Chapter Five: A Year To Remember



Please note that this story takes place in an alternate universe. While there are certain events mentioned that do take place in the TVD canon, it does not follow the timeline and there certain events do not take place as they did on the show. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Bella leaned back into Damon’s embrace as they snuggled on the couch, “It’s been some kind of year hasn’t it?”

He cocked his head and smirked, “You can say that again.” He then kissed the top of her head.

“I wonder what else lies ahead?” she pondered out loud.

Damon sighed before he chuckled, “I don’t know and I don’t care. I have everything I want right here; the rest is nothing compared to this.” He squeezed her gently to emphasize his point.

She smiled and planted a kiss on his chest, “I love you.” She said softly, then looked up, meeting his eyes.

His eyes lit up, a fire behind those icy-blues of his, “And I love you.” He smirked, “Though, I can foresee you and me naked in front of that fireplace over there.” He jerked his head in its direction before gazing into her eyes, his smirk still present.

She sat straight up at his words, turned her body to face him and lightly bopped his chest, “Damon!”

He chuckled, “Now, now Brown Eyes, don’t tell me you don’t like the idea…” He then raised his eyebrows as if to challenge the statement, enjoying the rosy bloom that glowed on her cheeks and the shiver that he felt run through her body. He could also faintly smell her arousal. He grinned mischievously.

“You are incorrigible!” she chided.

“This you know,” he said as his grin grew even wider, “so how about it?”

The velvet, seductive tone in Damon’s voice had her wanting him, and as his hand trailed up her side, it only increased that want, that undeniable need she had for him. She swallowed thickly, closing her eyes fighting it long enough to ask “What if someone walks in?”

He chuckled huskily, “Then they can enjoy the show.”

She shook her head, trying to bite back a smile. He brought a hand to her breast, giving it a gentle squeeze, never taking his eyes off her. “I want you.” His voice was a whispered purr.

She closed her eyes and licked her lips, enjoying his touch. Suddenly, she felt his lips on hers and it was a kiss of passion, hunger and desire. She gasped as he plunged his tongue into her mouth. She then snaked her own tongue around his and returned the kiss with equal fervor. She situated herself so that her legs were on either side of his hips and ground onto him, tugging at his hair.

He let out a low growl, ripped her shirt from her body and tossed it on the floor. He then trailed kisses down her throat while both of his hands grabbed at the straps of her bra, easily pulling it apart. That too, went on the floor as his mouth found one of her nipples. He sucked on it gently as she uttered his name. Smirking against her, he took her it between his teeth and gently bit down, to which she let out a loud moan of pleasure.

“Two can play this game, Salvatore!” she murmured as she pulled back enough to rip his own shirt off.

“I just bought shirt!” he playfully scolded.

Bella shook her head with a smirk, “Who cares? I’ll buy you another one. Now, are we going talk or….”

Damon took the shirt that was in her hands and quickly rid of it before meeting her lips with his own. She let out a kittenish growl in response. He then grabbed her hips, thrusting against her. He shifted to sit up more, getting a better angle for the friction they both were so desperately seeking. He broke the kiss long enough to utter in a low voice, “I’m gonna fuck you.” His lips brushed her ear before he lightly bit down on it.

Her eyes widened in surprise; he had never said such a thing to her before. Her body tingled with anticipation, and she grinded onto him a bit more forcibly.

He blurred them to the fireplace, her legs spread about him as he laid them on the floor. She quickly undid his pants, pushing them past his ass. She was thankful that he wore no underwear; they would be in the way of her intended target. She smirked at the thought as he pulled himself up on his knees and ripped her jeans off. His eyebrows shot up in shock for a brief moment as she laid bare before him. His lips twitched into a smirk at the same time his eyes glinted in amusement, “Copycat.” he teased.

She smiled, but that quickly turned into a moan as he settled himself between her legs and entered her, then pulling back and entering her again, this time deeply. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head while she found her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, moving his body with her own.

Damon growled lowly and closed his own eyes, then took her hands in his own, holding them above her head as he pounded into her. She arched her back, with a whimper of pleasure falling from her lips. He took that as an invitation, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She wrapped her own tongue around his as they matched the rhythm to their movements.

At some point, she had taken it upon herself to scoot his jeans down his legs with her feet, giving him more freedom to move. His response was just what she wanted, he pulled out and dived in even deeper. He had broken the kiss briefly, meeting her eyes, “Is that what you wanted?”

Her answer had not been a verbal one, just a wiggle of her hips. He shook his head, stopping his movements, “Tell me what you want, Isabella.”

She squirmed some more, her body begging him to move, “Nuh-uh…You got to say it. What do you want?” His lips brushed against her neck and his voice was like a seductive purr. She held in a deep breath as she felt him throb inside her, wanting so badly for him to just move.

He kissed her neck, then nibbled on her ear, “You going to say it?”

“Oh, God.” She moaned.

He situated himself directly on top of her, moving his cock ever so slightly out of her, then slowly pushing it back in. “You are such a tease,” she muttered.

He smirked, “Well if you just,” he then twisted his hips, “tell me what you want…”

“Fuck me.” she blurted out. She couldn’t take the teasing anymore.

“Thought you’d never ask.” He then did exactly that until she was on the brink of an orgasm. He quickly pulled out and turned her around, bringing her up on her hands and knees.

He briefly glanced down at the sight before him, then lined himself up at her opening, plunging deeply inside her. She clenched tightly around him, adjusting her position slightly for a better angle. He grabbed her hips as he pulled back and slammed into her once again.

Bella bit her lip as she was left nearly breathless. This was almost too much, the overwhelming sense of pure unadulterated pleasure. She turned her head to glance at Damon and the sight of pure ecstasy on his face just about teetered her over the edge. Bella saw him watching as he moved in and out of her and it unexpectedly turned her on. She found herself meeting him thrust for thrust until she screamed an, “Oh My God! Damon!” She closed her eyes, biting her lip even harder as she clenched around him.

He bent over her, caging her underneath him as her orgasm hit, bracing himself on one arm while he brought his wrist to her lips. She moaned as she tasted the sweet blood that flowed from him. A second orgasm started to hit and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“Cum, Bella.” he softly demanded before his fangs found themselves on her neck. The moment he tasted that first drop of blood, he felt his own climax and he pounded her has he drank thirstily from her. Blood sharing was the ultimate intimate act between two vampires, but blood sharing during sex was damn near euphoric. He growled against her neck as he filled her, then slowed his movements until he could no longer feel her quivering around him.

He withdrew his fangs, then licked the few drops of blood off her neck that remained, and watched as the wound healed; Bella was doing the same to his wrist. They soon found themselves laying on the floor together, each basking in their own afterglow.

She settled against his chest, entangling one of her legs with his. She sighed in contentment as she trailed a hand up and down his abs. They snuggled in a comfortable silence, just listing to the crackles that came from the fire.

