You may or many not be wondering if I dropped off the face of the planet. Nope, I’m still here. Still undecided on whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing at the moment. Before I continue on, I have to profusely apologize for not getting my update to Second Chances up like I promised. I feel as though I’ve let you all down in that. Believe me, it has not been for the lack of trying…

My anxiety and depression kicked into high gear, and it made focusing on editing very tedious, especially when I saw the need to add some things to the chapter. Then, there was the matter of my two abscessed teeth. The pain was completely unbearable. They eventually had to be removed by an oral surgeon, along with two teeth near them. I’m still recovering from that and it should be completely healed up in about six weeks. They had to cut through the bone, and I tell ya…that is not fun at all!

The second thing I would like to mention is the Fanatic Fanfics Awards. Yes, I was nominated, though I did not place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart  to those who did vote for me and I offer  a sincere congrats to the winners!

Now I’ve got those two subjects out of the way, let me tell you my plans….First up, I will get back to editing part three of Second Chances and post it for you as soon as its done – I promise! After that, I plan to finish up my one-shots that are sitting there unfinished in my Microsoft Word docs (and maybe chapter four of Ties That Bond). Then, eventually get them edited and posted. I have to emphasize that I will have to go where the muse takes me, so I am unsure of what will be posted and when. I completely give up on trying to have a sensible schedule for posting. I’m sorry about that, but I can’t help it. I do thank you for your patience as you wait on my updates.

But….I can give you a glimpse of what is coming. Some of these may sound familiar because I’ve mentioned them before…

Shades of the Past – A TVD/Twilight crossover with our favorite blue-eyed vamp and like most all of my fics, he will be paired with Bella (Well, sorta). It will be more of  a flashback type of story where she reflects on her childhood and an old lover of her mother’s. Like many of my stories, it is AU and takes place after Edward breaks up with Bella. Its a little bit different style than what I’ve written in the past.

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – An Angel(the series) and Twilight crossover featuring MY favorite broody vamp. Its a bit melancholy, with plenty of drama. Ultimately, it is a love story. The show is much darker in tone than Twilight, for those who aren’t familiar with Angel. I dare say, it is probably darker than TVD and the story reflects that. Its my aim to take the reader on an emotional journey along with Bella. With most of my fics, I tend to write in character and this story will be one of the few where some of myself seeps in.  I started writing it when the depression kicked in. You’ll notice it in the tone of the story.

A Kind of Magic – This is one you guys have been PM-ing about the most….Yes, its the Twilight/Charmed crossover with Chris and Bella as the pairing. I am halfway done with the second part of it, which I had to rewrite because the muse on that one wasn’t happy and I was half scared she’d blow me up, LOL (yes, its Piper). Again, this is AU and takes place during the events of Eclipse in the Twilight verse. I had to fudge the Charmed timeline  a bit to fit the story, though. This  is actually one of my favorite stories that I’ve ever  written  and hope y’all will love it as much as I do.

WARNING!!! The next one is a shocker….

It’s a Bella/Stefan story…..

Breathe…..relax…..take a sip of soda, coffee, tea, or whatever you have.

It sure shocked the hell out of me when that little plot bunny exploded in my head! I will admit that I am NOT Stefan’s biggest fan. That said, I wanted to challenge myself and write outside my comfort zone. The story is called Chances Are and takes place after season five of TVD and around three years after the events in New Moon. Its going to be one of my PG-13 stories because I can not imagine writing a lemon with Stefan, and we all know what a Mr. Goodie Two-Shoes he is. So, that means no blood baths either! If a sweet little romance piques your interest, then this is the story for you! I like what I have for it so far.

One shots are easier for me to write, and hopefully it’ll help me get back into the groove of writing. I have a couple other ideas and I’ll probably write those, too. Once those o/s are out of my head and published,  expect chapter updates to show up.

Hope you all have great weekend!




9 thoughts on “Hiya!

  1. Feel better, your health should always be first. if you need someone to help proof read. I will help if i can. but first relax. take care of your mouth. salt water helps keeping the sockets moist. if you swish. Update when ever you can. I for one am a fan of your Bella/Damon’s always. plus there is another pairing i like but anyway take care of yourself first.

    • Thanks for your kind words and the offer to proofread. Sweet of you to do that. So glad you enjoy my Bella/Damon stories. As if you can’t tell by what I write, they’re my favorite to write, LOL What other pairing did you like that I listed? You have me curious 🙂 Thanks again for your comments!

      • I have read a few pairings where Bella is paired up with Gambit from the wolverine movies. There aren’t many of them but when they do appear I do enjoy them. Feel better hon. I also like your cross over in a A christmas dream. That was truly unique.. and your Stefan/Bella pairing should be interesting. I am not a fan of that pairing but. I will give it a shot since you are such an awesome writer. Feel better hon. writing can wait. Health first

  2. You’ll get there. Life is what happens while we’re waiting to live. So…go live. When it involves your health in whatever form, you concentrate on that. The writing will come. ♥

  3. I’m glad that you are starting to feel a little better now! And trust me getting your teeth fixed will help your mental outlook greatly being in bad health does not help mental issues. As far as ‘getting back into the swing of writing’… the best advice (and considering I have yet to finish a story or publish anything you may want to take this with a grain of salt…) is to first realize that this is supposed to be fun! Secondly, this is a hobby and there are about a million other things in your life that are more important (or even more fun/exciting). So do NOT pressure yourself or feel bad for not getting what you want done when you want it. I like to take at least 30 minutes everyday and at least think about what I’m writing. Read/edit a random chapter/scene/paragraph in the storie(s) that appeal to me that day. This accomplishes two things, I am doing something with them (rather than not doing anything at all that day because there isn’t enough time or it seems like too big of a task.) and more often than not I become inspired to continue writing…and that in the end is what you want anyway.

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