feisty! I like it!”

Angel merely shook his head, “Yes, those are our names, now we must know if you are indeed Bella Swan.”

Spike took his final drag off his cigarette, stubbed it out against the house and looked between the two of them, “How about we have her invite us in, first?”

“That is completely necessary.” Angel calmly stated.

“Look!” she said with a twinge of impatience, “I am not inviting anyone into my house this time of night, for all I know you could be serial killers!”

Spike snorted loudly, “Oh love, if you only knew…”

To that she cocked her own eyebrow, challenging him to elaborate further. He stayed mum and she decided to just confirm who she was to be quickly rid of them. She didn’t seem to mind Angel, but the Spike guy seemed to irritate her and she’d only known him all of five minutes.

At her confirmation Angel nodded and gently explained that they had been summoned to contact her. At this her brows furrowed and she questioned why.

“Well, Little Bit-“

“Quit with the little nicknames and get to the point, please.”

Angel fought back a smile as he replied, “I’ll keep this brief. We were summoned to inform you that tonight at midnight, you will have a visitor, and then two more will follow.”

Bella let out a sharp breath of exasperation as she replied with a sharp tone to her voice, “A visitor? You came here not knowing for sure who I was and now you are telling me I will have visitors?”

Spike held up his hands as if in surrender, “Hey sweetheart! Don’t go off on the messengers, we were just sent to deliver the message.”

Bella took a breath, “If Alice sent the two of you—“

The two men looked at each other, “Alice?” they questioned in unison.

Bella sighed then told him that she was the only one she knew of that could see the future and would interfere in her life.

“Oh, a seer?” Angel verified. At Bella’s nod he told her that it had not been Alice and the person who had sent them only had her best interests at heart. Bella shook her head disbelievingly at this.

Spike took a step forward, “Little Bit, we have no reason to lie. We were told to come to this dreadful place and find you. We were told that you are in a bad spot and that these visitors will help you and uh…” he looked over to Angel questionably.

Angel smirked lightly as he finished the sentence, “Guidance. They will give you guidance, and they will help you understand a few things so that you can move on.”

“And you have no idea who it was?” she asked.

“Not a bloody clue.” Spike replied.

“We just received a message and were told where to go and who to deliver it to… It’s just how things work for us at times. Even so, I must say even this is a bit odd.”

“To say the least.” She replied sarcastically.

Spike smirked. “I like you!

Bella returned the smirk, “Wish I could say the same.”

“Ah, if we only had more time, I’m sure you’d learn to like me.”

She chuckled. “Doubtful.” She simply replied. “But thank you for delivering the message.”

Both men nodded and bid her good bye. She shut the door and locked it. She leaned against it bewildered by the encounter and wondered if what they said was true. She rubbed her face sleepily and headed up the stairs to her room. Maybe a good night of sleep would do her good. Though, if she was going to be having visitors, sleep didn’t seem likely.

As she laid in bed, she thought about the two men that she had just met. She was unusually observant and that had seemed to fail her upon meeting them, but now that she lay quietly in bed, her thoughts went into overdrive as she remembered their pale skin and how the one called Spike asked to be invited in. Another thought hit her as she remembered that he had heard her Billy Idol comment through the door. It perplexed her and she wondered exactly what they were before sleep finally overtook her.

She awoke suddenly as she felt someone sit on her bed. She bolted straight up in the bed and her eyes landed on the figure in front of her. It was a beautiful woman, with long black hair and clear green eyes. Her face was heart-shaped and she wore a solemn expression.

Bella glanced back at her alarm clock and the digital numbers blinked 12:00 repeatedly. “So it was true.” She whispered before looking back at the figure on the bed.

The woman offered a small smile, “I’m Prue.” Bella noticed the sympathetic look in her eyes even though she smiled at her.

She offered her hand to Prue, “Bella, but I am sure you already knew that…”

Prue’s smiled widened as she replied, “That I do. We have a journey to take and we don’t have much time.” She then grabbed Bella’s jacket that was hanging on the desk chair and tossed it on the bed. “Put that on.” She ordered.