“You really weren’t kidding when you said sex was so much better as a vampire,” Bella murmured.

He shook his head, amused. “I think you’ve said that before, Brown Eyes.” He run his fingers through her hair and sniggered when he glanced past her and saw scratch marks on the floor.

Feeling self-conscious, she propped herself up, “What?” she questioned, her eyebrows furrowed. Damon just sniggered again as his eyes trailed to the marks on the wooden floor, “Look…”

She followed his gaze and her eyes widened in shock, “Shit! Stef is going to kill me!” She then covered her face in embarrassment.

“Hey!” he said as he took Bella’s hand away from her face, lacing her fingers with his own. “At least we didn’t break the kitchen table this time.” His tone was smug and he wore a grin that matched it.

She shook her head and giggled, “Are we going to end up ruining everything in the house?”

Damon chuckled, “Well…We could try breaking the bed…” He wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively.

“Somehow, it wouldn’t surprise me if we did.” she said offhandedly.

“Anyway, who cares what Mr. Emo thinks?”

She shrugged, cocking her head to the side, “I don’t. Not really, but the damn lectures on controlling my strength drive me batshit.”

He rolled over on his side, propping his head up with one hand as his other tugged at her waist, pulling her closer. “I did tell him to leave you alone. Does he need a reminder?” His eyes shone with a hint of menace as he spoke.

She blew out a breath, “Let’s just enjoy this. This is our time, our moment and we need to just enjoy it before something else gets all shot to hell.”

He snorted, “That’s one way to put it.” He then reached over to the arm chair behind him, grabbing a throw and covering them up with it. He kissed her on the forehead, “We’ll just enjoy it,” he softly said, holding her close and sighing contently.

“I love you.” Bella’s voice was reverent as she whispered the words.

A few moments passed between them. Damon fought the conflicting emotions of thanking whoever was responsible for giving him her, this gift, and the smidgen of doubt that he didn’t deserve her. He closed his eyes and whispered back, “I love you.” He meant each word he said; the weight of them could be heard in his voice.

She smiled against him, tugging him closer. She traced lazy circles on his arm as she thought over the past year. It had been a whirlwind, and it not been easy. But, it was worth it. Damon was worth it, she thought.

They had been through so much in such a short amount of time, and yet here they were, still very much in love. Maybe even more so now than when they first met.

Bella lifted her gaze up to see that Damon was asleep. He looked so peaceful, so innocent that it was kind of hard to fathom he was a bad ass vampire who could easily rip your heart out and ask questions later. But he was hers. She loved that irrational nature of his just as much as she loved his passion for life. The passion he exhibited every time he kissed her, every time he looked at her, every time they made love. He had taught her life was an adventure to be lived, to explore and enjoy. She could never have asked for anyone better.

Just to think, this all started with a dream, she thought. The first few months were difficult due to the fact she had to finish up her senior year at Forks High. But there were frequent visits from the girls and Damon himself. That made things so much easier for everyone involved.

She snickered, remembering Damon meeting her father for the first time. Charlie had already met the rest of the gang and seemed to like everyone. So, when Damon paid his first visit to Forks, she had made sure everyone was present.

When the doorbell rang, she had stood behind Charlie as he let everyone into the house. Damon however, was blocked by an invisible barrier. Bella had immediately went to him, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. He smirked as he looked over her head at Charlie. A move that made Charlie glare and clear his throat, “Please don’t tell me this is the Damon guy you keep going on and on about…”

Bella spun around, facing her father. “Dad, please be nice.” She had even widened her eyes, to make her point clear.

Charlie stood with his arms crossed, and an eyebrow cocked as he asked, “Isn’t he a little old for you?”

Damon looked down at Bella, as mischief gleamed in his eyes. He replied sarcastically, “Only by a century and a half.” Charlie had then froze on the spot with a shell shocked expression as Damon met his eyes, “Now, invite me in,” he compelled him.

Bella sent a glare her boyfriend’s way, but he shrugged unrepentantly. “I’ll probably have to end up doing it again at some point tonight. We don’t know how the old man is going to take all this. So, don’t give me those looks.” She had simply sighed and nodded in agreement.

Once Damon got his invite inside and everyone was seated, Bella sat nervously next to her boyfriend, biting her lip, wondering just how to even tell Charlie the things he needed to be told. She had no clue where to begin. It seemed that no one else did either as they kept shooting wary glances at each other.

Damon broached the subject in his usual, snarky manner, “So Chief, what do you know about the supernatural?”

Her father’s eyes widened as he sat there in silence. He swallowed thickly as his hands tightened around armrests to his recliner, his knuckles turning white. Finally finding his voice, he stuttered out, “T-The S-S-Supernatural?”

They all nodded collectively in reply and Bella begun her story of meeting the Cullens, told them what they were, then went on to tell him her dream and the true reason for her trip to Mystic Falls. She told him that the myths of vampires, witches and werewolves were in fact, truth. She had inhaled a deep breath as she bluntly told him that Damon was her soul mate and that she would be turned at some point, she just didn’t know when.

His reaction had been nothing like Bella thought it would be. He had just sat solemnly eyeing each member of the group, pausing briefly on his daughter. He sighed and met Damon’s eyes, pointing his finger towards the vampire. “Do you love her?” he asked point blank.

Damon had returned his gaze with one of his own. He then answered with a very blunt, “Yes.”

“You will be with her for eternity? Take care of her? You won’t hurt her?”

Damon run a hand through his hair before he replied, “I’m her soul mate. I will take care of her, protect her and love her with everything I’ve got, but I can’t promise you I will never hurt her, or piss her off. Look- I’m going to be honest. I’m not a good guy; there will probably be a few times I fuck this up and she,” he cast a look down at Bella, “will probably kick my ass.”

Bella had snorted, “Count on it.” Then she had smiled as she nudged him with her shoulder. She turned her head to look at Charlie, “Dad, I know you may not want to hear this, but I love him. There’s nothing that will ever change my mind about that.”

He nodded, “What if Edward comes back, Bells?” His voice held a bit of a challenge to it, along with twinge of uncertainty.

Bella’s lips slowly spread into a smile as malice danced in her eyes, “Then I’ll have a bonfire and watch him burn.”

Charlie shook his head, snorted and said, “Ok then.”

It had been shocking to all of them how easily Charlie accepted the supernatural world, and the fact that Bella would one day be a vampire. Then again, he had already known the girls and adored them as if they were his own.

What was even more surprising was how he took to Damon. He treated him as a son, and gave him the type of fatherly love that Damon had been denied in his human years. It was hard for Damon to accept at first, but over time, Damon came to see him as the father he never had.

