A Snippet With A Super-Size Side Of Thanks!

Hello Everyone!

The results of the Non-Canon Awards were announced last night. I am tickled to announce that I placed in two categories. I received second place (silver) for the Underdog award and my story, Spirits in the Mist placed third (bronze) for the Underfictionated.  I would like to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you that voted for me. It warms my heart knowing that people enjoy my writing the stories my crazy brain comes up with. So, Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I would also like to extend a heartfelt “Congratulations” to the other authors who placed in their categories! Way to go, everybody!! Below are my two banners. I thought it would be nice to share them with you.


Now, I do believe that I mentioned that I would give you a snippet of part three of Second Chances if I didn’t get a chance to finish editing it.  I know I am running behind on getting it published. For that, I am sorry. I have been really busy as of late and just haven’t had the time to get to it. The good news is that I am halfway done with the editing. I hope to get it posted before the end of the week. I appreciate your patience. The snippet I am sharing made me giggle as I wrote it and its one of my favorite bits. Remember, I may tweak a bit when I do the final read-through before publishing, but it’ll likely stay as is. Hope you enjoy….

The next morning, Bella was in her boyfriend’s bedroom haphazardly tossing clothes out of her bag, desperately searching for something to wear for a lunch meeting with Bonnie that Caroline had arranged. She wasn’t one that normally put much thought into what she should wear, but hearing from Damon just how judgmental the little witch was, she wanted the odds in her favor to make a good first impression. To say she was nervous would be a vast understatement – she was damned near petrified.

Damon stood at the threshold of the bedroom, his arms crossed wearing an expression of amusement. “You know, if you unpack…you just might find something…”

She turned her head to him with a glare upon her face, “When have I had the time? We just got here yesterday! We spent ages talking with Stefan and Caroline, not to mention…” she then cleared her throat with a smile, “our other activities.”

He sighed, walked over and removed the article of clothing from her hands. “You’re worried about meeting the witch, aren’t you?”

She grimaced, hating how he could read her so easily.

“It will be fine. You’ve already won over Blondie. Believe me, that’s a feat in itself. The only thing Bonnie will hold against you is that fact you’re with me, but that’s more about me than you. She’ll like you…then, she’ll tell you in a thousand and one ways how evil I am.”

She laughed, “I know how evil you are…”

He smirked, “And sexy, charming, irresistible…”

She laughed again and shook her head, “That you may be, but I know you’re also an ass!” She arched her eyebrows to emphasize her point before focusing her attention back to her bag and digging through it.

“What in the hell do I wear for meeting judgy little witches?” she muttered under her breath.

He bumped her aside with his hip, dug through the bag and pulled out a white sleeveless top, “Well, if you want to seem innocent and virginal…you wear this. But you’re not quite that pure, anymore.” He wiggled his eyebrows just as he tossed the shirt on the floor. “So…that one goes in the ‘no’ pile.”

He pulled out a flowy red tank top, “If you want to exude power and confidence… you wear this.” He then threw it on the bed. “That’s the ‘maybe’ pile.

He grabbed a black button-down shirt, “Now, if you want to be sexy and mysterious, you wear this.”

Bella snatched it from him, “Says the man that only wears black…”

She took another look at the shirt. “And you can almost see through that! I don’t remember buying that!!”

Damon chuckled, “No, you didn’t. But I did.” He then tugged at the neckline of her tank top and unashamedly peered down at her breasts, “You could just stay home and entice your boyfriend…”

Her cheeks turned scarlet as she gaped up at him, “Seriously?!”

“Hmm, hmm.” was the reply while scanning her lasciviously from head to toe.

She scowled at him, grabbed a pair of jeans from the bag, picked up the white shirt from the floor, and stomped off into the bathroom.

He threw his hands in the air with a grin, “I was only trying to help! Women these days!”

He jaunted out of the room, then made his way downstairs towards the liquor cart in the parlor.

“Sounds like you met your match.”

He snapped his head to the familiar voice of his brother and nodded. “Feisty little thing, isn’t she?”

Stefan smiled, “Yeah… I think she and Caroline hit it off last night and I wouldn’t be surprised if they got close.”

“What did you think of her?” Damon quietly asked.

“I like her. She’s beautiful, smart, kindhearted, and brutally honest. I have to say it – a much better match for you than Elena ever was.”

Damon said not a word, taking a sip of Bourbon. He wouldn’t voice it aloud, but Stefan’s opinion mattered to him and so did Bonnie’s. While he was glad Blondie had taken to his girl, he had some uncertainty about the witch. If he were to be completely honest, he was just waiting for someone to yell at him because he fell in love with another while Elena rest in a magical coma. The little group had criticized him before for far less than that.

“You’re apprehensive about her meeting Bonnie, aren’t you?” his younger sibling asked.

“Maybe a little…but I don’t think Isabella will put up with any of her judgy crap, or allow her to condemn me. I actually hope the witch likes her.”

“You never did go into detail about her past…” Stefan timidly commented.

“And that is HER story to tell, not mine.”  he bluntly retorted just as Caroline waltzed into the room.

Damon eyed the blonde, “Don’t pepper her with too many questions today. She’s been through a lot and if and when she wants you to know about it, she’ll tell you.”

“Okay…” she said with a nod just as Bella bounded down the stairs.  The conversation suddenly halted as they watched her enter the room.

“Gee, guys! You really need to get some lessons on how to not be so obvious you were talking about the person that just walked into the room!”

Damon snorted loudly as he draped an arm around her shoulders. Caroline giggled and Stefan just smiled.

“I love your outfit!” the blonde remarked.

Bella tugged at the black shirt she swiped from Damon’s closet, her cheeks tinting pink. She wore it knotted at the waist, along with some jeans and black ballet flats.

“So, you went for sexy and mysterious to meet Bonnie?” he said in a teasing lilt.

“Well, I’m pretty sure a McDreamy will show up at the bar and maybe I’ll want to impress him.” she stated flippantly.

He cocked a brow, “McDreamy?!”

Caroline burst into hysterical giggles, “You need to watch Grey’s Anatomy…and I think McAss suits you better!”

Bella covered her mouth, attempting to stifle her laughter while Damon stood there glaring at them both.

Unfazed by his demeanor, she batted her eyelashes playfully. “I love you…” she stated cheerily.

His eyes softened as he blew out a breath, “And I love you.”

“Awe! How sweet!” Caroline sarcastically said. “I have a toothache!”

 “Give me a nice, sharp, stake…” he sing-songed threateningly, “then I’ll make sure you have an ache in your heart!”

She blew off his comment and pecked Stefan on the lips, “Love you, but we got to get going.” She then faced Bella, “You ready?”

The petite brunette nodded, grabbing her purse. She was almost to the door when Damon loudly cleared his throat.

“Forgetting something?”

Her eyebrows puckered as she thought on it. “Uh…no.”  

He scoffed, “You know, two lips meet another set of lips…”

She smiled coyly, “Damon Salvatore, are you asking for a goodbye kiss?”

He blurred over to her and grabbed her butt, pulling her flush against him, “I’d want a hell of a lot more than a kiss, but I don’t think you’d want to put on a show for the kids…”

Bella’s cheeks turned a bright shade of red at his comment, Caroline scoffed and Stefan did not look amused. Before he could toss out another quip, she hastily kissed him on the cheek, then scampered out the door with Caroline trailing behind her.

Damon stood there with a goofy grin on his face as his brother looked over to him.

“You got it bad, don’t you?”

“Brother, unless you want me to rip off your ring and barbeque your ass in the sun, do not say that again!”

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!





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