Bella sat on the bed wide eyed, “Wait!! I don’t even know who you are.”

“And I thought we already got the intros out the way. Don’t tell me I will have to keep repeating myself; I’m not exactly patient.”

Bella licked her lips nervously, “Yes, I know your name, but what are you and how are you here?”

“Witch,” Prue answered with a shrug, then elaborated more, “A dead witch.” Bella’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head. Taking pity on the poor girl, she continued, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I won’t turn you into a toad or anything like that.” She smiled at the girl reassuringly. “I was summoned like those two parasites that visited you a couple hours ago, and before you ask–I have no freakin’ idea who sent me! Now that we got that out of the way, put on your coat, as I said…we have a journey to go on! Let’s get going!”

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re a little bossy?” Bella asked annoyed.

Prue tossed her a look and rolled her eyes, “Maybe once or twice. Seems to be a Halliwell family trait.”

“Y-You had a coven?”

Prue scoffed at the word, “No, unlike the sparkly leeches you knew that called themselves a family, we actually were one. One that descended  from a long line of witches and my sisters and I were what you called the Charmed Ones. We were the most powerful witches the world had ever known.”

By then Bella had gotten out of bed and had put on her coat, “So if you were so powerful, how did you die?”

A look of sadness crossed the witch’s face as she answered, “A powerful demon named Shax had separated us. Together, we were the most powerful, but being separated weakened us and he cornered my sister, Piper and I and as we battled him, he killed me in the process.”

“So witches don’t go to heaven?”

Prue shook her head, “Not always. Sometimes we are asked to be Whitelighters, guardians over other good witches and sometimes we get stuck between worlds. Some people may refer it to the ‘otherside’, which is where I am. My soul is not at rest and I feel a duty to watch over my sisters as they fight the forces of evil.”

Bella looked at her empathetically, “It must be lonely-“

“It is,” the witch said bluntly, “but we do meet other wandering souls and that can be interesting at times. Now! That is enough about me. Tonight is about you and we got to get to it. Time is running out.”

“What’s this journey about?”

Prue walked to her and fixed the collar of her jacket, “It’s all about you. You need to pull yourself out of this emo-funk and rediscover who you are.”

“I know who I am!” Bella protested.

“No, you don’t. You don’t see yourself clearly, kid. Trust me, that will change before the night is over. Now! Time for our first stop.”

They were suddenly in the forest where Edward ended their relationship. She saw herself in the scene before her, laying on the ground sobbing uncontrollably and screaming for Edward to come back.

Bella stared at the image before her. It had seemed like lifetimes ago since it happened, but her heart still clenched tightly at the sight and she relived the pain all over again. She brought her hand to her chest to soothe the ache that resided there.

“It’s rather pathetic isn’t it?” Prue questioned.

“The love of my life left me! What was I supposed to do?!” Bella yelled.

“Well, I don’t think falling into a ball on the forest floor did you any good, did it?” Prue arched an eyebrow and continued, “You could have easily straightened yourself up and walked out of that forest and forgot about him. You could have walked out with your head held high and moved on. Forgot about the dick.”

“You–You make it sound so easy, Prue! It’s not! I loved him with everything I had. I gave him my heart and soul! Haven’t you ever been in love?”

“Well then, that is your problem, Bella! You gave everything you had to him and forgot all about you in the process. Love is a two way street; it’s a give and take! All you did for that boy was give, give and give. I hate to tell you, but he kept taking until there was nothing left!”

Bella’s eyes were misty as Prue continued, “Yes, I do know I sound harsh and blunt, but these are  things you need to hear. You have always been strong, independent and smart. You have always been brave and had determination to do anything you set your mind to, to get what you want. Your problem lies with the fact that you give entirely too much of yourself to others and forget all about Bella in the process. That needs to stop! If you continue pushing away your own needs and wants for others, you will never be truly happy.”