It was he who had given Charlie a watch filled with vervain, it was him who had trained Charlie in the art of killing a vampire, and last but not least, he had given him a couple of Alaric’s weapons. That in itself spoke volumes. Not just to Bella, but to all those that knew him.

When Spring Break rolled around, Bella had grown antsy, expecting Alice or the Cullens to show up any minute, like in the original history Sam had told her in her dream. She never saw them, but received a cryptic letter from a Peter Whitlock telling her she was on the right path and to stay on it. It also warned her of shape shifters, to which she quirked an eyebrow.

She had written back to him asking for an explanation. He replied in yet another short and cryptic note that basically said, “I just know shit.” She simply blew out a breath after reading the note, shrugged off the warning and threw the it in the trash.

It was the very next day that his warnings came true. She had stood on the stoop, watching a caravan of cars pull up. Stefan’s Porsche was first, then Elena’s Range Rover, and finally, her favorite blue Camaro pulled up behind them. She had made a beeline to it as Damon quickly blurred out the car and embraced her, giving her a kiss that left her breathless, before spinning her around.

The joy was short lived as everyone but herself and Bonnie froze. Damon gently set her down, standing protectively in front of her. The group had then almost instantly boxed Bella in as Jacob Black walked from the tree line, in nothing but shorts. Two of his friends followed behind and they all wore matching snarls on their faces.

“Jacob?” Bella had questioned tentatively.

His eyes had then zeroed in on hers, “Long time, no see Bella. But I guess we know who’s been keeping you busy.” His eyes had shone angrily at Damon then darted to the rest of the group.

She shook her head, “What business is it of yours, Jacob?” She was furious and it showed on her face as the three teenagers kept approaching.

“Oh, you know it’s the duty of our tribe to protect people, and we smelled leech. Not surprisingly, we find them with you.” His voice was bitingly cruel.

She suddenly remembered then, how Sam mentioned in her dream that Jacob was a shape shifter. Her mind also went back to the time she was a child;  when she and Charlie attended a bonfire on the reservation, where stories had been told of wolves protecting the tribe. She had completely forgotten about those things as she was just  so caught up in her new life, her friends, and Damon.

Bella stood there and gaped at him, “You mean the legends are actually true? You turn into a werewolf?” At her words, Damon’s hand tightened on her waist.

“You guys smell more like wet dog than you do wolf; I’ll hazard a guess that you don’t change on a full moon?” Damon had cocked an eyebrow at the kid as he stood to his full height, his shoulders held back, ready for a fight if necessary.

“And how the hell would you know what a werewolf smells like?” one of the other boys growled out questionably.

“Hmm…Wouldn’t you like to know? But believe me, you guys are no werewolves, Am I right, Fido?”

“The shape shifters,” Bella whispered. “The ones that Peter guy warned me about in the note….”

All three of the teenage boys started trembling and Damon gently pushed Bella back as the rest of their group followed. Not in fear, but ready for an attack, or whatever else was coming.

Jacob glowered at them, “Fido!? We can kill you!”

Damon actually snorted as he replied, “Oh, you can try, but I fucking guarantee that you’ll be the ones that end up dead before you even make the first move.” His voice was heavily laced with venom; his lip curled up into a snarl. “Unlike the pretty Cullens that were here before, I am not a vamp you want to mess with! You can bet your furry ass on that, mutt.”

Things happened in a blur as the boys from the reservation shook and exploded into what indeed looked like giant dogs, similar to a Husky, but each had a different color coat. “Blondie, get Bella out of her, NOW!!!” Damon demanded. Caroline had quickly snatched her up and ran. As they did so, she heard a snarky retort from Damon as he proclaimed, “Well, well, what do we have here? Clifford the Big Red Dog?” Then she faintly heard whimpers, cries, and howls of pain.

Caroline had blurred her into the woods, and it wasn’t even ten minutes later when Damon came for them, covered in blood with bits of russet colored fur on his clothes and in his hair.

He tentatively approached her with apprehension all over his face. She had watched him with a solemn expression as he slowly made his way toward her; once he was close enough, she hugged him tightly. She then kissed him and brushed the fur out of his hair. “You’re okay.” She was obviously relieved.

“I didn’t kill them.” he blurted out.

She had licked her lips and looked up at him, shaking her head slightly, “I don’t care! They deserved whatever they got! Who are they to threaten us and question who I spend time with. It’s none of their business. Not at all!”

He bowed his head, looking up at her through his lashes, “You really don’t care?”

“No.” she answered. She cupped his face in her hands and met his eyes, “You are a vampire. You were defending yourself against a threat. It’s your nature, Damon. A nature everyone has tried to make you fight against and it has been wrong of them to do that. I, of all people, know what it is like to see someone fight against their nature. When they do, it eventually backfires! You are who you are and I love you. I wouldn’t even care of you had killed them. If they are stupid enough to think that they’re bad ass enough to go up against a group of vampires and a hybrid, well then, that’s their own damn fault.”

He stared at her in shock before he brushed her cheek, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, “You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.” His voice was barely a whisper. He cleared his throat and spoke up a bit, “I have been trying to tell Elena this for ages, but she never listens. She expects us all to be human, but we’re not. To see you just accept what we are and who we are is…” He bit on his lip, “beyond words.” He sighed, “Thank you.”

She pursed her lips and furrowed her brow, “For what?”

He half-heartedly chuckled and smirked, “For accepting us for what we are, for accepting me, and most of all, for loving me without question, without trying to change me.” He stepped closer, “I love you.” He then bent his head to hers and kissed her, pouring every emotion he had ever felt towards her into it.

When the kissed ended she had inhaled deeply and turned a light shade of green. “A girl has never turned green before from kissing me-”

Bella shook her head, “It’s the blood on your clothes.” with that, she turned around threw up all over the tree behind her as he held her hair back. Once she was done he had quickly blurred her to the house, setting her in Charlie’s recliner before he went to shower and change.

It had not been long after Charlie returned home that the doorbell rang. Charlie had excused himself and answered the door. On the other side of the doorway stood a very tall, very angry man. With him was Billy Black, Charlie’s best friend and Jacob’s father. He sat in his wheel chair as he glowered.

“Do you know what your friends did to my son, Charlie?” he bellowed.

“Oh shit.” Bella uttered as she heard. She and her friends got up and stood behind Charlie.

Charlie had eyed the tall man and Billy with a hard stare, “Now might be a good time to start talking.”

“Wheel me in, Sam.” Billy ordered.

Sam did as he was told, rudely nudging Charlie with his shoulder as he passed by. As few hisses could be heard throughout the room, and Damon gave a threating warning, “Don’t touch the old man like that again, or I swear you’ll be walking on three legs instead of four. Got it, dog?”

Sam snarled at him and Damon smirked maliciously, “Is that supposed to scare me?” He said with a chuckle.

