A Christmas Dream


A Christmas DrreamThis story was inspired in part by the story “A Christmas Carol”. It takes place during Bella’s “zombie” period in “New Moon.” A time when she is emotionally distraught and severely depressed over her break up with a certain sparkly vampire and the abrupt departure of the family she loved so dearly.

She finds herself alone on Christmas Eve, and with the help of several visitors, she finds a strength and renewed confidence in herself. At first, wary of the idea of love, she finds herself presented with a possible future. A future filled with a true love and happiness. Will she dare to believe its possible and follow the path that is set before her?

This story will be  a multi-fandom crossover and will only available on my blog. It is something I has always wanted to sit down and write and the muse started whispering ideas for this story months ago and I decided to finally sit down and tackle it. It is my sincerest wish that you will enjoy it.

Consider this a gift for you my dear followers. Knowing how much you enjoy my stories has given me more encouragement to continue writing more than you’ll ever know. This is dedicated you each and every one of you.

Click on the pictures below to take you to the chapters.




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