Bella sniffled and bowed her head own in sadness. She then felt a shift of movement and found herself in the past. She at the exact same studio in which James had attacked her last spring. She saw a group of girls proudly wearing their pink body suits and ballet shoes, but what caught her eye was little girl that was smaller than the others that seem to trip and fall, again and again. She inhaled a sharp breath as she realized it was her. She shook her head miserably while her young version’s brave attempts at pirouetting failed miserably. She crashed to the floor and landed on her butt each time she tried it. She winced as she remembered how her bottom was sore after practice and wondered why she had ever wanted to take the lessons to begin with.

Prue had stood next to her, eyeing the girl approvingly. She turned her head to Bella and quietly asked, “Where is that little girl now? The one who was bound and determined to get that pirouette? I don’t see her collapsing to the floor and simply giving up.”

Bella opened her mouth again to speak, but instead gasped as the scene suddenly changed again. Only this time, they were on a playground as the hot Phoenix sun shone brightly. She saw her ten year old self on the swings, smiling in joy as she kept swinging higher and higher. A boy had approached her, grabbing the chains of the swing to stop it and pushing Bella out of the swing. She had landed on the ground, her hands forward to brace her fall. She had then turned to the boy in question and scowled, her eyes glowing with anger.

She got up, her body trembling in anger and marched to the back of the swing. The boy’s smug smile quickly disappeared when Bella’s foot met his back and she swiftly kicked him off the swing. “Maybe next time you want to use a swing, you ask, Jerk-face!” She had then watched the boy scamper off before she sat back down on the swing, her own smug smile firmly in place.

Bella had watched the scene unfold with an amused expression. Something that didn’t go unnoticed by the dark haired witch beside her. “I like her too! That move kicked ass.” She murmured aloud.

Bella grinned and Prue smiled back, “Now, I wonder exactly where that girl went to? I bet she is still somewhere in there…” She then pointed to Bella’s heart and her look of disbelief had the other girl stating firmly, “She is, you just have to see it. See it and believe it.”

Bella shook her head no, denying the possibility. “That girl is gone! I am nothing! NOTHING!!” she shouted. “You don’t get it, Prue!! I am…” She couldn’t finish her sentence as tears started falling down her face. She glanced up at the witch, “That little girl was happy, she was strong, and she was independent. Ed-Edward took that all from me. I will never have that again because I am nothing. Nothing at all. No one will ever love me. How could they?”

Prue watched the girl have her little melt down and her green eyes glared down at her and bluntly said, “Bullshit!” She smiled as the girl looked up at her astonished. “Oh, wipe that look of your face, ok?” She then took a step forward with her arms crossed about her chest. “You ARE loved; by your mother,  by your father, and some day Isabella Marie, you will meet someone who sees the true worth you are. That glittery parasite was the one unworthy of you. Don’t you dare believe otherwise! Do I make myself clear?”


Before Bella could finish her sentence, the scene changed again and she found herself back at the ballet studio, this time she was twelve and it was obvious she was the least graceful dancer up there. “Look at your mother.” Prue whispered in her ear. Bella’s eyes landed on her mother, Renee.

Renee had sat there with an expression full of pride and eyes misty with joy. When the recital ended and the dancers took their final curtsey, she had stood up and loudly clapped, shouting “Bravo! Bravo!” Bella had never heard her during the recital and was completely overwhelmed by her mother’s response. She did remember the moment she saw before her as Renee greeted her little girl with a dozen miniature roses and hugged her. “I am just so proud of you, Bella!”

Bella took deep breaths again and again as her emotions got the better of her and she closed her eyes with a heavy sigh. When she opened them again, she found herself at an airport in Seattle. She saw her thirteen year old self walk through the gate searching for her dad. It was he who spotted her first and his eyes had shone with happiness and love as he quickened his pace and made his way to his daughter. He was not a man of much words, but his face said it all as he approached her and gave her the tightest hug. “Bells.” he had simply greeted, but it just as well had been an “I love you and missed you, kiddo.”

Bella watched the whole thing unfold before her as the memories of that moment came back to her. It was the last visit she had made to Forks because she hated the town and refused to ever go back. “Oh, Charlie,” she whispered.

Prue had stood silently as she observed Bella’s reactions and repeated what she had told her earlier, “You are loved.”