“You see, this is why you should always be careful of the company you keep, Bella. You not only risk your life but the ones of those around you-”

“Now, you wait a minute, Billy Black! You just might be my best friend, but that in no way shape or form gives you the right to tell my daughter what to do.”

“You don’t know who they are, Charlie! You don’t know what they did to Jake!”

Charlie stood with his hands on his hips, “I know exactly who and what they are! So why not you begin telling me what they did to your boy and what the hell he did to deserve it? Hmm?”

Billy had looked affronted by Charlie’s outburst, “You know?” At Charlie’s nod, he continued, “And yet you still allow her,” he jerked his chin to Bella “to hang out with bloodsuckers?”

Charlie sighed, “Billy stop with the preaching and get to the point, or get out.”

Billy closed his eyes, “Twenty years of friendship…”

It was Sam who  then spoke up, “They beat three of our boys, two are in a full body cast and the other is suffering from a broken arm and a broken foot, his hair ripped from his head.” His body had a slight tremble to it as he scowled at the grouping.

Charlie nodded and crossed his arms, “Okay.” He said calmly. “This is the part where you tell me what they did to deserve it.”

“Nothing!” Billy shouted, “Jake, Jared and Paul did nothing!”

Charlie’s face remained impassive as he cocked his head to the side, “Do you know how long I’ve been a cop, Billy?” Billy simply stared at him, not saying a word. “Nineteen years. I think that’s more than long enough to recognize bullshit when you hear it. Now, tell the truth! What. Did. They. Do?”

Sam growled and made his way to Charlie. Damon moved to intercept, but it was Tyler who stepped in front of Charlie. His eyes held an amber hue as he growled out, “Back off, man!!” Sam had cowered back with fear. Charlie nodded at Tyler and patted him on the back.

Bella shyly spoke up as she stepped in front of the grouping and faced her father, “Jacob and his friends came out of the woods when everyone got here. They tossed derogatory comments to Damon and my friends, then made snide little comments about me. Once the situation became threatening, Caroline got me out of there. I don’t know exactly what happened after that, but I can say the dogs deserved it.”

“Dogs?” Charlie questioned.

Bella shrugged, “They say their werewolves, but they’re not. They shape shift into huge wolf-like animals, but they look more like dogs than wolves.” Her lips twitched as she tried to keep from smirking. She bit down on the inside of her lip as she eyed her father.

“So the legends were true? Huh?!” Charlie scoffed at the notion, before he turned his head to Billy with fury in his eyes. He gestured to the door, “Now you can leave.”

Sam met his eyes and defiantly shook his head. “No.”

Charlie raised an eyebrow, “No?”

Billy cleared his throat, “The Elders of our tribe wanted to declare war, but realized we would be outnumbered and our efforts would be futile against those kind of leeches. Sam told us what he had saw in the other boys’ minds and as Alpha he has ordered them not to retaliate. It is our duty to protect the lives of humans in this town and therefore, we are here to make a treaty.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” was Damon’s outraged response. “A treaty with a bunch of mongrels. I don’t fucking think so!”

“Wait a minute, brother. Let’s see what they have to say,” Stefan said in a calm placating tone. Both Damon and Bella rolled their eyes.

“Please,” Damon said full of sarcasm, “Do go on.”

Billy cleared his throat. “As protectors of the people in Forks, to keep them safe from danger, we would be forbid you to bite or kill any human within the town. In turn, we would not harm you.”

Damon smirked as his eyes moved between Sam and Billy. “Nope.” He said in a biting tone. He pursed his lips and shook his head. “I’m not going to have a pack of scruffy dogs tell me who and where I can eat. If I want a sip of a high-school cheerleader, I will go get some.”

Sam growled in response. To which Damon snapped and grabbed his throat. “Yes, we are vampires. Yes, we are dangerous. Yes we kill, but we do not need to kill in order to feed. You and your fucking tribe need to get off your high horse; dump that hero complex you have going. You don’t protect squat in this town. He tossed a glance to Charlie, “He does. You go back to your little reservation and shove that treaty up your ass.” He then let Sam go. He fixed his leather jacket and made his way back to Bella, “Oh, one more thing, if your little pack comes sniffing around here again… they’re dead. Are we clear?”

Billy looked at Charlie pleadingly, “You aren’t going to make them sign the treaty? What about the people of this town?”

“Like Damon said, I protect this town, not you. Get out of my house, Billy! If any of you ever show Bella and her friends the disrespect you have shown today, I will be making some arrests, and trust me, they’ll stick. Now leave!”

Billy and Sam had both left the house in a hurry and no one from the tribe ever bothered them again. Bella had felt bad her father lost her friend, and she had told him so. Charlie told her if he had been a true friend, he would have never disrespected her, or her friends, regardless of his prejudice towards vampires.

“Earth to Bella. Come in Bella.”

Startled as she come out of her thoughts, she turned her head to meet the piercing blue eyes of the vampire she loved.

“What’s got you a thousand miles away, Brown Eyes?”

She sighed, “Just thinking about when you met Charlie and what happened with the shifters.” She twisted around so that she was propped up on his chest, and bopped his nose as her lips broke out into a teasing smile, “Mork and Mindy? Really Damon?”

He smirked, “I’m surprised you even know where that’s from.”

“Ever heard of Nick at Nite?” she smarted.

“Dick at Nite?” he quipped, an eyebrow raised.

“Oh you heard me! Do you have to be so perverted on everything?”

“I’m perverted?” he mused, with a smirk.

She giggled, “I am not even going to bother dignifying that with an answer.”

He cupped her butt cheek as he said, “But you like it.”

She rolled her eyes as she got up, heading towards the basement.

“Get your sexy ass back here!” he demanded.

“I’m thirsty.” She simply said.

“Well then, bring me some B+”

She looked over her shoulder, “Do I get a please?”

“Nope, but I’ll give you a thank you.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Ass.” she muttered.

“I heard that!” he shouted after her.

She yelled back from the basement, “You were supposed to!”

She grabbed two bags of B+ from the freezer, then blurred her way to the kitchen. She popped them into the microwave as she felt two arms wrap around her waist. She leaned into Damon, keeping an eye on the timer. He kissed her shoulder and when the timer dinged, he reached over and pulled the two bags out, tugging at the tubes to make a straw. He handed her one of them, then grabbed her hand, leading her back to the living room.

Once they were back in the living room, she put on his shirt, sat on the couch, and happily slurped the blood down.

Damon pulled on his pants, while eyeing her curiously. “I never thought I’d see the girl who puked at the sight of blood enjoy drinking from a blood bag as much as you do. Truly, you were born to be a vampire.”

She sat in thought for a minute, “Hmm, maybe so. It would be pointless to have a vampire soulmate if I weren’t one myself.”

“I won’t argue with that.” He said thoughtfully. He then plopped down on the sofa next to her, “But you had the easiest transition of anyone I’ve ever seen.” His face wore an expression of wonderment, “Even the first time you fed, you didn’t go crazy and drain them dry. You took what you needed and backed off. I was so…stunned! Not to mention, proud.” He tucked a stray hair behind her ear as he gently told her, “You embraced the nature of what you are, unlike Stefan, or Elena. It was just glorious to see.” He then sighed as he smiled, “Just to think that you are mine.”

She smiled back, “And you better remind yourself that you’re mine!”

He smirked, “I don’t want to be anybody else’s.”

She tossed the empty blood bag on the table next to her and snuggled into him. Damon had just took a sip from his own bag. She couldn’t help herself as she gawked at the bag hungrily.

“Still thirsty?” he asked. At her nod, he shifted them so she was between his legs as they relaxed back on the couch, their feet up on the coffee table. He took a final pull from the bag and handed it to her.

She looked up, “You sure?”

‘Yep, no matter how good your control is, I don’t want you going out and snacking on the townspeople. Not with the travelers around. Of course, if you wanted to eat the quarterback…..”

“Damon!” she chided.

He hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. He grinned as he thought of their trip to New York City after she had graduated.

After a few moments of silence, she questioned him, “What’s got you so quiet?”

“You almost make it sound like it’s a bad thing.”

She bit back a laugh as she replied, “Because it usually is…”

He nodded against her shoulder and after a beat said, “New York. You remember?”

She smiled widely as she sipped on the blood bag, her thoughts taking her back to their trip.

Out of her new group of friends, she was the first to graduate. Everyone had come up to Forks to see the ceremony. Caroline had made sure they all celebrated afterwards. Bella was the first to get tipsy and somehow couldn’t keep her hands off Damon. It had the group whistling and catcalling at them, to which she’d blush deeply and giggle.

When Caroline asked bluntly if they had yet ‘did the deed,’ Bella had shyly shook her head no, then loudly exclaimed “Maybe tonight’s the night!!” The room filled with loud snorts and laughter as Damon looked down at her and smirked.

Bella didn’t remember much from the party itself, but she remembered waking up in her bed with a very naked Damon beside her. When she realized that fact, she had shrieked and bolted up in bed, noticing that she was nude as well. “Oh, my God!” she had yelped as she snatched the covers and, holding them up to her chest.

A very sleep-filled, gruff voice spoke, “Don’t worry, we didn’t do…….much.” He eyed her backside, smirking devilishly.

She snapped her head to him, “Exactly what did we do, Damon?” She fixed a glare on him and that just made his smirk grow even wider as he sat up next to her. “Think about it, it’ll…” he cleared his throat, “come to you.”

She rubbed her face in embarrassment while the bed sheets fell to her waist. She felt his eyes on hers. Feeling self-conscious, she grabbed the bedding and covered herself up once more, tightly securing them to her body.

“Don’t worry, I liked the view.”

Then, the images of the night before hit her; Damon’s mouth on her breasts, his lips leaving a trail of kisses along her skin, his fingers inside her as she whimpered in pleasure and the last image she had was of his head between her legs as she screamed out his name repeatedly.

She blushed deeply and peeked at him between her fingers. He had grabbed her hands, taking them in his own. He had a cocky grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye, “Hmm…Someone remembers screaming my name, I see.”


She abruptly stopped talking, losing her train of thought as he got out of bed and she got a view of his ass.

“Keep looking, Brown Eyes, you know you like what you see.” he taunted.

That, she could not deny. She watched as he went to his bag, pulling out an envelope and a box. When he was about to turn around, she held up her finger, “Put something on!” she ordered. “Seeing your ass is one thing-”

Damon cut her off as he chuckled, “Bella, I hate to tell you, but you saw plenty of that last night. In fact, you were rather awed by it.”

She had cut him a look that could kill. He sighed dramatically as he set down the items in his hand and slipped on a pair of pants. He made his way over to the bed, handing her the envelope and the box.

Bella went for the box first, but he closed his hand over it, “Open the envelope first.” She had cocked her head questionably as she broke the seal. Tickets spilled out of it; tickets to a Broadway show, a concert at Madison Square Garden, and a Yankees game. “All of these are in New York.” She stated.

“No shit, Sherlock.” He replied, his voice full of snark. “Happy graduation.”

“You’re taking me to New York City?” she asked. She couldn’t believe it. “I can’t exactly see you at a Yankees game…”

He picked up the box and handed to her, “Those are very public spaces, perfect hunting grounds.” He nodded towards the box, “Open it.”

She opened the little velvet box with a pounding heart and had gasped when she saw what it was. Nestled in the silk lining, was an oval shaped, Lapis Lazuli pendant, encased in silver. It was attached to a delicate rope chain, which matched the silver around the stone. “You’re changing me?” she whispered, as the realization hit her.

“Yes.” He whispered back, cupping her face. “This trip is the beginning of our eternity and the death of your old life.”

Her feelings overwhelmed her and she closed her eyes, holding her breath. She had found her destiny; the last few months had been the happiest she’d ever had. Just knowing she was going to have forever with Damon was a gift beyond measure. She vowed to never take it for granted. How few are lucky enough to find their true soul mate? The one they are truly destined for?

The trip to New York was some of the best days of her life. From the moment she stepped out of Damon’s Camaro, and her feet hit the side walk of the city, she felt a shift in her world. It was almost as if she turned the page at the end of a chapter in one of the many books she read, and found a new one on the other side.

The first day was just strolling around the streets, getting acquainted with the city. Damon had let her take the lead as they stopped at the many street vendors. He had sniggered when she bought a fake pair of Ray-Bans, and an “I Heart New York” shirt. She just shrugged him off, then stuck out her tongue.

They ate dinner at the Hard Rock Café. She had grinned when INXS’ “I Need You Tonite” blared over the sound system. She had snuggled closer to him in the booth, whispering one of the lines in his ear to the tune of the music, “I’ve got to let you know, you’re my kind.” She had then winked playfully at him as he smirked.

After dinner, Bella and Damon found themselves walking around Central Park. She was completely enthralled by it. It was a beautiful place, a place that you’d never expect to be surrounded by a city that had millions of people in it. The two of them walked hand in hand across one of the many bridges and she felt like she was in a movie.

It was late in the evening when they checked into the Plaza Hotel. It was one of the older hotels in the city and she was simply enchanted by its old-world charm. Damon’s arm was wrapped around her shoulder while the clerk took his credit card.

“First time in the city, Miss?” the clerk asked. Bella looked at the older man and couldn’t help but grin as she said, “Yes.”

“I do hope you enjoy your stay.” He kindly stated. She just nodded once in a silent thank you.

Oddly, Damon had remained quiet as he went through the motions of signing the receipt and getting the room keys. He had taken her hand, silently leading her to the elevators.