The air moved and she was at her mother’s house in Phoenix. It was a scene she did not recognize as she saw her mother and stepfather sitting at the kitchen table.

“I’m worried about her, Phil.” Her mother said as she dabbed her eyes with a tissue.

“She’ll be alright! She’ll get over this boy, eventually and move on.”

“You don’t get it, honey. Bella was never one to dwell on things. Even as a child, if something upset her, she’d just pick up and carry on.” Renee then looked down at her hands sorrowfully, “Just like a little soldier.”

“It is her first love, Renee! Just give it time…” Phil reasoned gently. Renee’s head shot up and she gave her husband a pointed look, “It’s been three months. I am giving Charlie a call tomorrow and I’m going to bring her home.”

Phil got up and squeezed his wife’s shoulder in support, “Okay…” he said reluctantly.

“No!” Bella whispered

There was another swirl of movement as she realized she was back in her bedroom in Forks. She saw herself sleeping peacefully and turned to raise an eyebrow at Prue questionably. Prue shrugged, “Just wait…”

It was two minutes later she saw herself thrashing about the bed screaming, “Don’t leave me! Don’t go! Then there was shrill scream of “Edward!!!” which had Charlie bounding into the room and scooping her in his arms cooing, “It’s okay, kiddo. It’s okay.” He gently rubbed her back and held her until sleep overtook her once again. He lovingly laid her back down and tucked the covers over her. He kissed her forehead and left the room, muttering, “I am going to kill that bastard!” under his breath.

Bella swallowed thickly as she watched the scene before her. She covered her face and shook her head. It was then that she realized her own heartbreak had caused so much pain for others and guilt washed over her like a bucket of ice water. She squeezed her eyes shut to fight back the tears, her shoulders slumped and she bowed her head.

Prue observed her silently, letting the revelation take hold. When she saw Bella’s shoulders slump, she placed her hands upon the girl’s shoulders, straightening them up, “Enough of that!!! None of this is your fault! Absolutely NONE of it! If anyone is to blame it’s that damn boy and his family!” Her voice was filled with distain at the mention of them and her nose scrunched up as if disgusted.

“I have something else to show you.” She suddenly said and they found themselves in another time and another place.

“The ballet studio again?” Bella questioned as she saw the mess of broken glass and shattered mirror all around the room. James’ body was burning in the background and Edward and his father, Carlisle knelt before her mangled body. “It’s your choice son.” She heard Carlisle say.

Present day Bella scowled at the words as anger filled her. “His choice?” she questioned venomously. She then watched as Edward thought for a moment before taking her wrist and wrapping his mouth around it to suck out the venom James had put into her system when he bit her. It prevented her from becoming a vampire. While Bella was grateful, she was angry that the family gave Edward the choice in the manner. Carlisle was the parental figure in charge of the so-called family and it should have been his call, not Edward’s. She couldn’t help but feel that they took control of fate.

The room seemed to swirl about and it was the day of prom and she saw herself as she sat in a chair while Alice poked and prodded at her face and hair with various beauty products. The pixie-like vampire had a look of glee on her face. Bella found it truly irritating because she remembered the fact she did not want to get all gussied up, and as she looked at her past self, she could see the obvious irritation on her face. Something Alice completely ignored as she prattled on about using the perfect shade of eye shadow.

It dawned on her that Alice never cared about her or her opinions, instead the vampire merely treated her as an extension of herself, choosing her clothes, deciding when and where to shop, what games to play, what music to listen to and so on. Bella’s input was never asked on anything and it was abundantly clear that Alice didn’t need or want it. The same could have been said for Edward.

She remembered after the makeover session how he goaded her into going to the prom. It had not mattered that she wanted nothing to do with it, at all. It had not mattered that she was in a cast, due to the injuries caused by James’ attack. All that mattered was that Edward and Alice got to do as they wished. An epiphany hit her as she slowly realized that not only did they control her, they always took choices from her. She was not the one who had relinquished control, as she had previously assumed. They simply took it.