“Damon?” she softly questioned. “Are you okay?” He just brushed her bangs aside and looked at her tenderly before kissing her.

“I’m fine.”

Bella had cocked her head, to her he sounded almost as if he was anything but fine. It was as if he was nervous. She had almost let out a laugh at the very thought of Damon Salvatore being nervous about anything.

When they reached the suite, and made way to put their bags in the bedroom, she saw the lone bed there and gaped at it. The sight of it made her suddenly nervous. It wouldn’t be the first time they shared a bed, but something about being totally alone in a bed with him made her heart stutter as she took a shaky breath.

Damon had looked up at her and for a moment they just gazed at each other. There was an electricity between them, and it seemed to circulate through the air. She experienced the same feelings she had the night she first laid eyes on him, in her dream with Ric. That pull she had felt to him that night was even stronger, the electricity that always seemed to hum between them increased more than it ever had before. Her heart pounded and she heard the blood rushing in her ears as she knew this was it. It was the beginning of the new chapter in her life.

That had been the night of many firsts. The first time they made love, the first time he drank from her, the first time they blood shared. It was a night that Bella had not wanted to end. They lost themselves in each other, body, mind and soul. They made love more than once, and she never could recall exactly when they fell asleep, wrapped around one another.

She awoke the next morning to Damon on top of her, nestled between her legs as he kissed her. She had sighed contently and kissed him back, weaving her fingers through his hair. They made love once again, and as she hit her climax, Damon had sliced his neck with his thumb, urging her to drink from him. She had done so, enjoying the sweet taste of his blood coating her tongue. She tugged at his hair as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She removed her lips from his neck as she softly uttered his name over and over. Damon’s hand’s found their way on either side of her head. His eyes bored intensely into hers as he moved inside of her. “I love you.” he said fiercely, his eyes mist with emotion before his face changed, then he gently sliced into her neck with his fangs, taking long steady pulls from her veins. It was less than a minute later that her world went black as she died.

She had woken to a darkened room, not remembering at first where exactly where she was. She glanced around the room and saw Damon sitting at the table in the corner, drinking Bourbon straight from the bottle. He eyed her, walked over to the bed and took her hand in his, “You’re awake.” His voice was soothing, but had a twinge of sorrow to it.

She looked up at him somberly, the memory if him biting her coming back to her, “I’m in transition, aren’t I?”

He gazed at her dolefully as he nodded, “I’m sorry- I couldn’t wait.”

She had squeezed his hand, an attempt to reassure him, “You have nothing to be sorry for. I know this was meant to be.”

He had let go of her hand and run it through his hair, “But I could have given you the choice as to when. I took that from you.”

“No.” she firmly replied, “You didn’t. I still have a choice.” She took a nervous breath then, “I still have to feed from the vein to complete the transition.”

He simply nodded, “Yes, you do.”

“So…How do we do this?” she asked timidly.

“You wait here.” He ordered, then was quickly gone. She had just put on some lounging pants and a t-shirt when he returned five minutes later with a strawberry blonde that was rather pretty and well dressed.

Bella’s eyes widened when she saw the woman. She looked vaguely familiar to her, but she wasn’t sure where she’d seen her face before.

The woman seemed to be in trance like state and she figured Damon must’ve already compelled her.

Bella tentatively approached her, “What is your name?” she gently spoke, then took the girl’s hand to comfort her.

“Pepper Potts.” She responded in monotone.

Bella’s eyes widened as she tossed an irate glance to Damon. “Do you know who she is?” He simply shrugged. “This is Tony Stark’s girlfriend.” she hissed.

He squinted his eyes and pursed his lips, “Tony Stark?”

She sighed in frustration, “A.K.A. Iron Man?!” she clarified for him in an exasperated whisper.

“The guy in the tin suit?” he questioned nonchalantly.

She smiled tightly, “That would be him.”

He licked his lips thoughtfully, “Well, hurry up, take your bite, then heal her. Compel her to forget and she goes on about her merry way!”

“Seriously, Damon! You want me to eat some superhero’s girlfriend? What if I kill her!?”

“You won’t!” he countered.

She blew out a breath, “Pepper, I am Bella, I’m going to bite your wrist and drink a little blood, I will try not to kill you, I promise.”

There was a slight whimper from the strawberry blonde as tears welled up in her eyes. Bella quietly shushed her as felt her fangs painfully descend out of her gums. She could also feel the veins spread across her face. She gingerly took Pepper’s wrist and looked to Damon, “How much do I need to drink?”

He shrugged, “A sip or two will do the trick.”

Bella inhaled a deep breath, smelling the sweetness of the woman’s blood before she carefully bit down into her wrist. She took two healthy gulps and pulled back. She sighed deeply and held her breath as she felt her appearance return to normal.

“Compel her.” Damon instructed, “Make eye contact, get in her head and tell her what you need to.”

Bella looked at her boyfriend incredulously before placing her hands gently on Pepper’s shoulders. She made eye contact with her, and waited a moment until she was sure she had control over the woman’s mind. Once she was sure, she spoke in a soft, but firm voice, “I am going to heal you with my blood, after that you will leave the room quietly with no recollection of myself or Damon. You will not remember being bitten. You will go on about your day as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.” She then bit into her wrist, and fed Pepper her blood. Once her wound was healed, Pepper turned and strolled quietly out of the room.

Silence filled the room as Bella couldn’t take her eyes off Damon. Her vampire nature was kicking in and the word “mine” kept shouting loudly in her head. Damon returned her stare with a smirk plastered on his face.

He could see the lust brewing in her eyes and if the legends about the soulmate thing were true, he knew what was coming, and was rather looking forward to it. Come and get me, sweetheart, he thought. It was mere seconds after that she pounced on him, shoving him against the wall as her mouth claimed his. She had ripped at his clothes, shredding them and letting them fall to the floor. He gave her clothes the same treatment, then picked her up, walked over to the bed and tossed her in it. He spread her legs apart and wasted no time entering her. She was receptive to it, hugging him tightly to her.

They were both driven by their instincts, the desire to claim every inch of the other for their own. There was nothing that was tender about it. Neither was one submissive to the other, they moved in tandem with each other and when they both hit their peak for the first time, Bella had growled and bit into his neck, marking him as hers for eternity. He had closed his eyes and tossed his head back as he enjoyed the sensation of her fangs in his neck, drinking from him as she clenched around him while she rode out her orgasm. Once she was done, she had pulled back and glanced up at him through her eyelashes, somewhat embarrassed by her actions.

He shook his head gently and cupped her face, licking the remnants of his blood off her lips before he kissed her, hard; his tongue forcibly probing her mouth. He then broke the kiss, trailing his tongue down her throat until he found his favorite spot, and bit down, leaving his own mark there. He licked the wound clean and met her eyes as he filled her. It was only then, that he gingerly kissed her on the mouth, whispering the word, “mine.”