Prue noticed the flicker of emotions on the girl’s face as the revelations became clear to her. She had waited for this moment and spoke quietly, “They made you their ‘pet’. It’s a term used by vampires when they find a human they would like to toy with. They seem to get their kicks out of controlling those that are weaker and it makes them feel superior. You needed to see that, and if you are still not quite sure on what I said, I have one more thing to show you.”

They found themselves at the Cullen mansion in the middle of a screaming match amongst the family. It was after her disastrous birthday party in which she had gotten a paper cut. The drop of blood had sent Edward’s brother, Jasper into a frenzy and he tried to attack her. Edward had pushed her out of the way and the rest of the family had held Jasper back, preventing him from going after her. It was three days later when Edward cruelly ended things in the woods near her home.

The witch and the human listened in at the screaming match. “She is MY mate!” they heard Edward bellow as he angrily looked at the family seated around the enormous dining table.

Rosalie, his sister snickered. “If she was your mate, dumbass, then you wouldn’t be dazzling her to do whatever you wanted, when you wanted to it.”

Edward roared in her face “She is MINE! If she wasn’t, her blood would not call to me like it does!”

Rosalie’s husband guffawed as he sarcastically remarked, “Well a few hours ago her blood was calling to Jazz, bro. Does that make her his mate too?”

Alice piped up in an annoyingly bell-like voice, “She is his mate, I have seen it!”

Jasper eyed his wife suspiciously, “Why is it that I detect deceit coming from you, my dear wife?” When Alice’s eyes widened and she started to speak, Jasper held his hand up, “Don’t! You can’t lie to an empath. Remember, darlin’?”

Alice then snapped her head to Edward, “You can’t be serious about leaving her! You have her believing she is completely and irrevocably in love with you! It will destroy her!”

Edward’s lip curled, “As I said before, she IS my mate! It’s my decision! Either we leave or we wait for the next one of us to snap and take a bite out of her. How would we explain that to an entire town? Hmm?”

Carlisle spoke up then, “I must agree with Edward. Her being among us is a huge risk to take and if one of us were to kill her, it would draw too much suspicion to our family and such news may reach the Volturi. That we cannot allow to happen.”

Carlisle’s wife spoke next, defiance and anger in her eyes. “You say you loved the girl, Edward, but this….this is not love. You are choosing to abandon her. If she was truly your mate, you would not be able to walk away from her so easily. And to think you’ve been dazzling the poor girl!” She arched her eyebrows and glared at the vampire she considered a son and then turned her gaze on Alice. “You played a part in this farce as well! Pretending to be her friend, all the while just toying with her and manipulating her to be with your brother. I am ashamed of you both!” With that, she stormed out of the room and went upstairs.

Bella and Prue both stood there shocked as they watched the scene unfold. A few moments passed before Edward cleared his throat, “We start packing tonight, and I will end things with her in a day or so. I will use the time we have left to distance myself from her, to make things easier. It will be a clean break.”

“It won’t work Edward. It’ll nearly destroy her-” Alice’s face then clouded over and she froze. The family all recognized the signs of her having a vision and looked at her expectantly. She met Edward’s angry black eyes, knowing he saw it in her head. “You have lost her forever.” She said and made a dramatic exit out the room.

“What did she see, son?” Bella heard Carlisle ask before she was once again in her bedroom.

“Prue? Why did you not let me hear the answer?”

“There are just some things you do not need to know, right now. If you know certain things before its time, you may mess up your destiny and I am not going to be responsible for it.”

Bella stood at the window with her arms crossed, trying to make sense of everything she had learned. She was trying to come to terms with the fact she was nothing more than a pet. Bile rose up in her throat at the thought of the word, and any love or devotion she ever felt for Edward  seemed to cease then and there. She couldn’t bring herself to totally hate him, but she did despise his actions and how he had treated her. Most of all, she was angry! She wanted to somehow get retribution for what he had done and how he had treated her.

Prue placed a hand on her shoulder, “How are you doing?”


Prue nodded and answered, “Honestly.”

“I am angry!” Bella said. I want to tell him off! I want him to know that I have feelings!  That I was more than just a toy for him to play with!!”

Prue smiled devilishly as she said, “I may have just the thing…” She wiggled her eyebrows.