She had smiled wanly and whispered back, “mine.”

The rest if their stay had been an adventure. Damon had taken her around to his old haunts from where he had lived there in the 1970’s. There was this dive of a club that reeked of drugs, alcohol and sex, even as they waltzed in during broad daylight, when it was closed. He had told her he used to pilfer ID’s for the owner, in exchange for being allowed to feast on his clients.

He did have an agenda for being there, though. He was looking for information that would lead him to Katherine. While she felt a pang of unease over it, deep down she knew it was important they track her down. She had the cure to vampirism. Klaus needed it to turn Elena back into a human, so he could create more hybrids with her blood. Klaus’ sister, Rebekah, coveted the cure because she hated being a vampire and desired a human life, and last but not least, a very old, immortal being named Silas would want it. No one intended for the cure to fall into the wrong hands; it would also be useful as a bargaining tool.

They had spent time at the club dancing the night away, bumping and grinding to the music, making out as they did so. The best part was that nobody cared what they did. It left Bella feeling completely exhilarated. It gave her a sense of freedom to behave in such a manner and she completely reveled in it.

It was at the bar, later that night he told her about Lexi and her attempts to ‘save’ him and turn his emotions back on. She felt a pang of jealousy in her chest as he reluctantly admitted that he played her, seduced her and bedded her on multiple occasions before finally leaving her on a rooftop high and dry in the morning sun. She had no daylight jewelry, making her situation even more precarious.

Bella had narrowed her eyes at him and hissed, “No wonder she said you were an ass.”

“Oh, she said that because I staked her.” He had quickly retorted before gulping down he last of his drink.

She had then pursed her lips, “She also said you were great in the sack, as well…” She then turned on her heel and walked away.

He hurriedly caught up to her, grasping her arm, “Don’t tell me you’re jealous!” When she didn’t speak and simply shot him a glare, he scoffed, “You are!”

She frowned, “You fucked her, toyed with her,” she shook her head, “and you obviously enjoyed it. Don’t you find it more than ironic that you brought me here, fucked me and then killed me?”

He groaned, “What we do has nothing to do with her.”

She cocked an eyebrow in response, “Are you sure?”

He shot her a look with a cold glint in his eye, “I had my emotions off at the time; I didn’t care, Bella. It’s not like you to get all judgy. Don’t tell me you’re going to start turning into Elena, then we’ll have some serious fucking issues!” He was angry and for the first time, Bella felt nervous in his presence.

“I-I’m not judging you! I just know what it’s like to be toyed with! Excuse me for having empathy towards Lexi! And yes! I am a little jealous! You’re the first guy I’ve ever done anything with, and I knew you had a past, and it doesn’t bother me.” Her eyes watered a bit, “It’s just being confronted with it, and knowing you’ve done so much… it makes me feel inadequate. How am I going to measure up to those women?”

“Oh, Brown Eyes,” he chuckled. “Those women will never measure up to you. You just have to believe it. You are everything I ever needed. You bring out the man in the vampire, you make this…” he brought his hand to his chest, placing it over his heart, “feel things that I never thought possible. I spent over a century thinking I knew what love was, when really, I had no idea until my eyes landed on you. You and you alone taught me the very definition of love. You taught me that it’s not felt with just the heart, but the soul. You taught me how to be the man inside the beast, without denying who and what I am. You make my world better, brighter and for the first time in my life, I am happy. Nothing else matters. You are my world, and will be for an eternity.”

Her lower lip trembled and she closed her eyes, fighting back tears. When she opened them, she brokenly spoke, “Y-You’re not the first person to tell me that!! E-Edward told me I was his own personal brand of heroin, or some shit like that!”

Damon laughed. “You think that is funny?!” she shouted.

He continued to laugh, “This is the same guy that fed you the bullshit of a lion falling in love with a lamb?” She glowered at him as he shook his head, laughing.

“Yes.” she answered with a scowl.

“And you fell for that?” he then cocked his head with a smirk.

She stood there infuriated, with her hands on her hips, “What are you getting at, Damon?”

“You know he didn’t love you, right?” She nodded once before he continued, “The comparisons might be lost you because you were human at the time, but to a vampire they are not. You’ll get it soon enough, trust me. He saw you as weak little prey, Bella. That’s the lamb reference. As for the heroin comment, yes you were his singer, but to a vamp, blood is the ultimate drug. It’s one of two things that are always on our minds. No matter how much we humanize ourselves, we will always see people as a blood bag. It’s our nature. He never saw you as anything more than a blood bag, or a pet.”

She wiped her tears away, “I know you’re right, and I know you’re not him. But…”

“The scars will always be there.” He finished for her. “I know, Bella. Believe me, I know.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. After a minute or two had passed, he snorted, “Did we just have our first fight?”

She snorted as well, “I think we did. But I happen to think we finally confronted our pasts. So now, we truly can let them go.”

He smirked, “Agreed! Let’s go party!”

She laughed as he tugged her to the dance floor. They danced until the club closed. They returned to their hotel afterwards, where they spent hours just enjoying each other.

The rest of the trip was spent honing her new nature. She perfected the art of compulsion, she learned how to hunt, and how to deal with the overwhelming senses and emotions that came with being a vampire. She realized Damon had chosen the busiest, noisiest city in the world to teach her how to be a vampire. One, because like he said, it was perfect hunting grounds, and two, if she could handle the chaos of New York City, then she would be fine anywhere else. Most of all, he gave her a taste of adventure, of life. In the city that never sleeps, she woke up and embraced her new life.

Bella tossed the empty blood bag on the coffee table. She then stood up and sat at the other end of the couch as she propped her feet in Damon’s lap. “That trip changed my life.” she remarked.

She sighed, “Not only by becoming a vampire, but I learned to finally live. You taught me that. You taught me to believe that with love, all things are possible. You may be my destiny, but I think the true gift lies in knowing that, and believing it.

“Hmm.” was his reply. He rested his head in his hand and met her eyes. “I knew that.” he said smugly.

She shook her head, “I just had an epiphany here, you know!”

He scrunched up his face, “Cheesy.” he simply declared with a smirk.

She tossed a throw pillow at him as she playfully pouted. He laughed as he easily caught it and tossed it back at her. She rolled her eyes as she held the pillow to her chest.

“Everything was shot to hell when we got back, though.”

He nodded. “It was, the veil being down, Elena breaking up with my brother, revenge from the other side…”

Bella’s head had bowed at the mention of the other side.

“Hey!” he said as he squeezed her foot.

“I wish I could have seen Prue or Sam.”

He grinned, “At least we saw Ric.” She returned the grin as she remembered.

She had been at the boarding house, with Damon. With the veil being down, and herself being a baby vamp, he had wanted her with him, to be sure she’d be protected. They were sitting on the sofa, drinking Bourbon to soothe frazzled nerves when a familiar voice cut through the night.

“I see someone followed their destiny and somebody finally got the girl.” The voice had startled them both as they turned to look at the source.

Ric had stood leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed as he sported a grin.

“Ric!” Bella had exclaimed with a bright eyed, wide smile.

“Bells.” He greeted warmly.

“Well, aren’t you two just cozy?” Damon had snarked. His voice had a twinge of jealously behind it and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Yes, we got to know each other very well that night I led her to her destiny, which happened to be you, by the way. A ‘thank you’ would be in order, I think.”

“Don’t hold your breath on that one.” Bella had told him.

He nodded in agreement as he chuckled.

“Thank you.” Damon had said solemnly as he tipped his glass the hunter’s way. She and Ric had both exchanged glances of shock.

“Oh come on!” Damon nearly whined. “I do say thank you on occasion.”

“Since when?” Bella joked.

Ric had outright laughed, “You certainly met your match with that one.” He said as he pointed his finger at Bella.

“I think I met mine.” She said softly, “Thank you.”

“I’m not the one you need to thank, but I was glad to help. You make him,” he nodded to the vampire, “happy and regardless of what he thinks, he does deserve it.”

Damon just rolled his eyes and the three of them chatted briefly before the veil was brought back up and he was gone.

“What has you so pouty all the sudden?”

She sighed as Damon’s question pulled her out of her memories, then nibbled her lip thoughtfully, “Ric, actually. I wish I could have known him better.”

“Maybe someday you will… Bonnie came back, you know.”

She had inhaled a breath and blew it out, “I know…” She shrugged her shoulders, “Anything is possible, I guess.”

“Weren’t you just saying that with love, anything is possible?” he teased.

“Just shut up!” she retorted. He chuckled as he crawled across the couch to her and planted a kiss on her lips. “You know, I have killed people for saying things like that…”

“Didn’t you kill me?” she teased.

He bit back a smirk, “Drained you dry, actually. It was….delicious.”

She shook her head, giggling which was smothered when Damon kissed her again. She closed her eyes, relishing in his touch. She savored the taste of him and like always, time seemed to stop as they lost themselves in each other, oblivious to the world.

They missed the sounds of the front door being flung open and the soft footfalls of people walking into the house. “They’re already back, so much for a surprise New Year’s Eve party…”

“Oh, my God! Are you kidding me!” a voice shrieked and at the sound, Bella and Damon broke apart, snapping their heads up to look at the owner of the voice. Bella pushed Damon aside and got up.

“Caroline!” she greeted and hugged the girl tightly. Caroline returned the hug with a gleeful smile, but as she pulled back, her nose scrunched up in distaste. “You positively reek of sex!” She then scoffed, “Ugh!!”

Bella giggled as the girl before her shuddered, “Well you do know who my boyfriend is, so why would that surprise you?” She smirked as she wiggled her eyebrows.

Caroline scowled as she replied, “Because it is Damon!!” She stomped her foot petulantly as Bella laughed, moving to the rest of the group and hugging them. She smiled when she saw Stefan and Elena’s joined hands. “You two worked things out, huh?”

Elena had brightly smiled and nodded. Stefan smiled as well, squeezing Elena’s hand gently. “How was your trip to Vegas?”

Bella made her way back to the couch, snuggling close to Damon. She kissed him on the cheek playfully as her eyes twinkled with mischief. “Should we tell them?” she whispered in his ear, knowing that everyone but Bonnie and Matt had heard them.

He grinned, bopping her on the nose. “May as well, since they all decided to barge into my house…”

Both Bella and Stefan cleared their throats.

Our house,” he corrected with a roll of his eyes.

“Tell us what?” Bonnie questioned curiously.

The two soul mates wore matching grins as they gazed at each other for a long moment.

It was Caroline who interrupted them, “Are you going to tell us or stare at each other all night??” She stood with her hands on her hips as her eyes bored into them.

Jeremy jokingly asked, “Whatever happened to ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’?”

Silence fell in the room as the group eyed the two on the couch questionably. Bella’s hands rested underneath a pillow she had placed in her lap when she sat down. She twirled the thin platinum band on her left ring finger and smiled wistfully. She glanced at Damon out of the corner of her eye as her smile grew bigger.

He looked down at her, his eyes full of love as he softly told her. “Tell ‘em.”

She nervously brought her hand out from underneath the pillow and held it up for the group.

There were gasps of shock and for once Caroline Forbes had nothing to say.

“Is that a wedding band?” Matt questioned with disbelief.

“Oh, score one for the quarterback! Why yes, it is!!” Damon’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

“You guys got married?” Elena asked, her eyes widened in shock.

“Isn’t that what a wedding band usually signifies?” he snarked.

Elena smiled gently at the couple and made her way over, hugging Bella. “Congratulations,” she whispered.

“Welcome to the family, sister.” Stefan said with a nod and a grin.

“Thank you, brother.” was her reply. He then winked at her.

Caroline finally found her voice, “We need to celebrate!” she said excitedly. She scampered off to the liquor cart and came back with her arms full of various bottles and glasses.

She quickly made the drinks and handed them out. “I propose a toast!” she raised her glass, “To Mr. and Mrs. Damon Salvatore!” She made a slight grimace, uttering under her breath, “That was… weird.” She then tossed her drink back.

The room filled with various sounds of amusement. There were laughs, snorts and giggles. They all got comfortable as they spent the night talking about the past year and everything they had faced. Caroline even managed to get the scoop on Damon and Bella’s drunken trip to the Wee Chapel of Love, and they all took a moment to remember Alaric.

It was a night of celebration and laughter. Bella thought back to the dream she had a year ago, knowing if she had told her past self this was her future, she would have never believed it. She had the love of friends who became her second family, a husband that was her soul mate, and she was truly happy. With that in mind, she raised her glass, “I want to propose a toast.” She announced.

The group looked at her expectantly. Feeling all the eyes on her made her a little nervous, but that quickly went away as Damon gently squeezed her in encouragement. “Here’s to a year to remember, and to many more that will come.”

“A year to remember!” they all chorused.

She looked around the room, thankful for each soul in her life, but as her eyes met her husband’s, it was he that she was most thankful for. She knew they would all face trials in their road ahead, but she also knew that they would face them together and that they would overcome anything the Universe threw at them.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has kindly commented on this story. Your words mean a lot to me and warms my heart.












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    The Pepper cameo had me laughing so hard! It wouldn’t have surprised me if Damon knowingly did it to show up Stark 😀

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  6. Well, I read all the stories you’ve got on your page even the one’s I’ve already read before and I loved them all. You’re a remarkable author and I enjoyed reading your work…thanks hon. Huggs. Peggy

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