They were suddenly in the woods and Edward stood before her. Bella looked owlishly at him and glanced back at Prue. “Kick his ass!” she said with a smile and a jerk of her chin.

Bella smirked slightly as she stood before Edward.

“Bella! How can you be here! I just left you-“

“Oh shut up, Edward! Shut up! I have something to say and for once, you are going to listen! You are not going to shut me down you are not going to disregard what I have to say.” At this his eyes went black and he started to leap forward. Prue stepped out from behind Bella and held up her hand. “Don’t think about it, Vampy!” He tried to move again but found he couldn’t. Prue cocked her head to the side, “Oh does the pretty little boy want to move?” she asked sarcastically. At Edward’s nod, she flung her hand and he found himself flung against a tree.

His eyes were still black, but were filled with fear as he asked her, “What are you?”

Prue smiled broadly as she squatted before him, “Oh, I am just your average bad-ass witch. Telekinesis is a bitchin’ power to have, huh? Now, listen to what my little friend over there has to say before I turn you into a pile of glitter.” With that, she stood up and gave Bella a nod.

Bella cleared her throat and spoke. “You are nothing more than a deceiving, manipulating, and cowardly little boy.  You told me were mates and that you loved me.” She took a step closer to him, her arms crossed about her chest, “Lies, they were all lies. That’s all you ever did was lie!” She inhaled and exhaled a breath before yelling, “Even that stupid, It will be as if we never existed was a lie!! Just how ignorant do you think I am, Edward? Hmm?

She took another step closer, “I have a freakin’ scar that sparkles! I’ve been waking up screaming for you in the middle of the night!” Edward looks at her as if she is mentally unstable.

“Oh!! You haven’t figured it out yet, huh?” She then grinned widely, “I’m not the naïve little Bella Swan you just walked away from. I am from the future. You left me heartbroken, but I am sure you knew that because Alice saw it. You made me feel like I was worthless, like I was nothing! Guess what Edward? It’s you who is nothing! You are absolutely nothing! In fact, you are a snifflng, pathetic poor excuse of a little boy that can’t even get a girl without having to dazzle her! You hate yourself so much that you have to toy with others in order to make yourself feel better.” She shrugged. “Its tragic really; A man that is over a 100 years old won’t even kiss a woman properly or take her to bed and make love to her. Maybe it is because you’re afraid that they will see just what little you have to offer?”

She bent over and met him face to face. “This is a goodbye, Edward. You can pretend I never existed.” Bella stood up and walked back to where Prue was now standing. “I’m done.” She said firmly with a slight nod.

Prue nodded back and the scene of the woods swirled away as they appeared in the living room of Bella’s home. The clock chimed twice and the witch looked at it warily. “My time is up. I hope you learned that you are worth it, and that you should never let anyone make you feel otherwise. Destiny has plans for you, but you must first believe that you are worthy of them and accept the gifts she hands to you.”

Bella hugs Prue tightly, catching her off guard, and she awkwardly returns the hug and steps back, smiling. “Good bye, Bella and Blessed Be.” Then she was gone and there was nothing left but the stillness of the night.

Bella headed up her bedroom, bewildered by the events of the night. She removed her coat, crawled back into bed and fell into a deep slumber.

In the shadows, sight unseen, Prue watches over her, making certain the girl is okay. She stands with her hands folded in front of her as she whispers a spell:











16 thoughts on “Chapter One: Blessed Be

  1. This was amazing. At first, I was worried when you said it combined multiple fandoms visiting, but you pulled it off in a tremendous way. Awesome work and I’m on pins and needles to see who visits next and who the ‘love’ is in the future. 🙂

  2. It’s nice how you’re bringing all these different characters!
    Loved how Bella had the opportunity to tell Edward off ;D
    Can’t wait to see who the other two visitors will be!

  3. I’m a complete sucker for any twisted version of a Christmas Carol, and I absolutely love this one! I can’t wait to see where you take it. Would it be wrong if I admitted to looking for it on FF to see if I could cheat and find out if there was a pairing and who it may be? 🙂 Great stuff.

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